5 Deadliest COVID Districts All Have Dem Reps – Look Who Has the Worst One

Since nearly the beginning of the year, when news of COVID-19 and the pandemic it had created was first heard, everyone has seemed to do nothing except play the blame game. At first, it was directed at whoever or wherever the virus was thought to have come from. However, this quickly transformed into the near-constant […]

When You Need a Tank, You Need a Tank…the Marine Corps Doesn’t Think So and Its Tankers Aren’t Happy

“When you need a tank, nothing else will suffice,” said Marine Corp Major Ronald “JR” Valasek. He was referencing the Corp’s decision to pull tanks from their inventory of weapons. The monstrous dinosaurs that have wreaked havoc on battlefields around the world are peacefully slipping into retirement. The proud tankers who operate these 65-ton destructive demons […]

Biden is a Closet Racist…His History Speaks Volumes…See What This Black Civil Rights Attorney Had to Say

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell recently said that even if Black voters don’t like what he has to say, they would be well advised to pay more attention to him. Terrell, a huge Donald Trump supporter, recently had a conversation with Black conservative, Larry Elder, in which the two discussed Joe Biden’s history in the […]

Russian Smear Campaign? Oh, Please! You Have to Do Better, Joe!

Are the Dems ever going to take credit for their ineptitude? Unlikely. They’d rather blame anything that paints them in a bad light on Russia. Only, it’s hard to believe that Russia would choose to support Trump over Biden in the elections – especially when Putin himself has said that the Democratic Party is leaning […]

Maryland Proposes to Ditch Police Officers’ Bill of Rights

As with many states across the nation, especially those under Democratic control, you won’t find it shocking that Maryland plans to make a few changes to their law enforcement. But unlike most, it isn’t really a defunding that is being considered. Instead, a legislative working group is proposing to simply end all their rights. You […]

Trump’s Describes Vision for America – It’s What the Country Stands For

President Trump has widened the gap that he has over Joe Biden. Record numbers of people are flocking to his camp and casting their votes for the president. The Democrats are running scared, so they invent their polls and try to get the media to pass off numbers showing Biden is going to win. But […]

Breaking: New Bombshell About Biden’s Corrupt China Deal

We know who China is voting for in this election: Joe Biden. Joe Biden is China’s dream candidate, a perfect patsy who will put China first and America last. When Biden isn’t busy selling out American jobs to Chinese companies, he’s doing propaganda legwork for Beijing. Joe Biden is far too weak and compromised to […]

Film Makers to Launch Kids Show Based on Best Selling Books That Combat Socialism

As Americans watch the impending doom of Socialism being pushed harder and harder by the left, many parents are in a desperate search to undo the indoctrination of schools and the media on how their children view the economy and system of government. Enter: The Tuttle Twins. This book series promotes capitalism and the free […]

Undercover Video: Google Exec Publicly Confirms Google Is Playing God in This Election

Lawmakers are starting to become concerned about the growing influence of foreign countries in the upcoming election. However, there is no one who is taking the time to consider the possibility that interference could be taking place in our own backyard. Project Veritas has the scoop on the latest Google interference. Google is using the […]

Is This Still America? Biden Supporters Perform Satanic Rituals Eating Bleeding Heart Symbolic of Trump’s (Video)

Antifa has caused no shortage of issues over the course of the past few months. Those of us who have been paying attention to the news as of late have definitely noticed. While the mainstream media does what they can to diminish these stories, social media is filled with all sorts of bewildering stories like […]

Omar Found to Have Funneled 70% of Campaign Funds to Her Husband’s Company

By now, you’d think I would be used to hearing about the many accusations and allegations of corruption concerning Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. After all, little else is heard about the woman that is not caught up in rumors of wrongdoing. But, alas, I am shocked nonetheless. Partly because, as a God-fearing patriot, […]

Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner Spills Biden Family Secrets to Breitbart

The news just keeps getting worse for Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family as the election nears. In an exclusive report from Breitbart News, Americans learned that there was even more to the dirty business dealings between Hunter Biden and various suspicious characters. One of Hunter’s former business associates, Bevan Cooney, who is now […]

Say What! Nancy Pelosi Goes Off on Wolf Blitzer When He Backs Her in a Corner

Pelosi made an appearance on Wolf Blitzer’s show recently and we got a great laugh out of it. She was clearly ticked off by the line of questioning that she was subjected to. Now, we are learning more about the appearance and what had her so upset. The Democrats have been staging a PR stunt […]

Democrats Are No Match for Barrett as She Weathers Their Attacks With Peace

Amy Coney Barrett is the one person that they cannot push around. Like President Trump, they have been unable to victimize, hurt, or lie about her so that she does not take the seat on the highest court in the land. Her religious upbringing and beliefs define her not in word only but also in […]

Democrat Mocked Relentlessly Over Her Ridiculous Question for Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett sat through her second day of grueling questioning by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. At least one of the questions was reminiscent of an earlier confirmation when Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii questioned whether the nominee had ever been involved in any sexual misconduct. In a multi-question […]

Obama Hits the Campaign Trail Now That Biden is Last Man Standing

Barrack Obama wanted nothing to do with Joe Biden during the primaries. He wanted to sit back and watch the candidates duel it out without choosing to back his former VP with an endorsement. It raised red flags all over the country because Obama wasn’t supporting Biden. Now, only after Bernie Sanders and everyone else […]

Sen. Ted Cruz Points out the One Huge Thing Dems Avoided Talking About During Supreme Court Nominee Hearing

Texas Senator Ted Cruz didn’t pull any punches when criticizing what the Democratic senators on the judiciary committee spoke on (or rather didn’t speak on) during the opening day of confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. “At the very beginning let me observe, as Sherlock Holmes famously observed, that what speaks the […]

Did You See AOC Act Like Baby as Pence Spoke at Debate?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has come out of the closet crying like another big baby as she was upset over the comments that Vice President Mike Pence said about her. Somehow the debate ended up about her. In her sadistic mindset, the debate was all about her personally. She took offense that Pence used the letters “AOC” […]

President Trump Makes Announcement on Very Effective Vaccine

The world watched in wonder as President Trump was taken to the hospital after he and others had come down with the China virus. Within a few days, the president had been given an experimental antibody regimen of medicines that were designed to beat the virus. This cocktail was one that really no one knew […]

BLM and Proud Boys Unite to Denounce White Supremacy

Since before President Donald Trump was elected to office, he has been painted by the progressive left and their media cohorts as racist and, as such, a supporter of white supremacy. He has denounced such claims multiple times and has time and time proves that he cares about the lives who do not share his […]

Officer in Parked Car Gets Attacked for No Reason in Portland

The Democrats’ attacks never seem to stop as their followers are still targeting police officers and their vehicles. Over the weekend, a man from the Portland, Oregon area planned an attack on a police cruiser and the officer inside. John B. Russell is a 41-year-old terrorist who busted out the police cruiser window and sprayed […]

The Dust Has Settled: What the Debate Did for Undecided Voters

As first debates go, the Trump/Biden debate was a doozy for pretty much everyone involved. If you watched the much-anticipated match up, you will know that President Donald Trump came out of the gate, practically swinging. But Biden, much to everyone’s surprise, actually took those shots well, even giving some back in return. The night […]

Watch! This Is Biden for You: Insults Trump Then Lectures Us on How Insults Are Demeaning – All in the Same Sentence

During the debate, President Trump was asked about the executive orders that he has issued against white privilege indoctrination. True to form, Joe Biden was not going to let him speak. He lunged into the conversation to call him a racist. Biden’s a funny guy, for a lot of reasons. His stunning hypocrisies are just […]

Now Biden Won’t Submit to Earpiece Searches? That’s Not Suspicious at All!

Earlier in the year, when we started seeing a reoccurring pattern of gaffes and word vomit being produced by now-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, requests were made that the former vice president is subjected to a cognitive test. After all, we, the people, deserve to know if the man we might vote to put in […]

Biden-Obama Gave Private Companies Access to Government Databases to Illegally Spy on Americans

If you are anything like us, you have been asking for more transparency when it comes to Barack Obama’s shady doings for some time now. Obama clearly provided information that was directly derived from the United States intelligence base. People want to know which entities have received this data and why. Of course, we still […]

BLM Leader Took Donations from Group and Spent it on Himself

Tyree Conyers-Page is a leader within the Black Lives Matter movement. His time at the top has poisoned his mind to the point that he sees himself as Sir Maejor Page. His self-proclaimed position of lordship has gone to his mind. He sees himself as the king of America as he sits on the Black […]

The Supreme Court Voted Against the Parkland Victims…Here’s Why

The tragedy that took place at the Parkland school is terrible for those that have to adjust to life without their loved ones. There were so many answers that were not provided that families are still wondering what could have been done differently. The whole situation has prompted some people to take the district to […]

Americans Are Tired of Biden Voters Destroying Cities, Support for Racial Protests Dropping

According to recent polls, Americans are losing their tolerance for the constant protests and riots. The leftists are starting to grow weary and it is reflected in the numbers. The American people were more than happy to lend their support at first. That’s because the average American is a good and decent person who has […]

Republican Looking To Replace Key Democrat In Liberal Hub Puts Out Ad Being Called ‘Best Political Ad In The Last 30 Years’

One of a few things might come to mind when you think of Baltimore, Maryland but chances are “rising Republican” isn’t historically it. However, thanks to congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik, the buzz about the city has been increasing, along with what might have happened to it if it hadn’t been under Democratic rule for decades. […]

This Is Insanity! BLM Activists Chase and Attack Driver and the Driver Gets Arrested (Shocking Video)

A terrifying scene recently unfolded at a Black Lives Matter protest in Hollywood. The protesters got into a car and chased after a white Prius. The car tried to make its way through the protest but to no avail. The driver was physically attacked and the angry mob caused a car accident as well. A […]

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