SPECIAL REPORT: Pelosi is Finally Getting What she Deserves as Republicans Sue the Ill-Fitting Business Suit off of Her

When does enough become enough? If anyone can claim to have never reached the proverbial breaking point where the rubber band snaps and flames start shooting from their every orifice, their integrity will immediately be called into serious question. We’ve all been there. And we’ll reach that point again. And again…But you would be in […]

Hypocrisy of CNN: Reporter Blasts Beach-goers for Doing the Same Thing he’s Doing at That Moment

CNN continues to lie and cheat their way through the headlines that they post every day. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, which is why they have forever been deemed the Clinton News Network. Their inability to tell a story without a left-leaning bias is awe-inspiring on most days. As they report on the pandemic, they […]

Cuomo Nursing Home Scandal Intensifies – More Deaths Than First Thought

New York’s Infamous Governor, Andrew Cuomo, was initially praised for his expert handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. He was credited with saving an untold number of lives as he quickly responded to the crisis at hand faster than a flying bullet. But NYC is not in actuality Gotham City, and no caped hero came to […]

Whoa! McConnell Threatens House Democrats Over Proxy Voting

It’s time Democrats who control the House get with the program. The United States of America has a system called the Constitution of the United States of America, which was put in place over 200 years ago. Democrats do not have the right to change that system or tweak it to fit their agendas. Senate […]

Genius! COVID Survivor Told He Can’t Fly Trump Flag So He Did This

With the liberal left always on the prowl to make sure President Trump doesn’t get the credit or praise he deserves, the right has had to become pretty resourceful. And no one proves to have done a better job at this than Florida resident Carlos Gavidia. Gavidia and wife Laura were recently diagnosed with the […]

Cuomo Sends 4,300 COVID-19 Patients to Nursing Homes to Infect Others

Cuomo has become a killer of the elderly living in the state of New York. Nursing homes are high-risk centers that need to be sealed off from any possible sources of infections. But Cuomo has decided to send more than 4,300 COVID-19 patients to the nursing homes, putting at risk the resident of such facilities. […]

Biden’s Massive Hypocrisy Theory on Sexual Assault

It has long since been an American tradition to give due process in the court of law; you know the classic standard of being ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ The rule is one that makes our nation vastly different from so many others and why millions from around the world look to America as a country […]

Polls Show Lower Approval Ratings for Congress Than Trump

According to the Monmouth University Polling Institute in West Long, which favors Democratic numbers being higher than Republicans. It shows Congress has a lower approval rating than President Trump. Usually, this poll does not favor Trump or his administration. In fact, his ratings in this poll have dipped a few points. Still, he remains on […]

Politico Founder Admits He Doesn’t Want Justice, He Wants a “Coronation” for Biden

As the case for Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against former vice president and presumed Democratic presidential nominee gain momentum, it seems that for some of the party, truth doesn’t really matter. And some are even willing to admit that. When Reade first made her allegations public at the end of March, the world as […]

Did Drug Smugglers Start the Outbreak on the Destroyer?

There is not an area that has been left untouched by the coronavirus. Every country and region has some person that has been infected by the virus. One would come to expect that the virus could not make it all the way to a lonely Navy destroyer in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The […]

New York Times Calls for Dumping Biden

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Democrats, both party officials and their allies in the mainstream media, are paraphrasing that song from “The Sound of Music,” musing, “What do we do with a problem like Joe Biden?” The New York Times recently came up with an idea, specifically triggered by the Tara […]

Illegals are Refusing to be Tested for the Virus

The Democrats have betrayed the United States over the years as they have brainwashed illegal immigrants into believing that they have rights in America. Immigrants all over the country demand rights and even act like they can refuse an order of the border agents that control their entry into the country. As the virus made […]

Liberal Court Orders Release of Illegals from ICE custody in Florida

The liberal courts have been working hard to do the bidding of their Democratic masters. For years they have sought to interfere and put a stop to the legal operation of ICE and other immigration departments. They have fought against the president’s move of securing the border to the point that the Supreme Court has […]

Biden Chooses Man Infamous of Sexual Assault to Find Female VP

As former vice president Joe Biden gets closer in his campaign for the White House, it’s high time he sought out a potential running mate. After all, as of right now, he is the presumed Democratic nominee and is likely to be named so officially unless the party decides at the last moment to swap […]

Woman who Blamed Trump for Chloroquine Ingestion Now Investigated for Murder

Hydroxychloroquine has been a controversial drug ever since President Trump mentioned it about a month ago when talking about how it could help combat the coronavirus that has quickly overtaken our nation. The drug has been used for some time to treat malaria with excellent results, and research has shown that several of its properties […]

VIDEO: KKK Hijackers Take Over an Online Church Service

The liberals and Democrats would love nothing more than to see church services become a thing of the past. They have a desire to see anything related to God removed from the public eye. They would also love to see people trusting more in their handouts than looking to God for their wellbeing. The coronavirus […]

AG Barr Going After Power-Drunk Governors Who Exceed Their Power

Attorney General William Barr has put the message out to federal prosecutors to “be on the lookout” for states which are using their powers to infringe on American citizens’ constitutional rights. As some states are lifting the restrictions slowly to get their economies back up and running again, other governors are almost holding people hostage […]

New Mexico Mayor Defies State Lockdown Orders, Dares Governor to Step in

All across the nation, governors and state officials have ordered lockdowns and stay at home orders in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. And while these measures have worked to ‘flatten the curve,’ they have also taken a toll on our economy and local communities. Non-essential businesses have been closed, people have […]

Governors are Ready to Reopen Their States, Dems Are Fuming

The country is waiting for the all-clear from the federal government that it is fine to start up the economy and put people back to work. The coronavirus has brought everything to a near grinding halt. The restrictions on the country were to help stop the spread and ultimately to save the lives of the […]

The EPA to Suspend the Requirement to Blend Gas With Ethanol

One of the side effects of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown has been the collapse of oil prices. At one point, oil was selling at negative dollars a barrel. The oil price cratering has, among other things, inspired the EPA to consider stopping the requirement to blend gas with ethanol. The reason why oil is so […]

‘Man Camps’ Spark COVID-19 Fears, Democrats Call for Halt on Wall

The Democrats will stop at nothing to stop President Trump from completing the wall at the southern border. They have tried enlisting the help of the courts only to end in failure. They have tried withholding funds, but the president found a way around their selfish tactics. Their latest attempt is to use the virus […]

Video: CNN is Getting Thrashed Over Chris Cuomo’s Not So Self-Contained Quarantine

On Tuesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo announced his recovery from the Wuhan coronavirus to the world by reappearing from his basement after supposedly being quarantined there for several weeks. It was supposed to be a joyous moment, a time when his family could be reunited, something he had “dreaming of, literally for weeks.” It was also […]

Trump Slams Pelosi: She’s ‘A Weak Pathetic Puppet’ Over Pandemic Clash

The whole world is at war with the COVID-19, and America is in a secret war when it comes to good versus evil.  President Trump is considered the good guy in the white hat. The deep state is definitely the invisible enemy in which President Trump keeps mentioning in his daily press conferences. The House […]

Former Obama AG Wants to Make “Permanent” Changes During Coronavirus “Opportunity”

There comes a time and a place when change is necessary. And now, in the middle of a worldwide crisis, change is needed for many things. We have to change the way we communicate, how we work, how we get our essentials, and how our children learn. They are all extraordinarily doable and extremely essential […]

Reports Show Many Already had the Virus

The coronavirus continues to split the opinions of people on whether or not the country is ready to open. President Trump has already dictated a plan to begin the slow process of getting back to normal. But the Democrats are fighting hard to keep everyone locked up in their homes. They push that everyone needs […]

San Francisco: About that Plastic Bag Ban? Never Mind

People who are unfortunate enough to live in a community that bans plastic bags at the supermarket are familiar with the arguments that environmentalists offer to support such. Plastic bags wind up lasting forever in landfills or, worse, the ocean where they float forever, killing fish. Besides, plastic is derived from petroleum and we all […]

The People of Michigan Revolt Against Draconian Shelter in Place Decrees

Gov Gretchen Whitmer, D-Michigan would not be known outside her state had it not been for the coronavirus pandemic. Usually, great crises call people to greatness. World War II made Winston Churchill. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher rise up because of the Cold War. The pandemic will doubtless make President Donald Trump into a world-historic […]

Oh Brother! Fired Amazon Worker Holds Another Public Protest in NYC

In a time when social distancing is a must and the coronavirus virus is spreading like wildfire, you would think a public rally for safer work conditions would be the last thing anyone would want to get involved in. However, it’s precisely what former Amazon plant manager Chris Smalls is calling for. Smalls was fired […]

Disgraced Ex-Baltimore Mayor Gets Delayed Prison Sentence

It seems that everyone is “adversely affected” by the coronavirus outbreak, some more so than others. But those are the exact words that the corrupt former mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, cited in a request for yet another delay in her would-be prison sentence. Pugh, who was charged with federal conspiracy, tax evasion, and fraud […]

Trump is Furious! The Foolish Democrats Stall Again on Aid

Democrats are up to their old tricks again by stalling on another bill that would provide $250 billion in aid to small business owners. The Democrats want to add a lot of socialistic ideas to every bill that is coming from the Senate. When President Trump pushed the $2.2 trillion bill around, the Democrats of […]

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