Biden Insults States Reopening but Keeps a Barber Shop Open at the WH for Staff

As I am sure you are well aware, President Biden is wholly against reopening our nation and bringing back even some tiny semblance of normal. Remember when Texas and Mississippi both decided to end their mask mandates and open their states up for business as usual? Biden didn’t waste any time in referring to the […]

Democratic Fear Grows as Trump is Proven Correct Again After New COVID Report Comes Out

President Trump has been under the gun for his entire presidential term and now because of his president’s successes. The Democrats made it a point to brand him as a liar and someone that did not know what he was talking about. But now that things are turning around in the country, the proof of […]

Democrats Tell AOC to Keep Her Cash Because They’re Not That Desperate

It’s become clear that you’re either with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or you’re against her. There is no in-between. There have been some vulnerable Democrats who need some help if they’re going to maintain their seats in 2022. They’re struggling in every way possible – and that includes the campaign cash needed to keep their ads running. […]

Why Arctic Circle Base is Surrounded by Heavy Duty Fencing…

When you hear about the Arctic circle, few things likely come to mind but images of vast landscapes covered in ice and snow. Maybe a seal or two, caribou, or even an arctic fox. So when a recent video was released on TikTok showing a large and rather heavy-duty metal fence surrounding an Arctic compound, […]

Second Attack on White House Grounds Perpetrated by Figure Close to Biden Causes Official to Be Transported to the Hospital

News of a second attack by the same individual on the White House grounds has Americans pushing for resignation as the victim sought medical attention. CNN reported that the incident, which took place on the South Lawn of the White House, ended in the victim who “was working at the time and needed to stop in […]

China and Iran Joining Forces and It Looks Like Trouble for Biden

The United States has a list of nations that have come out and stated that they are staunch enemies of the free world. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave because it spills over into other nations and the help they have received from previous American generations. As Russia, […]

White House Makes Shocking Change to Official Website

It’s been suggested, if not fully admitted, that Vice President Kamala Harris is the one who is actually running the White House. President Joe Biden is relegated to the sidelines. It’s something we all guessed would happen from, oh, just about since Biden began his presidential campaign. He’s simply too old and feeble to take […]

Trump’s Grasshopper Is Paving Pathways for the 2024 Nomination…It’ll Be Trump vs. Pence in the Fight of the Century

Imagine if you will, Mike Pence challenging Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. The man who for four years sat in the shadows of his domineering boss is attempting to carve out his own pathway to the Oval Office. Mike Pence might feel as though he has a chance, but his name didn’t […]

Of Course, Harris is Unhappy with Her 70,000 Sq Ft Mansion

As you well know, Americans from all walks of life are struggling. Thanks to the novel coronavirus and the restrictions put on the population by overly controlling and fear-driven Democrats, millions are without jobs, without food to put on their table, and for far too many without even a roof over their heads. According to […]

AOC Suffers Major Defeat in Battle Against Beef

It’s no secret at this point that New Yorker and Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is perhaps one of the most outlandish and ridiculous members of congress to have ever been elected. The reasons why include her prolific use of social media, her constant desire to be smack dab in the middle of the limelight, […]

Florida Gov Nails Reporter in Oscar Worthy Tirade ‘You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong’

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis didn’t pull any punches during a press conference earlier on the week when he took on a journalist who claimed that he was favoring a business that donated to his campaign. DeSantis was accused by a reporter of giving special favors to a supermarket chain Publix by allowing them the […]

Democratic Senator Openly Admits Plan to Racially Discriminate

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) is being called out for her Tuesday comments about the White House nominees being sent by President Job Biden. The senator said that she believed the nominees were racist and bigoted, according to The Daily Wire. “I am a no vote on the floor, on all non-diversity nominees,” Duckworth said. “You know, […]

Radical Left Democrats Are Doing the Work of America’s Enemies and Destroying the U.S. the Military

Would you be surprised if someone told you that the radical Left was doing the work of America’s enemies? Most people could probably list half a dozen things offhand that the Democrats have done in the past seven days alone to forward our enemies’ causes and sabotage America’s interests. Ever since the radical Left lost […]

New Army Fitness Test is Rolled Out to Appease the Liberals

Military fitness tests are designed to ensure that the troops are mission-ready. While each gender is given different requirements, the rules are simple: pass the test or you are out. The fitness tests aren’t meant to hurt feelings. However, if you can’t run at a certain pace or carry the required amount of equipment, you’re […]

Plane Banner Traveling Over NY Capital Sends Clear Message to Cuomo

In this day and age, getting a message, whether it’s a personal one or a business advertisement, out into the world is a rather simple task. Between mainstream news, social media, and an onslaught of other digital platforms, there seem to be hundreds of different avenues to make your voice heard. And many can ensure […]

Either Biden’s Drunk or His Mind is Slush…

Many questions surround the presidency of Joe Biden, including the legitimacy of his newly assumed title, as well as whether or not he is mentally fit to handle the job at hand. And while arguments about the first may continue on some level, they are waning as his time in office lengthens. As for the […]

Our Future’s So Bright…We Get to Wear Jet Packs

2021 has to be better than 2020. Between gaining Joe Biden as our president and the pandemic restrictions that simply won’t stop, we need a glimmer of hope. We need a reason to smile as 2021 pushes on. Jet packs. Personal air mobility systems. We’ve seen them in movies. We’ve been told that this is […]

CA Pastor Begs Newsom for Easter Re-Opening

If you belong to any sort of religion that gathers together on a regular basis, you know all too well about the restrictions put on churches and congregations of various faith this past year, with some having it much worse than others. Take the liberally led state of California, for example. Here, basic worship has […]

Thanks to Biden, This Rancher Has to Stay Armed at All Times to Protect His Property

If you’ve been any attention to national news as of late, you will know there has been a massive immigration problem brewing at our southern border, even if the White House has pretty much refused to talk about it, let alone admit there are problems. Well, that was up until Monday. On that day, President […]

Parishioners in Chicago Are Raising Hell Over a Catholic Priest Being Accused of Pedophilia–But It’s Not How It Sounds

Sadly, it no longer comes as a shock when a Catholic priest is accused of pedophile sex abuse. Decades of abuse at their holy hands have been uncovered. This particular tragic tale began in 2006 when Pam Bosley’s teenage son was murdered outside of a Chicago church. Searching for answers, Bosley sent letters to ministers […]

Andrew Cuomo is Defiant to the End and shows a True Democratic Heart of Tyranny

Andrew Cuomo is hitting all the headlines as his world comes crashing down on top of him. His fragile house of cards is being burned to the ground as more people come to the surface and tell how he tried to rape them and how he tried to get them to do all sorts of […]

Breaking: As Hate Crimes Against Asian/Americans Rise, 8 Are Left Dead in an Overnight Atlanta-Area Shooting Spree

Historically, Asian/Americans have suffered their fair share of prejudice. From being locked in internment camps during WWII, to America’s battles in Korea, Laos, and Viet Nam, they are often looked upon with disdain. While this is an unfair assessment of our fellow citizens, it’s one that is, unfortunately, and unjustly, still held by some. For […]

Biden’s COVID Bill Provides Aid to Farmers Based on Race…

As you well know, the second COVID relief bill was just passed. You also know that most of us, although not all, will soon receive, if we haven’t already, $1,400 apiece. But what about the other trillions included in the bill? What is all that for? As Congress has vaguely described, these funds will go […]

Border States Taking on Biden as They Protect Americans from Their President

Texas started a movement that is going to cause the federal government to rethink its efforts to open the southern border. The states that share the southern border are moving to protect themselves not just from the onslaught of illegals but from their own president’s negligence and pompous spirit. Biden was eager to remove Trump’s […]

Shocking! Student Beheaded His Teacher Over a 13-Year-Old’s Lie, But This Goes Much Deeper…

The Muslim faith appears to have a much longer list of what their followers can’t do versus what they can. And they don’t play around. The penalties for disobeying the holy Karan are severe, and they don’t hesitate to dish them out. For instance, the penalty for a woman’s infidelity, whether the act was consensual […]

Michelle Obama Cashing in on Gender and Race Once Again with Her Biggest Haul Yet

Both Barack and Michelle Obama have made no secret of their desire to keep in the public eye following their stint in the White House. From speaking engagements to book deals the former first couple has been making bank since leaving their posts in Washington. Michelle Obama has been a particularly contentious figure considering the […]

Psaki’s Sarcasm Isn’t Sitting Well with Reporters

Jen Psaki may be the White House Press Secretary, but she never really says anything when she takes to the podium. She’s sarcastic, she’s rude, and she’s on the nerve of every press reporter in D.C. Reporters continue to ask the same thing – where is Joe Biden? The American public has a right to […]

How to Rig an Election: Democrats Attempt a Federal Takeover of State Elections

Nancy Pelosi and the radical left Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives just passed a new election bill (H.R. 1) that is an extreme attack on free and fair elections. I know you’ve heard a lot of hype and hyperbole in the news lately about the world ending, America ending, and Aunt Jemima getting […]

The Mess at the U.S.-Mexico Border is Bigger Than the Biden Administration Wants to Admit

One of the first things that Biden did when entering the Oval Office was to sit down and write executive orders that canceled what President Trump had done. This means that all of the hard work done to keep the U.S.-Mexico border under control has been undone. Now, the problem is growing out of control […]

Hell Just Froze Over. The Pope Is in Iraq

History is being made at this very moment as for the first time since Adam ate the apple, Iraqi Muslim leaders are pow-wowing with the King of the Catholics. Pope Francis was asked by Iraq’s dwindling Christian population to intercede with the leaders on their behalf. Due to years of war and persecution, particularly at […]

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