As People Die From Deadly Coronavirus, Nevada Gov. Sisolak Was Doing This With Life-Saving Treatment

(Liberty Bell) – Liberal Democrats do a lot of despicable, horrible things on a daily basis. Just think about how many lives these folks have ended due to their support and propagation of the murder of the unborn. It’s utterly disgusting to see the lives that have been thrown away for political purposes. Well, liberals […]

Dems Have Insane Agenda For Illegal Aliens During COVID-19 Outbreak

(Liberty Bell) – You can’t go a single day without hearing the haughty voices of liberals — both in the real world and in the digital one — bragging constantly about how “tolerant” they are and how they are just so full of compassion and blah, blah, blah. However, it seems the vast majority of […]

“I’ve Never Trusted A Communist” Martha McSally Exposes WHO’s Role In Covering For China’s Role In Spreading Coronavirus

(Liberty Bell) – Sen. Martha McSally is calling the World Health Organization out for “covering up” China’s deplorable behavior in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, demanding that the director of the globalist organization should step down. Hear, hear! During an appearance with Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria” on Thursday, the Arizona Republican called […]

Obummer Using Coronavirus To Push Global Warming; The Internet Is Having Absolutely None Of It

(Liberty Bell) – True to the progressive movement’s goals of never wasting a crisis, former President Barack Obama has decided to use the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to try and push for some of the left’s global warming alarmism in an effort to help the movement gain more power over the means of production. […]

Liberty University President Slams New York Times Over This Insane Fake News Report

(Liberty Bell) – The mainstream media in America are nothing more than sensationalizing propagandists and the New York Times leads them all in the reporting of fake news. If a news story doesn’t make President Trump look bad, the New York Times can fix that. They’ve been fixing stories since President Trump announced he was […]

Blackburn Wants To Lay The Smack Down On China For Coronavirus Pandemic; What She Wants To Do Is Pure Genius

(Liberty Bell) – If you look at the latest bit of information to come out of the U.S. Treasury Department, you’ll quickly discover that this great nation of ours is currently $1.08 trillion in debt to Mainland China. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not even remotely close to the kind of position one wants to […]

Ilhan Omar Aide Blasts Trump On Twitter Despite Omar’s Recent Admission About POTUS Leadership

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the fact that President Trump’s administration has been working around the clock to manage the coronavirus crisis in the United States, leftists still just want to play politics. Now more than ever, we should all be uniting as a country and supporting our leader but Dems just can’t set aside their […]

What This Concealed Permit Holder Just Did Explodes The Liberal Narrative About Guns To Pieces; This Is Awesome

(Liberty Bell) – When it comes to the Second Amendment, liberals are all too eager to put into place restrictive gun control that would violate this fundamental right, often using the whole “good guys with guns don’t stop bad guys with guns” narrative. According to these folks, you should just call the police if faced […]

Huge: Researchers Confirm The Real Origins Of Coronavirus

(Liberty Bell) – One of the main questions on everyone’s mind during the coronavirus crisis that we’re all going through right now is where in the world this thing came from. Sure, we know it came from China geographically, that’s a no-brainer — though liberals will hate your guts for saying so — but we […]

What Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Doing During Coronavirus Shutdown Is Extremely Careless

(Liberty Bell) – Okay, so with many states around the country going on full lockdown, closing down all businesses that are non-essential, including gyms, you’d think that folks who work in the government would actually be following the advice being dispensed by medical professionals and self-isolating during this time to help prevent the spread of […]

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