Disturbing: BLM Leader Sets Sights from Abolishing Police to Eliminating the US Military

Since the late May and obviously wrongful death of Minneapolis, Minnesota resident George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement has risen to the very heights of popularity within many communities in the United States. And as they have expanded, their calls for abolishing or, at the very least, defunding the police have only gotten louder. […]

Take That! Trump Promises Help with New Aid Package

President Trump has had to deal with Joe Biden talking about how he hasn’t done enough to help the people. Forget about the tax stimulus that was offered in April along with a full CARE package that received bipartisan support. To ensure that the people know that he’s here to help, Trump has been working […]

Pelosi and Her Band of Anti-American Terrorists in the House Secretly Halt Border Funds

The liberal-socialists of the House are at work again trying to secretly deny funding for further securing the southern border. Many Democrats have shown in the past several months that they are all about supporting crime and denying law enforcement the funds they need to protect people. The southern border is a river of crime […]

Busted: Woman in Biden’s Lies About Trump Helping Businesses – Watch

Democrats really have to be careful about biting the hands that feed them, especially when they’re so quick (and loud) to criticize. Tiffany Easley is one such Dem, the owner of NV My Eyewear. She was recently featured on an advertisement for Biden’s campaign, talking about how Trump has not done enough to help American […]

VIDEO: St. Louis Gun Couple Forced to Board up House as They Become BLM Targets of Hate

Who can possibly forget the couple in St. Louis brandishing weapons when BLM protesters illegally trespassed on their property? With violence and destruction raging on every street, avenue, park, and capital building in America, who can blame them? How were they to know the protester’s intent? Even though the couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, acted […]

Windy City Mayor Blames Guns for Deaths in Her City, Goes on Profanity-Filled Rant

Chicago, Illinois, as one of the nation’s largest cities, undoubtedly has seen its fair share of violence and mayhem. But the past few weeks have proven to be more dangerous and deadly than ever. As the Associated Press reported, by the middle of the day on the day after Independence Day, 13 people had been […]

Disgusting! Trusted Teacher Had 210 Photos, 31 Videos of 4th-Grade Little Girl

There is no room for a person to be a teacher when their sole purpose is to stalk young girls. Teachers are supposed to be the educator and protectors of children. While the children are in their care, they assume the responsibility to provide a safe place for that child to learn and grow. But […]

Mount Rushmore: A Tribute to Slave Owners?

Mount Rushmore was carved into the mountains of South Dakota in 1927. It depicts the faces of four US presidents who helped to form the country and make it what it is today – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. For decades, the tribute has been visited by millions of people. A […]

PENTAGON: ‘No Corroborating Evidence’ in NYT Russian Bounties Report

The New York Times released a story claiming that the Russians had sent out bounties to assassins with Taliban ties to kill American troops still stationed in Afghanistan. The media hates America and it despises President Trump so much that they are willing to create conflict just to make life miserable for everyone. The New […]

De Blasio Bullied into Endangering New Yorkers–He Caved

New York City has lost control of its people. First, Mayor Bill De Blasio blamed it on NYPD because they weren’t doing enough to help against the rioters and protesters. Now, things have gone so far that too many of the Democratic citizens think it’s a good thing to be without the police. Even high […]

Desperate Democrats Busted for Voting Fraud Ring in New Jersey

The desperate Democrats are scrambling to find ways to increase their voting totals before the November election arrives. They are scared about the fact that President Trump has so many victories behind him that his win is already shaping up to be a landslide. The Democrats are creating unrest throughout the country. They are promoting […]

Companies Flee Seattle Like Drowning Rats Over Civil Unrest

Seattle has been falling apart for weeks now. CHOP has taken over the city. There have been shootings. And, the mayor is doing nothing about it. Did the mayor really think that the companies feeding into the economy would stay for all of this? Now, companies are looking to take their business elsewhere. They don’t […]

24-Year-Old Wins in NC, Trump Congratulates Him on ‘Beautiful Victory’

A large part of the progressive left’s complaint about our bodies of the legislature is that they are made up of old white men and some women who are stuck in their ways and not willing to be openminded about our future. It’s why younger blood, such as New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won her […]

Bubba Wallace: ‘I Don’t Care What The FBI Says, It’s a Straight up Noose’ (Watch)

NASCAR is a dying sport. It needs as much of a spotlight on it as it can get. First, they get a spotlight because drivers are walking away because they can’t fly their Confederate flag any longer. Now, they get a spotlight because one driver had a “noose” in their garage. Bubba Wallace made headlines […]

Food Network Star Maliciously Attacks Barron Trump…Immoral Liberals Have no Boundaries

Certain things are just plain old taboo. Even in this ever-changing world, morality should still rise to the top of every decision we make or word we say. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t always the case. It’s a known fact that Dems, liberals, snowflakes, or any of other appropriate terms, absolutely detest Donald Trump with every […]

Shocker! Trump to AOC: ‘You’d be a Big Improvement’ Over That Guy

If you pay any attention to political Twitter outrage, you’ve likely heard the rumors that New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is aiming to take on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in 2022. The idea has been around for a while, at least in part. When AOC herself booted out Representative Joe Crowley in 2018 and became […]

Sickening Pelosi Sees Racism Where Others See History

The U.S. capital is filled with history. It reminds us of how our country came to be. When we visit Washington DC and take a tour of the Capitol Building, we will no longer see parts of history. Instead, we’ll be reminded of how the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, chooses to see racism. […]

What?! This Man Just Got Fired for Cracking his Knuckles (WATCH)

As our nation finds itself in turmoil, first due to the novel Coronavirus and now, thanks to civil unrest and racism, the calls for continued “cancel culture” are getting worse and worse. Elmer Fudd’s rifle, ‘Gone with the Wind,’ ‘Cops,’ and even cracking your knuckles is pretty much banned. Yep, you read that right. Cracking […]

Man Shot in New Mexico at Protest for Trying to Protect Statue

The riots continue to progress around the country, and they are starting to upset the residents of those communities. The attacks on historical monuments at the hands of terrorists are causing some states to use the National Guard to quiet things down. This is the case in New Mexico where anti-authority demonstrators decided to attack […]

We Should Brace for Renewed Violent Protests as Violence and Hate are Reignited (Body Cam Footage)

It’s hard for cops to do their job given the current environment of hate. They’re terrified to do their jobs for fear of what’s going to happen next. In Atlanta, a dead suspect on Friday has only helped to ignite the hate of Black Lives Matter not only in the city but around the country. […]

Minneapolis Votes to Replace Police Force, But with What?

Ever since the wrongful death of Minnesota resident George Floyd in late May, people everywhere have been calling for the cities of our nation to “defund the police” and do away with law enforcement as we know it. And so it is no surprise that Minneapolis, where it all began, has become the first city […]

Liberals Trying Their Damnedest to Turn Sweet Land of Liberty into Free-for-all for Anarchists

The latest trend sweeping America is to obliterate everything we are accustomed to. Get rid of it. Cancel it. Destroy and vandalize it. Everything must go. But hold on a minute… Too far is too far, and we’ve passed that point faster than a speeding bullet. It would seem there are a whole bunch of […]

#OscarsSoWoke: Hollywood’s Latest Changes

The Oscars has been changing every year after getting repeatedly beaten up by every group that has an opinion. The awards have a tendency to go to white Hollywood A-listers. What about all of the people of color? Why aren’t they being nominated? Why aren’t they walking home with Oscars? For the most part, Hollywood […]

Biden’s Angry Outburst Raises More than Eyebrows

Joe Biden, the former Vice President, and the current Democratic presidential candidate hasn’t always had the coolest of tempers. He’s actually threatened to slap someone when confronted about taking away second amendment rights. Biden has lost it yet again, and people are starting to raise more than eyebrows. Joe Biden joined the NAACP round table […]

U.S. Media Being Paid to Advertise Chinese Propaganda

China is one of those nations that just seeks to harm others at every turn. They look for ways to manipulate and cheat people and nations simply so they can get ahead. The communist nation must, at all costs, promote a positive image of itself in order to brainwash its citizens into thinking that they […]

HBO Attempts Erasing History…Gone With the Wind is…Gone With the Wind

If you can’t make America’s history appear to have always been a sweet-smelling bed of roses, there’s only one thing left to do. Erase it. Or at least bury it in the deepest hole you can dig. Enter HBO Max. The American classic, “Gone With the Wind,” filmed in 1939, and the winner of eight […]

Who Says George W Bush Won’t Vote for Trump?

The New York Times has once again put its rather large left foot in its mouth, this time pretending to know a former president’s mind better than his staff members. On Saturday, the Grey Lady come out with an article taking note of all the prominent Republican politicians and officials that will not be supporting […]

Elderly Man Knocked to the Ground in Viral Video Was an ‘Agitator’

The protests around the country are sparking a major fight as to the legitimacy of the protests altogether. What has started as a protest against one man’s actions against another has proven to be a thing of the past as everything progresses. What is beginning to be discovered is that the people running through the […]

Exactly Why Special Forces Guarding President Trump from Protests

The president of the United States is the most likely person to come under attack at the hands of violent people. Once a person sets foot in the Oval Office they are immediately targeted by people that just hate the president in general. As a result of the hazardous nature of the job, the Secret […]

LEGO Toys: No Police Officer, Fire Departments, Police Dogs, or Even Donuts

LEGO is all about fun block building. With millions of different sets around the world, it’s possible for kids to expand their imagination. They can build castles and roller coasters and fire departments and… Not so fast. LEGO has chosen to get a bit political with all that’s been going on in the United States. […]

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