Fauci Confirms Wearing Mask Is Only Symbolic

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a great deal of confusion as to what we can do on a personal level to mitigate the spread. Since the so called experts cannot stop changing their opinions, it is easy to see why people are getting so frustrated. It seems like the medical professionals […]

Democrats in Panic Economy Might Recover Before They Can Seize Power

The Democrats have already approached the pandemic from a very selfish angle. They want to know how it is going to benefit them and it’s ghoulish to say the least. We are here to let them know that they are worried about the wrong things entirely. For example, they seem to have some weird idea […]

Lunacy: The Left Is Banning Singing

California Governor Gavin Newsom loves to live up to his Democrat billing, doesn’t he? Every time that we think he’s come up with the most insane idea that he’s ever had, he finds a way to top himself. It’s impressive, to be honest. Now that he’s finally realized he will have to reopen churches, he’s […]

Trump Admin Ends One-Sided Open Skies Treaty

The Trump administration made a major announcement yesterday regarding their withdrawal from a very prominent international agreement. The United States was once a part of the Open Skies Treaty. This agreement allowed nearly three dozen nations to come together and fly over each other’s air spaces when necessary. The United States’ reasoning for pulling out […]

Governor Whitmer Banned Second Home Visits for All, Except Herself of Course

Governor Whitmer is one of the most tyrannical leaders that we have seen in some time. Now that Michigan residents have begun to jokingly refer to her as “Big Gretch”, it seems like she is allowing this title to go straight to her head. She recently signed one of the most far-reaching executive orders that […]

Senate Republicans Finally Start Probe Into Hunter Biden’s Ukraine and China Corruption

Senate Republicans have started their probe into the corruption that has been taking place in the Democratic party for some time now. They want to know more about the relationship that has existed between Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden. The first subpoena was issued and we are sure that there is plenty more to come. […]

Watch: Trump Hits Back at Pelosi Over “Morbidly Obese” Comment

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took her umpteenth shot at President Trump, most reasonable people reacted with a yawn. When she called him “morbidly obese”, the leftists may have found it funny but no one else was laughing. Pelosi thinks that she can deflect from her many failures with dumb commentary like this but the […]

China Is Putting Over 100 Million Under Strict Lockdown Over COVID-19 Resurgence

While the Chinese probably thought they were ready for their grand reopening, COVID-19 had other ideas. A cluster of brand new cases has been discovered close to Wuhan. Shulan is 2,000 kilometers away and this is cause for alarm. Beijing is now ordered a wide-scale lockdown in order to put a stop to the spread. […]

Democrats Want to Launch More Articles of Impeachment in Russia Hoax

The House Democrats are obsessive about the impeachment of Donald Trump. This may seem like a strong choice of words but there is no other phrase that captures their level of desperation. After the first impeachment attempt went so poorly, you would think that they would be willing to slowly back away from the whole […]

WaPo Complains Americans Love Their Freedom Too Much

The Washington Post is always engaging in pessimism and last week was certainly no different. Keith Humphreys is offering up one of the most pessimistic opinions that we have had the displeasure of reading recently. He believes that America will never be able to catch up to other countries when it comes to our collective […]

Los Angeles Residents Are Now Required to Wear Masks When Outside

Democratic Mayer Eric Garcetti signed his defeat when he issued an executive order that will make all Los Angeles citizens wear a mask anytime they leave their homes for any reason. The foolish Democrat is determined to make an enemy of the public. He and other Democrats like him around the country are overstepping their […]

PA Democrat Governor Threatens To Permanently Close Businesses Who Don’t Adhere To “Safer-At-Home” Order

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has decided to pull out all of the stops when it comes to his precious stay at home orders. These executive shutdown orders are receiving a sizable amount of push back but Wolf is trying to stand his ground. If counties in this state do not remain in compliance, they are […]

California Won’t Open University Campuses This Fall

There is a wide range of issues that are currently being debated when it comes to the COVID-19 outbreak. For starters, people want to know when their children will be able to go back to school. College-age students also want to know if their semester is going to start on time. The news is starting […]

Video: Democrat’s Delusion: Cuomo Blames COVID-19 on Europe Not China

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is actively working to rewrite history right now and the American people are getting fed up. Instead of calling the coronavirus a “Chinese flu”, he is sticking a finger in the eye of President Trump. He wants the world to know that this is a European flu. The media will […]

Elon Musk Dares County Officials to Arrest Him, and Only Him

Elon Musk is prone to making insane Twitter announcements and yesterday was no different. He decided to fire off one of his craziest tweets during the afternoon and the social media world was immediately set ablaze. Musk let the world know that he was going to reopen the Tesla production plant in Fremont, California. Of […]

Kayleigh McEnany Is Teaching WH Press Corp an Important Lesson

Ever since Kayleigh McEnany was named as the new press secretary at the White House, we have noticed some major changes taking place. She’s been a wonderful replacement for Stephanie Grisham. The White House correspondents that have gotten used to behaving in any manner that they please have been in for the rudest of awakenings, […]

Schiff Finally Forced to Release Transcripts Proving Trump Russia Collusion Claim Was a Lie

The House Intelligence Committee has finally released thousands of pages of interview transcripts that are designed to exonerate the current president. These transcripts show that the entire investigation into President Trump’s supposed collusion with the Russians was little more than a farce. The transcripts did not offer any sort of explanation for what had taken […]

Texas Governor and AG Rally Behind Salon Owner Jailed by Obama Judge

Attorney General Ken Paxton and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are currently trying to undo the terrible decision that was made by Judge Moye. Each of them has released their own statements about this awful matter. For those who are unfamiliar, Judge Moye is responsible for the imprisonment of an innocent mother named Shelley Luther. Luther […]

Texas SWAT Team Raids Bar, Arrests 8 for Violating Stay-At-Home Order

The Ector County Sheriff Office decided to act with extreme force when they were tipped off about a stay at home order violation. West Odessa, Texas was the site of a peaceful protest. Some local residents had gathered at Daddy Zane’s Bar. Instead of sending a squad car or two, this sheriff’s office went above […]

Pence Warns About New Cold War With China

While there are many who find themselves wondering if we are in the midst of a new Cold War with China, there are other questions that need to be asked. For starters, hasn’t this always been the case? We cannot remember a time when the relationship between the United States and China was absolutely perfect. […]

Ohio Governor Admits Mask Order Went a Bridge Too Far

This is the sort of interview that makes you wonder why it took so long for Governor DeWine to come to his senses. DeWine is definitely a seasoned politician who can read the tea leaves, though. He said that he did not want his latest order to impede his ability to communicate with Ohio constituents. […]

China’s Deception About COVID-19 Goes Deeper Than Previously Thought

As we start to learn more and more about the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Chinese Communist Party looks more and more complicit. They would like for us to believe that they are merely innocent victims in all of this. Nothing is further from the actual truth. The Chinese Communist Party wanted to […]

New Model Now Predicts Over 100,000 American Deaths by Summer

From the looks of things, we are not yet on the down slope when it comes to the proverbial curve. The number of daily deaths continues to remain high and we are wondering when we are going to receive some good news. When will we finally be able to flatten the curve and return to […]

Dems Are Releasing Murderers and Rapists While Arresting Moms

The policing decisions that are being made right now are maddening to say the least. There are stories that are giving us serious pause, for sure. If you are anything like us, this story about a Gloucester, Massachusetts woman will make you wonder what is really going on in the world. Barbara Goucher was a […]

The Pentagon Said What? UFOs Are Real?

When this news broke, we texted all of our friends and loved ones. It’s the sort of story that would dominate the news cycle under normal circumstances. The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed a number of major news stories to the back page right now. If you are anything like us, you cannot pass up an […]

Citizens Get Arrested, but What Happens to a Mayor Violating Her Own Stay-At-Home Order?

Mayor Becky Ames of Beaumont, Texas is about to learn this lesson the hard way. We are tired of seeing local government leaders behave like this. They believe that the rules do not apply to them and we hope that Ames is taught a very difficult lesson. Her refusal to follow her own orders to […]

What Is Happening With The US Food Supply? Is It Breaking?

The United States food supply chain is experiencing all sorts of difficulties lately. Is it time to panic, though? If you heard the commentary that was offered up by Tyson Foods’ Chairman of the Board on Sunday, the answer is yes. According to him, the pandemic has caused the food supply chains to break down. […]

Biden Wants Another Stimulus Bill but Nobody Cares

Joe Biden is the expected presidential nominee for the Democratic party and as you might have already heard, he is looking to craft another stimulus bill. In fact, he wants an even larger stimulus bill that will assist states and cities with all of the expenses that have begun to pile up. Biden hopes to […]

Actual Death Toll Far Less Than Reported or Expected

The problem with anything new is that there is typically a lot of unknowns to figure out. This coronavirus pandemic is no different, which makes it hard to estimate pretty much everything about it. The little data we do have comes from nations like China, who has not honestly reported all cases or deaths, and […]

AOC Tells Americans They Should Stay at Home Even After the Pandemic Is Over

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already made her feelings known about the economy and society as a whole. If you left it up to her, she would bulldoze everything we hold dear and try to create a socialist utopia. Monsters like her would knock down every skyscraper and crush every car if they thought that it […]

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