We Knew This Was Coming! After Denying Students the Right to Learn in Person They Now Want to Suspend Testing

Pandemic learning loss among students is a major issue that needs to be taken care of but the liberals have the perfect solution for that. Some educators have decided that the best way to address this problem is by not addressing it at all. Instead of testing the children for learning loss, they simply won’t […]

Nearly Half of All New US COVID Cases Come from Just 5 States

According to the political left, it knows exactly what this nation needs. More federal government control, fewer guns, and more masks. But that’s not exactly what scientifically proven data suggests. Take the only slightly less controversial of the three, mask mandates, for example. If Biden’s administration and those leading his ever-increasing move to the left […]

Don’t Hold Your Breathe Waiting for Our Troops to Leave Afghanistan…Biden and His Fellow Hawks Are Being Wishy-Washy

Former President Donald Trump made every effort to end America’s participation in a decades-long war, which based on middle-east history, will never stop whether our troops are there or not. He ordered the complete withdrawal of America’s fighting forces from Afghanistan to be completed by May 1, but this is not going to happen. Complete […]

Democrats Caught in Lie Over DeSantis Interview

Ron DeSantis is the next most extraordinary person to make his way into the realm of politics. His presence is enough to shake up any room full of liberals because he represents a class of people that stands for freedom and a significant reduction in federal control that the Democrats are trying to take for […]

Zuckerberg Outed: Americans Discover Personal Details About Facebook’s CEO He Was Desperate to Keep Quiet

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the victim of what appears to be a personal data hack just days ago. The social media giant’s founder and chief executive has been a polarizing figure in recent years as contention over the effects that his decisions have had on the election system, have only gained momentum. According to Business […]

Shocker! Biden Lied About Tax Hikes

Americans have quickly learned that what President Biden says and does are two different things. Many voted for him anticipating a moderate who would do what was best for the country. However, he’s easily swayed by the liberals who seem insistent on destroying the country. When Biden talked about taxes throughout his presidential campaign, he […]

High Profile Republican Pushes Back Against Rape Allegations Claiming Corruption of DOJ

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is pushing back against a serious allegation that he has had an inappropriate and illegal relationship with a 17-year-old and he told Tucker Carlson his story on Tuesday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight. According to Gaetz and The Daily Wire’s report on the ongoing saga, the outspoken Republican is being blackmailed by […]

Universal Basic Income Test Will Highlight Everything Wrong with the Concept

Universal basic income (UBI) is a concept where everyone is given a specific amount of money to help with living expenses. It can be spent however a person desires. The goal is to level the playing field while also helping to increase the amount of technology in the area. Through UBI, advocates explain that it’s […]

Trump Tells All as Fauci Takes Credit for Work He Did Not Produce

Everyone knows it was just a matter of time before Fauci would try and take credit for the hard work that Donald Trump did for the country. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Brix were two doctors that helped Donald Trump’s administration through the pandemic months. But now that he was cheated out of his second term […]

Desantis Sends Biden Airmail of Rejection Over Passport Idea

Joe Biden’s silly idea of forcing people to get a COVID-19 shot before they can fly is not hitting on favorable responses. He plans to issue COVID passports to people who have received the shot to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have been inoculated. His method of control crosses the line […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Is Accused of Grooming Yet Another Underaged Sex Victim for Epstein…Grab Some Popcorn

Children and sex. It’s a disturbing combination to anyone with an ounce of morality. This excludes certain high-power figures whose names appear on a yet-to-be-revealed list belonging to one Ms. Ghislaine Maxwell. Some would prefer the list not be made public and they have their reasons. It’s because they’re probably on it. Jeffrey Epstein was […]

What Did Quarantining Achieve? We Could Ask This Family if They Were Still Alive

As more of us are becoming vaccinated against COVID-19 and death-tolls are declining, all things considered, life is returning to a semi-normal state. But not before we paid a dear price. As nearly 550,000 American’s have succumbed to the deadly virus, the trail of devastation runs deeper than what meets the eye. There’s much more […]

Wrongful Termination, Liberal Ideology and American Hatred Have This in Common

The defining line of racism continues to change based on the current day belief leveled out by Democrats and the current news reports. The liberals have taken police shootings and immigration issues over the top by dragging racism into the mix. They see a drug-induced violent person as a victim of police profiling and racist […]

FBI Stats Drown Out the Effectiveness of Banning Assault-Style Rifles

It’s hard to keep talking about how assault-style rifles need to be banned when the FBI stats don’t back up the argument. If we were to listen to the liberals long enough, AR-15s and other “assault-style” rifles are why violence exists in the United States. They think that guns kill people instead of people killing […]

Some Republican Led States Are Saying Screw D.C.s Gun Control Laws…They’re Gonna Do Their Own Thing

After 18 people were gunned down in cold blood last week in Georgia and Colorado, gun control is the subject of heated debates between Democrat and Republican lawmakers. Though this has been a controversial topic for decades, these latest mass shootings have it once again floating at the top of the cesspool. Democrats are aiming […]

Newsom Is Blind as a Bat as He Tries To Spin His Failures as Success

Gavin Newsom is a man that thinks very highly of himself. He walks the earth thinking he is the closest thing to being a liberal god than any other person. He believes that he does not have to answer to any authority other than his own. And all of his actions attest to the truth […]

Paul Ryan Calling out ‘Karen’ Who Turned Him in at the Gym Says What Every Conservative Has Been Dying to Say

Sen. Paul Ryan (R-KY) has been making headlines with his firm stance against some of the more ridiculous of the liberal causes in recent weeks. The Kentucky senator was in almost every major online publication after his tiff with Dr. Anthony Fauci, something he talked about with Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday where […]

High Profile Arrest Causes ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ to Be Exposed as the Hunting Ground for Child Predators That Conservatives Feared

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett expressed his shock and dismay that a judge who consistently ruled in favor of “drag queen story hour” and was a leader in the local LGBTQ community was arrested under the belief that he was in possession of child pornography. It was previously reported that the Wisconsin Department of Justice launched their […]

Diversity Equals Segregation? Sure, Columbia University…Why Not

Diversity and inclusivity are supposed to go hand in hand. When colleges and universities focus on diversity, it is to ensure that people from various backgrounds, genders, cultures, sexual orientations and more are coming together. It’s to celebrate the differences while showing that everyone can come together and get along. Columbia University, however, has chosen […]

Student Raises $27K to Help Substitute Teacher Living in His Car

In this day and age, social media gets quite easily get a bad rap. There is just so much negativity to be seen and heard out there anymore. However, this is not one of those instances. And it is all the proof we will ever need that even what seems to be the worse thing […]

Of Course, Biden Gives Cuomo a Pass on Sexual Harassment

Any recent attention to national news will have undoubtedly informed you that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s time in office is looking nearly over. Along with more and more proof that he knowingly put the state’s most vulnerable at further risk of infection during the COVID pandemic and then tried to have it covered up […]

North Korea’s Kim Yo Jong Barks at the US “Don’t Cause a Stink”

North Korea has been lobbing threats at the US for decades. But it’s difficult to take the tiny hermit nation, roughly the size of Pennsylvania, with anything other than a grain of salt. Outside of occasionally test-firing a rocket to appease their frumpy childlike leader Kim Jon Un, their bark is immensely louder than their […]

Trump is a “Modern George Washington?”

For much of America’s history, Russia has not been necessarily on our side. And this has led to a rather tense relationship with the massive northern nation. However, that doesn’t mean that they are incapable of seeing truths about us that maybe even we have overlooked. Take the opinion of former chief of staff to […]

Conservative Heavyweight Added to Pelosi’s Climate Crisis Committee

No one was particularly shocked in 2019, shortly after the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives that party leader and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used that control to her advantage, creating several small “select” committees with which her party could further their agenda. It’s also no surprise that one of those select committees […]

Why Cuomo Arrest is Looking Imminent Now…

If you haven’t heard, life has become a bit complicated for Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as of late. Part of that, of course, is due to the ever-growing nursing home death toll in the state, of which Cuomo is almost exclusively responsible. While being treated like a media darling when it came to […]

Biden Does Not Understand His Own COVID Relief Bill and It Shows Horribly

The Democrats are upping the fight as they push to get the socialist wish list approved legally under cover of the COVID-19 relief bill. Some moderates have voiced their concerns and even got a few things removed. But that is not enough because the rest of the wish list is designed to usher in a […]

Democrats Don’t Have a Clue What They’re Doing to Small Businesses

The selfish Democrats are continuing to fight among themselves over the items they would like to hide under cover of a COVID-19 relief bill. Their goal is to hide as many agenda items as they can under the cloak of the virus. And these items are the foundation work of implementing socialism into American ideology. […]

Remember When Fauci Said Americans Shouldn’t Be Wearing Masks?

It’s been a year. At this point, we’ve experienced some kind of lockdown and life disruption due to COVID-19 for a full year. Throughout the entire ordeal, there’s been one voice that we’ve been told to listen to–Dr. Fauci. Well, a year ago, he said, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” […]

Wyoming Calls for Cheney’s Resignation

We’ve seen the movies or heard of people who stand up for what they believe in even though it’s not the popular thing to do. In most cases, it takes courage and heart, and as a result, most are viewed as a hero for such. Let’s just say the lone Republican Representative for Wyoming, Liz […]

Pelosi Boasts Biden as a Gift from God

Why is it that the Democrats only get religious when they think that it will benefit them? That is not the way that religion is supposed to work. When Amy Coney Barrett was to be confirmed, they lost their minds because she was a Catholic. Yet, we’re not supposed to flinch when Joe Biden identifies […]

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