Internet Goes Gaga Over Kamala’s Socks As She Cackles Over Inappropriate Impeachment Joke

(Liberty Bell) – The second impeachment charade against President Trump was shockingly far more egregious than the first. At least during the first there were hearings where evidence was presented and discussed and eyewitnesses testified (the fact that it was all bogus is irrelevant right now). The second go round, however, took place start to […]

Salon Owner Reacts To Minneapolis City Officials Getting Raises While Businesses Go Under

(Liberty Bell) – The coronavirus pandemic is still killing small businesses and American’s livelihoods. Despite the fact that there is now a vaccine and much better treatment protocols, the lockdowns continue. The most frustrating part of the lockdowns is the fact that those who are mandating them haven’t missed out on so much as a […]

Rand Paul Gives Stern Warning To Senate Leadership, Says One Third Of Party Will Leave

(Liberty Bell) – The Senate’s resident libertarian-leaning Republican, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), is warning that one third of the party is set to leave if the upper chamber goes along with the push to impeach President Donald Trump after he’s left office. If they go forward with it, he says, it will “destroy the party.” […]

Democrat Who Accused GOP Members Of Giving “Recon” Tours Of Capitol To Rioters Backs Down… A Little

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats are totally desperate to take the riot at the Capitol as far as they possibly can in the targeting and “punishing” of Republicans and Trump supporters. Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) has accused GOP Congress members of escorting people through the Capitol on January 5 on some kind of “reconnaissance” mission before […]

Huge: Judiciary Committee Releases Transcripts Of Crossfire Hurricane Investigation Interviews

(Liberty Bell) – Though President Trump’s first term might be coming to an end, he isn’t going quietly. It was announced this week that he released everything for the public to see, including documents proving that he was right all along and that Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Deep State worked against him from the […]

Ouch: Big Tech Bans President Trump And Takes Immediate Combined $51.2 Billion Blow

(Liberty Bell) – The saying is, “go woke, go broke” and that seems to be true for Corporate America. While they have unabashedly and consistently sided with radical left causes, it has only been to their financial peril. No company, that we’re aware of, has financially benefited from their liberal “wokeness” and alienating mass swaths […]

Must See: Mark Levin Utterly Destroys Hypocritical Democrats In This Epic Rant “What Kind Of Moron Wrote This?!”

(Liberty Bell) – The Democrats’ first impeachment of President Trump was totally bogus but they have truly outdone themselves with their second rush impeachment. There was no trial. No case was laid out as to what he did that was illegal. No opportunity to defend himself. This was 7 hours of mostly pointless and futile […]

Lou Dobbs Declares Trump Has Faced “Most Vile, Venomous Assault Ever Conducted On President” Since This Historic Assassination

(Liberty Bell) – Fox Business host Lou Dobbs is slamming the “corrupt forces” with in the United States government who have been working to “destroy” President Donald Trump throughout his presidency. On his program on Friday Dobbs described the “vile, venomous assault” on the 45th president which he said has been worse than that on […]

Baseball Legend Curt Schilling Says AIG Cancelled Insurance Because He’s Conservative — But Here’s Who They Will Insure

(Liberty Bell) – We all know that liberals have deep roots in nearly every industry and area of life. We also know that these individuals and groups are bound and determined to destroy anyone who dares to uphold conservative values and speak out against the madness of leftist thought. They even have a term for […]

Candace Owens Drops Hammer On Censorial Big Tech “Fact-Checkers” After Trump Twitter Ban

(Liberty Bell) – This week, the true nature of Silicon Valley tech tyrants reared its ugly head in a manner never seen before. This was certainly not, however, something that millions of concerned American citizens haven’t been seriously concerned about for years now. Tech giants Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Google responded to the chaos and […]

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