Seven Warning Signs of Clogged Arteries

Seven Warning Signs of Clogged Arteries5 Signs You Have Clogged Arteries

( – Most of us don’t give a lot of thought to our arteries when we’re younger. The reality, though, is our arteries are responsible for supplying the entire body with oxygenated blood — and that’s a huge job. Arteries that are clogged prevent proper blood circulation and can lead to some really serious health […]

Lower Breast Cancer Risk By Doing This…

Lower Breast Cancer Risk By Doing This...

( – What if the foods you ate decades ago had an effect on your cancer risks today? What lifestyle changes would you make today if you learned they could affect your chances of developing breast cancer in the future? Believe it or not, the food choices you’ve made in the past — and the […]

4 Super Weight Loss Apps That Will Help You Shed Pounds

( – Nearly half of Americans are trying to lose weight, according to Time. Most will try to eat less and move more in an effort to shed the pounds. Others will follow a complicated diet regimen that will fade out of the mainstream within a few years. What will you do? If you’re like […]

Would You Recognize THESE Signs of a Stroke?

Would You Recognize THESE Signs of a Stroke?

( – Believe it or not, approximately 795,000 Americans have strokes every year, with 140,000 of them resulting in death. More than half of the survivors over the age of 65 will be left with mobility issues severe enough to leave them at least partially disabled. Strokes can happen to anyone at any age. Immediate […]

This Vitamin Can Prevent or Reduce Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

This Vitamin Can Reduce Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis

( – Rheumatoid arthritis is a debilitating disease that affects over 1.3 million Americans, costing some as much as $20,000 a year for treatment. Those of us who suffer from the condition also collectively spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on supplements that are supposed to improve joint function. But are any of them really […]

5 Ways Sleep Boosts Weight Loss

5 Ways Sleep Boosts Weight LossLose Weight Without Food Choice Frustration

(WellnessPursuits) – Everyone knows how it feels to wake up feeling like you got zero sleep the night before. While being groggy can be a total bummer, if you are regularly getting fewer than 6 hours of sleep each night, you may unknowingly be adding extra inches to your waistline as well. If you are […]

3 Reasons You Should Never Reboil Water

( – Scouting 101: In the case of an emergency, fill a stockpot with water and set to boil on the stove. This is a common practice used to kill dangerous pathogens and to make the water safe to drink. Reboiling water is a whole different story, though, and doing so could threaten the safety […]

What Every Couple Absolutely Needs To Stop Doing

What Every Couple Absolutely Needs To Stop Doing

( – Maintaining long term relationships can be challenging, because we adopt some habits we continuously repeat without realizing how destructive they may be. Habits have power. We try something, it brings some kind of satisfaction, so we repeat it. If we repeat it often enough, the behavior becomes comfortable to us… it becomes a […]

The Wild Caught Salmon Rip-Off

The Wild Caught Salmon Rip-Off

( – It turns out, about 40% of the salmon advertised as wild-caught is actually fraudulently labeled factory farm-raised fish. How can you tell the difference? Read on… Most of us will happily pay more for a better product. When we buy ‘organic’ we expect it to be organic. When we buy fish that is […]

7 Ways To Become Happy

7 Ways To Become Happy

( – Happiness is precious. We all live a somewhat tumultuous life where both good and bad things happen. When those difficult times hit, we weather them as best we can and eventually strive to regain a sense of happiness. Sometimes it seems hard to do. I scoured the web for some answers of what […]


Pelosi Urges Trump To Use The Constitution To Deal With Guns

There’s been a lot of whispers behind closed doors that Trump is looking to take executive action regarding gun control. It’s all for good...

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