Portland Mayor Continues to Arm Rioters and Disarm the Police – Look What He’s Doing Now

The Democrats have no remorse for the things that they are doing to the country. Their followers blindly roam the countryside, hurting and killing people without any thought about the lives and families that they are destroying. One of the worst Democrats betraying his city is Mayor Ted Wheeler. He systematically betrayed his position as […]

Comrade Biden Exposed as an Utter Failure

Comrade Biden has drawn a line in the sand and stepped into the camp of the murders that tried to murder two police officers. His reluctance to condemn the cowards’ actions that tried to ambush and kill the police clearly shows his acceptance and approval of their efforts. Instead of supporting the police that keeps […]

Liberal Professor Lied About Being Black, Forced to Resign

There seems to be no end to the cruel attacks of the Democrats at every level of humanity in America. From the violent streets of Portland, Oregon to the quiet halls of significant universities, liberals are destroying life’s very fabric. Their reign of terror affects everyone. Every child and adult that agrees with President Trump […]

NYC Rioters Busted…Then They Realize Who They Are

Black Lives Matter portrays the violent escapades that they engage in each night as a glamorous way to make a difference. They spout all sorts of high-profile statements to make people think that their motives are pure and holy. But, behind their propaganda and illustrious sin lies the truth of their reality. Violent members get […]

Bring on the Peace! More Troops Scheduled to Come Home

What? Troops are being sent home because there aren’t any immediate military threats overseas? This can’t possibly be the case since the Trump administration doesn’t do anything right, right? One of the reasons why there are so many troops overseas to begin with is because of the mess that Obama got us into for eight […]

The GOP Should be Tried for Treason? That’s a Hard No

“The entire @GOP should be tried for treason.” This may be one of the dumbest tweets sent out for 2020, and there have been some doozies. This one is courtesy of washed-up Hollywood star Alyssa Milano. She’s clearly out of touch with how politics even works. If it were up to Milano, the entire Republican […]

Losers and Suckers? Just More Fake News from the Left

Atlantic Magazine has always been a bit of a liberal rag. They print what they want without considering things like facts. They’ve come up with a doozy this time – and it’s creating ripples across America. Trump called wounded and dead veterans “losers” and “suckers” during a trip to France. Or, that’s the story that […]

Why the Minneapolis City Council Changed Their Mind on Abolishing Police

It should come as no surprise to anyone that city after city who oh so very quickly jumped to defund and disband their police forces in late May after the death of George Floyd have just as quickly, if not reluctantly, realized that they will fail. Sure, they can take away funding quite easily, but […]

Vermin Supreme Launches Mock U.S. Senate Bid in Taxachusetts

What do Bippy the Clown, Sweet Meteor O’ Death, and Elizabeth Warren have in common? They have all filed Federal Elections Commission (FEC) paperwork to run for public office. The candidates themselves can variously be classified as ballot trolls, publicity stunts, performance artists, single-issue candidates, protest candidates, and hopeless causes. Or, in Warren’s case, a […]

Biden Makes Tasteless ‘They’ll Shoot Me’ Joke in Kenosha

Joe Biden has once again opened his mouth and said some things that have landed him in big trouble. Biden is known for his sexual comments towards women and saying things that do not make any sense. He even has a hard time remembering where he is, and the way he talks proves he is […]

Latecomer Presidential Candidate Talks About History Of ‘God’ Inspired Him To Do

Recently announced presidential candidate Kanye West said in a recent interview that “God” was inspiring him to make the moves he believes will take him to the highest office in the land. According to the DailyMail, West spoke to Nick Cannon and said that his actions, going back as far as more than 10 years […]

Kayleigh McEnany Puts Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon on Blast

CNN might be ready to admit that there’s some violence in the country. Now that it’s been going on for over 10 weeks in some cities, they have chosen to grow a heart – but they’re still not ready to accept that the violence is because of the Dems. Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press […]

Despicable NBA Stars Get Political, Again

The NBA doesn’t know how to give the fans what they want. Just play basketball. Don’t get political. Don’t boycott. It’s really that easy. But, some players really don’t get it. Even when they were finally able to resume their season after the whole coronavirus fiasco, the numbers of fans tuning in from game one […]

Trump is Called Racist for Using Same Word Harris Does to Describe Him

We’ve all heard of the Golden Rule. You know, the one that tells you to “treat others as you want to be treated.” Usually, this is used as a way to encourage good behavior and politeness, as, if you treat someone kindly, they are much more likely to do the same in return to you. […]

COVID-19 Incentive Proposed That Would Pay Americans To Take Vaccine

Unemployed Americans hard up for cash might be able to get some quick coin in their pocket if they volunteer to be among the first to take a forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine currently being rushed to market. Fox 17 Nashville reported that a Senior Fellow of Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution has proposed a plan to encourage […]

Trump/Biden Debate: Too Late to Back Out Now, Sorry Pelosi

If you want to become the president, you debate with the current president. It’s a live event where everyone can hear what’s going on between the two parties. Speak up for what you believe. Make Americans believe that what you promise will actually come true. Biden has been hiding in his basement for months. When […]

Civil Rights Leader: ‘Voting for Biden is Being Blind to History’

Biden wants to tell all black people that they’re “not black” if they vote for Trump. He wants to make himself out to be the savior of the black community. After all, he was the VP to the first black president. If anyone can overcome systemic racism, it’s him, right? A vote for Biden is […]

The Ultimate Backfire: Even Liberal Voters Made it Clear What They Want Regarding Voting

The Dems are blinded by their hate for Trump that they’ve stopped listening. Many black and Latino voters are notorious for voting Democrat. However, the Dems in power are so hell-bent on forcing everyone to vote by mail that they are forgetting that many of those black and Latino voters prefer to vote in-person. If […]

Kentucky AG Lashes Out at Biden: ‘You Can’t Tell Me How To Vote Because Of The Color Of My Skin’

Former pro football player and Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron won over the Republican Party on Tuesday when he pushed back against the Democratic narrative that Black Americans need to vote Democratic. Cameron serves as the first Black attorney general for Kentucky and gained national attention for his part in the investigation to the death […]

AOC Barking Like a Mad Dog Over USPS Fight

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks she has what it takes to fix the problems with the United States Postal Service. Her business experience comes from her time spent working at the bars. Every poor soul that spilled their lives before her must have somehow given her the credentials of a know-it-all. The self-proclaimed consultant is now trying […]

More Violence While Dems Look the Other Way in Portland – ‘Let the Bodies Hit the Floor’

The Dems are beginning to sound a bit like the band Drowning Pool with their constant chant of, “Let the bodies hit the floor.” While they’re not singing it out loud, they’re clearly big fans of watching the body count increase around Portland. The problem is that too many Dems outside of Portland want to […]

California Can’t Catch a Break: Wildfires, High Prices and Blackouts Amid Pandemic

Californians are in deep trouble and there is no way the Democrats can solve the problems. They have survived wildfires, blackouts, and very high gas taxes. They are dealing with these issues while working through a heap of lockdowns that are destroying the economic part of the state. These are the things that are happening […]

Attack & Beg: Welcome to the Ultimate Lib Behavior as Assault Suspect Begs for Money

You’re supposed to know right from wrong. You’re also supposed to know that if you attack someone, you’re likely going to get in trouble for it. That’s logical thinking. The libs left logic out of the equation a long time ago. Marquise Love, a 25-year-old who is the suspect for knowing a man unconscious during […]

China Unleashed Virus and is Now Holding a Cure Over the World’s Proverbial Head

China’s duplicity is making its way around the world as their true intentions behind the coronavirus are known. Late last year, they released a virus on the world that has since killed millions of people. They tried to cover it up, but there was too much evidence that pinned the fault on their horrible leaders. […]

Tucker Carlson: What the Dems Don’t Want You to See at the Convention

For many years people have long speculated what the problems with the Democratic Party are. They try and coverup their problems by shifting focus and blame onto others around them. But as the Democratic National Convention ran its course irony, double standards and dangerous doctrines came flowing out of the older members and speakers. The […]

Special Prosecutor in Smollett Case Finds “Abuses of Discretion” by State Attorney

Last year 38-year-old actor Jussie Smollett became the laughing stock of both the gay and liberal communities when it was found out that he had faked a hate crime against himself, claiming that Trump supporters had attacked him on the streets of Chicago. He was charged with 16 felony counts, which amount to a class […]

Republican Slams Rep. Pressley Over Call for ‘Carrying the Water for Anarchists Looting and Robbing’

As you well know, violence and mayhem have been going on en masse in much our major cities since late May when George Floyd, a black man, died in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You would think seeing this destruction would push many politicians and those in Congress to work harder to come to a […]

Trump Donates 3rd Quarter Salary To Undo BLM Protesters Damage

The United States heads to a new election, and President Donald Trump has announced that he will continue to donate his salary to worthy causes. In the case of his third-quarter salary, Trump has elected to donate that $100,000 to the National Park Service to help restore and repair monuments, according. It would be difficult […]

Violence Against Law Enforcement Takes New Turn as Family Gets Murder Threats

Police all over the country are facing hostility as they are called on to continue to serve and protect. The fanciful police haters attack them without provocation and seek to murder them without reason. During one set of riots, the would-be killers tried to barricade the officers inside their station while they set the building […]

Warren May Not be the Veep Pick, But She’s Being Shoved into the White House by Libs

Elizabeth Warren is beginning to feel a bit unwanted. First, she didn’t make it as the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Then, she didn’t get the VP spot that so much of the libs were holding out for. Now, there’s talk that she could still make it into the White House if Biden gets […]

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