Liberal University Threatens to Rescind Acceptance to Student Over Pro-Trump Video

College, of all places, should be the one place where various points of view and backgrounds are readily accepted. After all, it is the place where one is supposed to be taught about the reality of the world in which we live. However, in today’s age of the ever-persistent cancel culture of the left, even […]

Kanye Might Have Dumped Trump, but It’s the Democrats He’s Trying to Take Down

Kanye West shocked the country when he announced that he’s running for president in 2020. He’s a little late to the game, but it has everyone talking. Most people who don’t know him would assume that he’s a liberal and would be a Democratic hopeful. Kanye is a man of the GOP. He has said […]

Call Made to Remove De Blasio from Office “to Save the City and Protect the People”

New York destroyer Bill de Blasio is blasting away at the police department and dismantling sections of it that are there to keep the city safe. The massive surge in violence corresponds with the decisions de Blasio has made to strip the funding from the police department. His actions have gained so much attention and […]

Toxic Desire: Using Murder to Become Vice President

Keisha Lance Bottoms is a Democratic mayor that torments people living in Atlanta, Georgia. She once praised violent protestors that terrorized the city and took over a Wendy’s restaurant all in the name of public demonstrations. She even said very little after an African American man was shot and killed in the same area as […]

Hypocrites! Liberals Loved Mt. Rushmore, Until Trump Went There, Here’s Proof (WATCH)

For most of America, Mount Rushmore has been one of the most patriotic and awe-inspiring sites our nation has to offer. With its nearly 60-foot faces carved into the mountains, it speaks of our humble beginnings but also what we can achieve as a country when we work together for the greater good. However, it […]

Mayor Furious After BLM is Blamed for the Death of an 8-Year-Old

In an attempt to stop the violence happening in Atlanta Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms begged the people to stop shooting each other. It just so happened that an 8-year-old girl was shot and killed as the maniacs fired guns at each other. Up until Bottoms has not cared what the protestors have done to […]

Burn! Supreme Court Denies Democrats Access to Secret Russian Files

The nauseating Democrats are still after records that they have been denied access to for the past four years. During those long months, they have all tried to tear down President Trump by insisting that he was involved with illegal activity with Russia and others. The Democrats have demanded that the White House turn over […]

Honest Abe is a Goner–BLM Needs to Hand Over All of Their $5 Bills

It’s as if the entire country has forgotten history. First, the Confederate leaders are out because the North won. Remembering the Confederates is wrong because they owned slaves. Abraham Lincoln was the one responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation…the one that set slaves free. Apparently, though, he’s part of the cancel culture. The Boston Arts Commission […]

Democrats Embrace Racism as They Attack Scott with ‘Audacious, Repugnant Behavior’

The Democrats are a double-tongued group of people that will tell someone one thing and they will do a completely different option. They claim that they are tolerant and favor the African American community, but the truth is being told that they do not care for them. The only thing that they care about is […]

Mississippi’s One Requirement if Confederate Emblem is Removed…This Must Be on It

As the cancel culture of the left continues to push our history out the door, Mississippi and its controversial flag have become the latest target. The flag, which includes the Confederate emblem, is the only remaining state flag that stills bears the image. Although, if the left has anything to say about it, it won’t […]

Terrified Couple Meets Protesters with Firearms After Trespassing

If you’ve watched the national news any time recently, you probably heard about the couple in St. Louis who aimed guns at peaceful protesters who walked by their home this past weekend. But what you likely didn’t know, because mainstream media largely failed to mention it, was that these protesters weren’t quite so peaceful. According […]

Muhammad Ali Jr: Dad ‘Would Have Supported Trump and Not Racist BLM’

With the cultural civil war of today going on, it has become nearly second nature to some to assume that a particular religion, race, or background immediately places an individual on one side or another. However, that is far from the truth. And the son of the late and great Muhammad Ali is here to […]

Democrat Yells Racism as He Loses Primary Election Over ‘Black Voter Suppression’

The Democrats are showing their true colors as time gets closer to the election. In a ridiculous effort to try and squeeze his way into politics, Michael Blake cried out that his loss was due to “intentional black voter suppression.” Blake is an African American candidate that is trying to replace a New York lawmaker […]

BUSTED: AOC Tried to Sabotage Trump’s Rally

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the biggest joke to sit in the House of Representatives. The people of her district deserve so much more than what they are getting out of her. Instead of fighting to get what her district needs to thrive, she is more active in hating the president and trying to keep him from […]

Anarchists are Abducting America

What is happening in America with the Black Lives Matter group is similar to what happened in Tehran in 1979. It was here that crazy Iranian people took 52 hostages from the embassy. The events that led up to the attack were planned and the guards that kept the public out of the embassy were […]

SC Activists Cancel Protests After Demonstrators Come Down with Coronavirus

COVID-19 has been a terrible plague that has ravaged millions around the globe. It is a sickness that could have been prevented had China not been messing around with viral research. It is now clear that they are not able to handle that level and kind of scientific research. Hundreds of thousands of people have […]

Idiot! Warren Calls for New Amendment on Voting…Um, It Already Exists

Voter suppression has long been one of the many platform issues Democrats have run on, especially in the wake of a high-profile GOP anything being elected. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that it was a popular subject during the 2020 Democratic primaries. Neither is it much of a shock that it’s still being pushed by the […]

America Will Not Survive a Second Shutdown…We Must Resist at all Costs

As citizens are once again allowed to enjoy a nice meal in a restaurant and finally get their unruly locks trimmed by a barber or beautician, we’re being told to watch out for the second wave of Covid-19 coming this fall. The so-called experts are telling us we may have to lock it all down […]

Disgusting! California’s Newsom Lets His State Down Yet Again

Some states have been quick to open things back up. As a result, they’re seeing a spike in positive COVID-19 cases. Florida and Texas are prime examples of how opening businesses up too quickly can be bad. However, Governor Newsom of California has never been one to focus on reason. He’s opening the state up […]

Trump’s Pathetic Niece Betrays Him…Tells ‘Harrowing and Salacious’ Stories

It’s been said that money is the root of all evil. And for some, that is definitely true. Nothing else seems to change someone like the amount of cash in their pocket unless, of course, you consider fame. But the two seem to go hand in hand more often than not. In fact, the two […]

George Floyd’s Family Gives Shocking Statement on Police Defunding

All of the looting and protests happening around the country is because of George Floyd’s death, right? Countless groups are burning police precincts to the ground in the name of the man who died at the hands of a racist cop. All of the protesting and mayhem has also led to the leftist groups deciding […]

Florida Swat Team Resigns En Masse After Police Chief’s Shocking Show of Disrespect

As civil unrest and calls for “defunding the police” continue around the nation, the US is facing an extreme change in how, when, and where policing is done. However, there will always be a need for some type of law enforcement. But as certain jurisdictions struggle to find out what exactly that looks like, they […]

As Police Are Pushed to the Edge, Veteran Officer Pens Powerful Op-Ed

Police officers are being pushed out of the cities they have sworn to serve and protect. Well, guess what? Many are willing to leave their positions because they don’t want to deal with today’s problems. They’re tired of doing a thankless job and being hated because they’re following the laws. Major Travis Yates, a 27-year […]

ENOUGH: President Trump Tackles Police Issue Hard

The way President Trump works with people is professional and polite. The issue that the media and Democrats have with him is that he expects the same treatment from them. The liberals cry about the way he talks to them, but they are even worse towards him as they accuse him of crimes that he […]

Homeless in California Poisoned and Then Filmed by Crazy Man

The homeless in California have to deal with Democrats that cannot stand to look at them let alone help them with the most basic of needs. The Democrats would rather turn a blind eye to the people suffering than open up the financial books and provide a way for the poor to get on their […]

Video: Hannity Show Goes Off the Rails Big Time…’You’re Not My Brother!’

It seems the topic on everyone’s mind is the civil unrest and discussion of race that has been sparked after the wrongful death of Minneapolis, Minnesota resident George Floyd, while in police custody in late May. And so it is no surprise that Sean Hannity, a national news reporter and talk show host for Fox […]

Businesses Leaving Minneapolis and Taking Jobs With Them: City Doesn’t Care About Us, So We’re Out of Here

As you well know, rioting and looting have swiftly taken over several of America’s cities. And in the aftermath of all the chaos, many businesses are choosing to leave those metropolises for safer pastures. Kris Wyrobek’s 7-Sigma plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is one of them. Wyrobek, who is both president and owner, opened his manufacturing […]

Is Trump’s Downward Trend a Problem for November?

Trump’s last year of the presidency has been hard. A pandemic hit, taking the economy with it. It’s only natural to see a downward trend because of the unemployment rates and so many people being forced inside as a way to protect their health. When it comes time to hit the polls in November, is […]

Does ‘You Ain’t Black’ Biden Officially Have the Nomination?

Former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden has assumedly had the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidency since shortly after Super Tuesday. However, he cannot be officially given the title of nominee until the Democratic party holds a convention. Although, this week, he did make it a step closer to achieving that goal. This past […]

CNN Attempts Tricking Viewers by Omitting President Trumps Good News Concerning Job Growth

Trump Calls Midler A “Washed Up Psycho”

In keeping with their steadfast conviction of distorting the truth and willfully leading American citizens down a dangerous path that continually threatens our very democracy, CNN, in their infinite lack of wisdom has done it again. Their delight in presenting half-truths, if any truth at all, must surely have them dancing on their desks. To […]

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