VP or AG, Kamala Harris Will Huff and Puff Her Way into the White House

Kamala Harris is determined to have a profound effect on America. The question is, will she have the opportunity? Although she’s been considered the frontrunner for the VP position, will that give her the kind of power that she’s looking for? According to the former San Fran mayor, maybe not. Willie Brown, the former mayor […]

Biden Chickens Out: Refuses Cognitive Test

It has been a concern and even an assumption for quite some time that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden might not be up for the job he is applying to. As I am sure you are aware, the man has made more than a few blunders during his campaign, and not all of them could […]

AOC Gets Spanked by Cuomo in DNC Election

The younger generation of Democrats is finding out that they must work hard to be placed in any position of authority within the Democratic Party. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got spanked when she tried to challenge Andrew Cuomo for the lead of New York’s Democratic National Convention. The little snake actually thought that she could beat out […]

Dems Shocked as Black MAGA March Enters LA

Trump Calls Midler A “Washed Up Psycho”

The Dems are banking on Biden getting the black vote. They can’t imagine a world where blacks would vote for Trump. Now, they’re barely able to breathe as a large population of Blacks march through Los Angeles wearing none other than the red MAGA hats of the Trump campaign. #BlackLivesMAGA It’s the new trending hashtag […]

New York Primary Votes Still Haven’t Been Counted…

For some time now, there has been much controversy over the idea of mail-in voting, at least on a mass scale. However, this year, with the introduction of the novel coronavirus and its subsequent pandemic, it has become more crucial than ever. On the left, we have people saying the process is the only way […]

BUSTED! St. Louis Prosecutor Has Problems of Her Own in Case Where Couple Faced BLM Mob

There is a reason we call our process of law and order the “justice system,” as it is meant to be fair and representational to all involved. This means that officers of the court, whether judge, prosecutor, or district attorney, are charged with knowing the laws of the land inside and out and being able […]

Fake News: Trump’s Tweet on Postponing the Election is Grounds for ‘Immediate Impeachment’

The drastic move of trying to impeach President Trump over made-up charges was embarrassing to the Democratic Party. Their beloved Adam Schiff earned them first place in the world’s losers club for the circus-like show that went on before the world’s stage. One would think that they would have learned their lesson. People have to […]

Fearful Liberal Attacks Innocent Couple for Not Wearing a Face Mask

Insane liberals are attacking people on the streets for not wearing a mask in public. Their fearful countenance is affecting the way they think and act towards people that do not have the uncertainty that they do. The entire notion of forcing someone to do something that one feels is important is simply against all […]

Citizens Prepare to Take it all Back from Crime Bosses

Democrats published and pushed to defund the police and now that some of the liberal cities have done the rotten deed, crime is rising. Minneapolis is a city that has suffered under the liberal rule for many years. The decision by the backstabbing city council to reduce the police force has led to the creation […]

New Portland Moms Group: Dragging Kids Away from Riots and Putting Them to Bed!

When momma comes a swinging, it is time to run for the house. There is nothing quite like a mother coming after her children to discipline them when they have started trouble. A mother’s wrath is like a hurricane sitting offshore just waiting to unleash its fury on the problem child. This is the end […]

Rutgers University Claims the English Language Honors White Supremacy…Buckle up Before you Read This one

The radical-left Black Lives Matter movement is doing its very best to destroy the American way of life as we now know it. Their purpose is to literally destroy the backbone of a proud nation. BLM has chosen violence as their mode of doing so, and there is certainly nothing peaceful about the ongoing protests. […]

Biden Comes Out of Hiding Just Long Enough to Insult Hard-Working Americans

There are so many reasons why Biden has been hiding in his basement. The Democratic National Committee has no idea what he’ll say at any given time. Plus, the Covid-19 virus targets those who are older – and Biden is the oldest candidate that’s out there. So, he stays in lockdown until it’s time to […]

Biden Escapes from Basement to Insult Americans

There are so many reasons why Biden has been hiding in his basement. The Democratic National Committee has no idea what he’ll say at any given time. Plus, the Covid-19 virus targets those who are older – and Biden is the oldest candidate that’s out there. So, he stays in lockdown until it’s time to […]

Activist ‘Desecrates’ Street in Front of Planned Parenthood in the Middle of the Night

You’ve no doubt heard about the multitude of Black Lives Matter murals being painted all over city streets throughout the nation. You’ve likely also heard that, because not everyone agrees with the movement, that several of these paintings have been defaced and covered up since their creation, some within hours. Naturally, those who did the […]

VIDEO: Dig a Deeper Hole: Chicago is Going to Need It with Mounting Death Count

Here’s how the Chicago headlines read: murder. Next day? Murder. It doesn’t seem to change. The bodies are starting to pile up and, still, the mayor does nothing. Chicago is going to need a bigger hole if they’re going to continue to allow murders to happen on a daily basis. Even something as mournful as […]

Watch: Another Black Dem Announces Support for Trump

For decades now, the black vote has been something thought to be solely held by the Democratic Party. In fact, since the 1930s, with the election of Franklin Roosevelt and his New Deal, nearly 70% of America’s black voters have continuously voted Democratic. However, that is all beginning to change. And according to Leo Terrell, […]

AOC Hunts for Money Before Her Time Runs Out

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is jumping around on different bandwagons hoping to make a name for herself in the final months of her terrorizing reign in the House. She has sat around complaining about everything for two years. And now that it is time for reelection, she is hoping that her district has forgotten about her massive […]

Hackers are Once Again Interfering With America’s Election…But You can do Something About it…Please Read

Voting fraud is a huge concern in this year’s upcoming presidential election. While the use of mail-in ballots is under intense scrutiny, but there are other factors that come in to play. During the 2016 election cycle, Russian hackers made every attempt to infiltrate our government’s system in efforts to skew the voting count. But […]

Biden’s Dementia Spreads to Andrew Cuomo

Joe Biden clearly is showing signs of dementia as he constantly forgets important details and argues about things that happened years ago. If he is the best that the Democrats have to compete with President Trump, then there is nothing for Americans to worry about in November. Biden does not stand a chance of beating […]

ICE Agents Genius New Plan to Remove the Illegal Scum That Oozes

ICE is America’s defense against illegals mooching off of hard-working citizens. They are tasked with the responsibility to come in and remove the scum that oozes across the border to the south. Local law enforcement is supposed to alert ICE when an illegal is arrested for crimes committed. This way ICE can come in and […]

Are we Not Supposed to Talk About the Murders in Chicago? Mainstream Media Won’t

It’s funny how the media has a way of downplaying certain issues happening around the country. Some of the cities with the highest crime have a long history of being run by Democrats. As such, these cities don’t make the front-page news as often. Why? Dems don’t want to show that their style of politics […]

AOC Said That BLM Isn’t Bad, They’re Just Hungry so ‘Shoplift Bread’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the nation’s most hated politician. Her beliefs and insane ideas are corrupted with socialistic ideals and hatred for everyone free. Her values center around taking what people have worked hard to earn and giving it away to the lazy and worthless of society that refuses to lift one finger to make America […]

Liberal University Threatens to Rescind Acceptance to Student Over Pro-Trump Video

College, of all places, should be the one place where various points of view and backgrounds are readily accepted. After all, it is the place where one is supposed to be taught about the reality of the world in which we live. However, in today’s age of the ever-persistent cancel culture of the left, even […]

Kanye Might Have Dumped Trump, but It’s the Democrats He’s Trying to Take Down

Kanye West shocked the country when he announced that he’s running for president in 2020. He’s a little late to the game, but it has everyone talking. Most people who don’t know him would assume that he’s a liberal and would be a Democratic hopeful. Kanye is a man of the GOP. He has said […]

Call Made to Remove De Blasio from Office “to Save the City and Protect the People”

New York destroyer Bill de Blasio is blasting away at the police department and dismantling sections of it that are there to keep the city safe. The massive surge in violence corresponds with the decisions de Blasio has made to strip the funding from the police department. His actions have gained so much attention and […]

Toxic Desire: Using Murder to Become Vice President

Keisha Lance Bottoms is a Democratic mayor that torments people living in Atlanta, Georgia. She once praised violent protestors that terrorized the city and took over a Wendy’s restaurant all in the name of public demonstrations. She even said very little after an African American man was shot and killed in the same area as […]

Hypocrites! Liberals Loved Mt. Rushmore, Until Trump Went There, Here’s Proof (WATCH)

For most of America, Mount Rushmore has been one of the most patriotic and awe-inspiring sites our nation has to offer. With its nearly 60-foot faces carved into the mountains, it speaks of our humble beginnings but also what we can achieve as a country when we work together for the greater good. However, it […]

Mayor Furious After BLM is Blamed for the Death of an 8-Year-Old

In an attempt to stop the violence happening in Atlanta Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms begged the people to stop shooting each other. It just so happened that an 8-year-old girl was shot and killed as the maniacs fired guns at each other. Up until Bottoms has not cared what the protestors have done to […]

Burn! Supreme Court Denies Democrats Access to Secret Russian Files

The nauseating Democrats are still after records that they have been denied access to for the past four years. During those long months, they have all tried to tear down President Trump by insisting that he was involved with illegal activity with Russia and others. The Democrats have demanded that the White House turn over […]

Honest Abe is a Goner–BLM Needs to Hand Over All of Their $5 Bills

It’s as if the entire country has forgotten history. First, the Confederate leaders are out because the North won. Remembering the Confederates is wrong because they owned slaves. Abraham Lincoln was the one responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation…the one that set slaves free. Apparently, though, he’s part of the cancel culture. The Boston Arts Commission […]

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