Bombshell Report Reveals That Georgia Election Officials Hired Thousands Of People With Ties To ACLU And Other Radical Leftist Groups For 2020 Election

(Liberty Bell) – Thousands of people in Georgia, who were backed by radical leftist groups like the ACLU and likely supported Black Lives Matter were hired to work in the 2020 presidential election in the state. According to Gateway Pundit, this was forecast by the state’s contract worker/CFO/COO Gabe Sterling way back during the summer […]

Attorney Ty Clevenger Gets FOIA Response From FBI Stating It Will Take Decades To Provide All Seth Rich Related Documents

(Liberty Bell) – The FBI has been corrupt for years now. It didn’t just become corrupt overnight when Trump ran for the presidency. Barack Obama spent many years of his administration carefully molding the Deep State to what it is today. The whole of Washington DC is a corrupt swamp and none of its once-respectable […]

Niece Of Osama Bin Laden Trashes Biden, Says His Regime ‘Relentlessly Slandering Trump Supporters As Domestic Terrorists In Order To Persecute Them’

(Liberty Bell) – You know things are getting crazy in this world when the one person who is speaking absolute truth and making total sense out of the train wreck that is the Biden administration just so happens to be the niece of the most deadly and dangerous terrorist of all time. According to a […]

Victoria’s Secret Trades Angels Supermodels For Woke SJW Megan Rapinoe In Effort To Redefine “Sexy”

(Liberty Bell) – Victoria’s Secret has made the stunning and brave decision to go full-blown woke and do away with their world-famous Angels supermodels in favor of American-hating social justice warriors like Megan Rapinoe and transgender models like Valentina Sampaio. The lingerie company has decided it’s time to totally rebrand and they’re abandoning everything, literally […]

Bombshell: Scientist Reveals Lab Leak Theory Rejected Due To Fears Of Association With Trump, ‘Racists’

(Liberty Bell) – A scientist has finally come forward and admitted that the scientific community refused to consider the idea of the coronavirus being man-made in a lab located in Wuhan last year due to fears of political association with President Donald Trump and “racists.” According to Infowars, a postdoctoral researcher with the Broad Institute […]

St. Louis Couple Charged Over Standing Up To BLM Protesters Pleads Guilty And Are Forced To Forfeits Guns

(Liberty Bell) – So much for Second Amendment rights in America. Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis, Missouri couple who were filmed last June holding a rifle and a handgun and pointing them at an angry mob of Black Lives Matter protesters, have agreed to pay fines and forfeit their weapons. The media has […]

NSA Reveals In FOIA Response That The FBI Conducted “Improper Surveillance” Of 16,000 Americans

(Liberty Bell) – The Gateway Pundit published an article Thursday in which they claimed to have information to suggest that the National Security Agency (NSA) and the FBI are at odds with one another. This is a good thing for Americans as the FBI has transformed from a law enforcement agency to a partisan weapon […]

New Investigation Uncovers More Than 100 Batches Of Absentee Ballots In Fulton County That Could Be Missing

(Liberty Bell) – Earlier this week it was reported that a Fulton County, Georgia election official came out and stated that chain of custody documents that are legally required by state law are missing from the 2020 presidential election. According to Gateway Pundit, Brad Raffensperger, the state’s attorney general, is the person who is responsible […]

BREAKING: Biden Administration Wants Americans To Report ‘Radicalized’ Friends And Family To Government

(Liberty Bell) – If you didn’t think the vast majority of things the federal government and many state governments were asking folks to do during the thick of the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t already a form of Nazism, what Biden is now asking Americans to do certainly crosses that line. According to a new report from […]

PROOF: Green Beret Recorded Attempt By FBI And DHS To Recruit Him To Infiltrate Oath Keepers Before Jan. 6 Riot

(Liberty Bell) – Through most of 2020, the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization — and that’s what they’ve become — was linked to around 91 percent of the riots that resulted in the most expensive property damage in U.S. insurance history. During that same year, with all of the Trump rallies that took place, none […]

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