Ilhan Omar Makes Disgusting Comment About Riots And Looting In Minneapolis; This Is So Wrong

(Liberty Bell) – Minneapolis is a raging inferno after riots and looting broke out in the city over the tragic death of George Floyd. As you might imagine, there are some folks in the Democratic Party who are not wasting any time jumping on the bandwagon and making the separation along racial lines even worse […]

Eight Brazen Lies From Biden, Democrats, And China That Twitter Did Not Fact-Check

(Liberty Bell) – For the first time, Twitter added a “fact-check” to a tweet from President Donald Trump about concerns that POTUS shares with many about the risk of fraud with mail-in voting. It almost goes without saying, however, that they have not applied this standard to Trump’s prospective Democrat rival in the upcoming 2020 […]

POTUS Tweets On Mail-In Voter Fraud Are Fact-Checked By Twitter, But Hours Later, He’s Vindicated By This Announcement From DOJ

(Liberty Bell) – On Tuesday afternoon, the Twitterverse exploded in reaction to a decision from the social media giants’ top brass to add CNN/Washington Post fact-checks to tweets from President Donald Trump. This was in response to POTUS’ warnings that mail-in voting could be rife for fraud. ….living in the state, no matter who they […]

What Is The Real Reason Flynn Judge Hired A Lawyer? Ex-Independent Counsel Sheds Some Light

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the fact that the Department of Justice announced they would be dropping charges against former Trump national security adviser, Michael Flynn, earlier this month, the Clinton-appointed judge overseeing the case has put up quite a significant resistance. Over the weekend, The Washington Post reported that U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. […]

Biden Finally Addresses Allegations Of Sexual Assault Head-On…Is This Convincing To You?

(Liberty Bell) – Former Vice President and presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has had a rough couple of months. For one, he’s been confined to his basement, where neither him nor anyone on his staff seem to have had the slightest idea how to conduct a successful livestream. So that wasn’t going very well. […]

Hillary Clinton’s Navel-Gazing Memorial Day Tweet Will Make You So Glad She’s Still Not President

(Liberty Bell) – If you love this country, there’s no doubt that not a day goes by that you don’t thank the Lord Hillary Clinton is not president. Hillary also seems determined to regularly make us glad that she’s not president, as she has refused to bow gracefully out of the public eye ever since […]

Did Obama Illegally Spy On Trump? Shocking Poll Reveals What Voters Really Think

(Liberty Bell) – In early 2017, newly inaugurated President Donald Trump declared on Twitter that the outgoing Obama administration had spied on his team at Trump Tower ahead of the 2016 election. “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” he […]

Ex-CBS News President Makes Stunning Admission About “Decided” Media Bias

(Liberty Bell) – For decades, the mainstream media has been accused of being left-leaning. It’s not hard to make this assessment for yourself, simply by considering the media coverage of Republican candidates vs. that of Democrats. Heck, just looking at the way the media treated the Obama administration vs. the Trump administration is damning enough […]

Nunes Says Criminal Referrals For Russiagate Are Coming…Here’s Who Should Be Scared

(Liberty Bell) – On Sunday, House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) told Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett that Republicans are gearing up to make brand new criminal referrals to the Department of Justice for members of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s notorious team of Democrats. What’s more, Nunes says that former members of the […]

Must-Read: Former Federal Prosecutor Breaks Down Why He Believes The FBI Framed Michael Flynn

(Liberty Bell) – Over the last few weeks, we have gained new, explosive insight into the beginning stages of the FBI’s investigation into former Trump national security adviser, General Michael Flynn. While it has long been suspected that he was targeted for political reasons by the outgoing Obama administration’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies, those […]

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