Truck Company Says Cities Who Defund Police Are in for Big Surprise

As I am sure you have heard, liberals everywhere are crying out for us to defund the police, if not disband them completely. Now, as you can imagine, this is causing problems in larger cities where crime is only escalating with the lack of officers on the ground or those who have their hands pretty […]

Ted Cruz’s Mic Drop Moment: Makes Media-Buried Point on Black Lives Matter

Too many Americans want to fight over the whole idea that black lives matter. Of course, they do. What kind of monster would say that they don’t? The argument is not whether black lives matter or not. The argument is whether you’re supporting the Black Lives Matter movement or not. The media has been trying […]

Biden Lies About Arrests to Appear Cooler to the Libs

Biden, in his mind, is one secret handshake away from getting inducted into the cool club. He tries to throw around the lingo of “dawg,” “man,” and others that make him look like he’s trying way too hard. And he is. As a former Senator and VP, there’s nothing that the 77-year-old can do to […]

Is Trump Nailing Himself to the Cross Over Mail-In Voting?

It’s important to work with conviction. President Trump has conviction, even if it’s going to be the last nail that goes into his cross. Mail-in voting is riddled with fraud. It’s the way for the Dems to cheat their way into the White House, and Trump is going down swinging. We can only hope that […]

Seattle Police Chief Changes Her Tune When Mob Comes to Her Home

Isn’t it interesting just how quickly progressive, mob-allowing community leaders can turn into law and order loving citizens once it’s their necks or homes on the line? I mean, one minute they are going on and on about the need for police reform and a complete justice system overhaul. And then all in the matter […]

The Liberal New York Times Suggests COVID-19 is Being Spread from Park Benches…

It’s no secret how the fake liberal media enjoys making a mockery of the truth. Behind the scenes, they more than likely enjoy a good chuckle at the expense of their gullible and easily mislead readers who soak up everything they say. But it earns them serious loot, so what the hey? We’ve all watched […]

Oregon Cuts the Heart Out of Protesters Using a Very Simple Method

President Trump’s plan worked to restore peace to Portland. The presence of federal troops was enough to force the lazy Democrats to get off the couch and empower the local and state police to purge the region of terror and violence. And it came by getting rid of the campers that had set up residence […]

The New BLM: Are You White or Black on the INSIDE?

Black Lives Matter. Not all lives. Just black ones. But what if you’re black on the inside? Racism is based on the premise that you’re being discriminated against based on the color of your skin. What if you’re white, but you’re really black on the inside? One white BLM protester decides to jump down a […]

Trump Has Better Things to Do Than Haunt the White House Forever

What started out as one idiot’s tweet has turned into a conspiracy theory of epic proportions. What’s going to happen when Donald Trump loses the election and won’t vacate the White House? Wait, what? Apparently, Democrats and their liberal media sidekicks believe that there’s an alternate reality where Trump will forcibly stay in the White […]

We Snagged ABC News’ Weird Tweet About the California Mayhem

The ability of the fake news media to downplay a serious issue smacks every American in the face. They have no regard for giving an unbiased report of things happening around the country and the world. They would rather report on things that provide support to the destructive Democrats and their desire to destroy the […]

Voting for Biden is Like “Eating a Bowl of Sh**”

With Joe Biden now being the assumed nominee for the Democratic Party, undoubtedly, some within the party are disappointed. Most notably are those who planned to vote for Bernie Sanders, as he was Biden’s closest rival. However, for many, they aren’t just upset that their candidate didn’t make it, they are troubled that Biden did. […]

Trump Puts an End to Obama’s Not So “Fair Housing” Rule Leaving Biden in Shock

It was recently announced that if Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the White House in November, he will seek to add on to Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule that was added to the Fair Housing Actin in 2015. In doing so, Biden would permanently be destroying the suburbs of America. However, I am […]

Biden Resurfaces Just Long Enough to Praise China, Slam the US

Batty Joe Biden refuses to emerge from his cave as his cowardly complex graces campaign supporters on their computer screens. Biden is scared or at least is trying to appear humble, as he sits in his basement trying to run a campaign against the powerful and honest Donald Trump. Why anyone would turn up Biden’s […]

Florida Teachers Union Sues Governor DeSantis for Trying to Open Schools

Acting off of a political agenda, the liberal teacher’s union has gone to war to stop Governor DeSantis from opening Florida schools next month. DeSantis has ordered that the department of education are to open schools in August. But the fearful teacher’s union does not want to go back to work because of COVID-19. Their […]

Back to the Classroom: Distance Learning Was an ‘Utter Failure’ According to School Board

If you’ve been anywhere above ground in the last few weeks, you will know there is a great controversial and nationwide discussion going on surrounding the idea of reopening schools amid the coronavirus pandemic. On one side, you have those that think schools should be opened, ready to take on the education and socialization that […]

Harris in Tears as VP Hopes Vanishes After Snub from Delegates

Joe Biden is searching high and low for his favorite woman to be his running mate. He has his list and constantly watches their performance on how they handle things. Some of the wannabe contestants are deliberately playing the field hoping to attract his attention. Much like two birds fighting it out to claim the […]

Berkeley Welcome’s Criminals With Open-Arms…Police Have Been Rendered Powerless

As vandals in Berkeley, CA, spray paint “The only good cop is a dead cop” on nearly every blank wall and business in the city, its city council members have confusingly decided they like the idea. In a city already ridden with crime, to them, the graffiti is brightening up the landscape. The council voted […]

Trump’s 36 Clemencies Are an Abuse of Power? Then What Were Obama’s?

Since the beginning of our nation, our Constitution has granted the reigning president the right to pardon or commute sentences of those who might otherwise be incarcerated. And so far, every president has used this power at least once. But no president has ever been accused of abusing that power as much as our current […]

The President Does Not Have to Obey the Supreme Court

President Trump is the best thing that has happened to America in the past decade. For years, the self-serving Democrats have ruined the country with socialist charged agenda. For years they have had liberal courts willing to rule politically instead of Constitutionally. But the Supreme Court is not the final say at the end of […]

Biden Hires Army of Lawyers to “Steal” the Presidency

If you couldn’t tell by Hillary Clinton’s numerous claims that President Donald Trump somehow cheated the 2016 election, the Democrats are absolutely positive that if anyone wins besides their candidate, there has to be some sort of foul play involved. Hence, the whole Russian collusion scandal. And hence the fact that Joe Biden now has […]

City in NC Chooses to Flush Money Right Down the Toilet with Reparations Vote

Disparities exist not because governments fail but because people fail. A city in North Carolina has chosen to take a huge chunk of money out of their budget and flush it down the toilets, calling it reparations. Asheville City Council wants to show its residents that they are sorry for its role in slavery. They […]

Biden Fundraiser: Joe Quotes Communist Chinese Murdering Dictator

We all know that assumed nominee for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden has largely run on the idea that he is a moderate, and one that brings back a cohesive and united America. However, as his campaign continues, there are few doubts that the man is moving farther and farther to the left with each […]

Quick! Tell LA Teachers They Can’t Call All the Shots! They’ve Overstepped Their Bounds

It seems that the LA Teachers Union have forgotten their boundaries. In their hurry to make a list of demands, they failed to see how they cannot possibly get everything they are asking for. Teachers can ask for a lot. They can ask that classrooms be properly sanitized, that students get temperature checks before entering […]

Seattle City Council More Corrupt than the Mayor, Socialist Criminals

Mayor Jenny Durkan is harmful to the people of Seattle. But she is only part of the massive problem. The City Council of Seattle is so liberal that they have enough support to override any of the destructive mayors’ thoughts and deals. They even have enough support to do what they want without the consent […]

Disturbing: BLM Leader Sets Sights from Abolishing Police to Eliminating the US Military

Since the late May and obviously wrongful death of Minneapolis, Minnesota resident George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement has risen to the very heights of popularity within many communities in the United States. And as they have expanded, their calls for abolishing or, at the very least, defunding the police have only gotten louder. […]

Take That! Trump Promises Help with New Aid Package

President Trump has had to deal with Joe Biden talking about how he hasn’t done enough to help the people. Forget about the tax stimulus that was offered in April along with a full CARE package that received bipartisan support. To ensure that the people know that he’s here to help, Trump has been working […]

Pelosi and Her Band of Anti-American Terrorists in the House Secretly Halt Border Funds

The liberal-socialists of the House are at work again trying to secretly deny funding for further securing the southern border. Many Democrats have shown in the past several months that they are all about supporting crime and denying law enforcement the funds they need to protect people. The southern border is a river of crime […]

Busted: Woman in Biden’s Lies About Trump Helping Businesses – Watch

Democrats really have to be careful about biting the hands that feed them, especially when they’re so quick (and loud) to criticize. Tiffany Easley is one such Dem, the owner of NV My Eyewear. She was recently featured on an advertisement for Biden’s campaign, talking about how Trump has not done enough to help American […]

VIDEO: St. Louis Gun Couple Forced to Board up House as They Become BLM Targets of Hate

Who can possibly forget the couple in St. Louis brandishing weapons when BLM protesters illegally trespassed on their property? With violence and destruction raging on every street, avenue, park, and capital building in America, who can blame them? How were they to know the protester’s intent? Even though the couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, acted […]

Windy City Mayor Blames Guns for Deaths in Her City, Goes on Profanity-Filled Rant

Chicago, Illinois, as one of the nation’s largest cities, undoubtedly has seen its fair share of violence and mayhem. But the past few weeks have proven to be more dangerous and deadly than ever. As the Associated Press reported, by the middle of the day on the day after Independence Day, 13 people had been […]

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