Father Grieving Son Killed in ‘CHOP’ Zone Calls for Support…Then the Phone Rings

Seattle is a city under siege by the Democrats. The people that were allowed to take over part of the downtown area and set up their lawless base of operation has disrupted the lives of many Americans. This stunt that is supported by Seattle Democrats has led to the murder of several young people. And the Democrats have not even cared enough to pick up the phone to speak with the families or give them any information over the death of their kids. Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr. is one father that is looking for answers. And not one Seattle leader has called.

All of that changed on the day that he buried his 19-year-old son. His son was shot and left to die by the Democrats and the Seattle mayor because they would not send in people to help. Anderson has been looking for answers, but no one cared to call except President Trump. The president called Anderson on the day of the burial because he was moved by the father’s appearance on Fox.

The child was killed early on June 20. The gunshots were heard for miles, but the groans of pain were not heard at all. Anderson was not able to get answers as to why or how his boy had been killed. Mayor Jenny Durkan has ignored the family because she does not care about them. Anderson stated about his call with the president that “We just talked to the president of the United States. How are you going to top that?” It was said that the president stated that “He said he watched ‘Hannity’ last night, and told Horace, ‘Your son is looking down on you and watching over you,’” He was incredibly gracious, and it gave Horace some extra help as he buried his son.”

Mayor Durkan would finally call but only after she was forced to do so under the pressure of not calling soon enough. Anderson stated that “The only way I found out was just two of his friends, just two friends that just happened to be up there, and they came and told me. They weren’t even from Seattle. Now, mind you, I haven’t heard — the police department, they never came.” Under Durkan’s orders, the police have not been responding to calls for help in the CHOP zone. The mob in the zone would even keep the ambulances from getting to the wounded. Simply because Durkan kept the police away from the area.

Anderson blasted the lousy liberals and said that “My son needed help, and I don’t feel like they helped my son. I feel like he doesn’t — without this, he would just be nobody. He’s just — it doesn’t matter, he’s just another guy. Just another child, just swept up under the rug, and that’s it and forgotten about.” Anderson just revealed that the Democrats use people and then just push them into the background. The death of the child and the brokenness of the family fell of deaf Democrat ears. But the president heard about it and called right away because he truly cares.

Anderson put into perspective the loss he now has by saying “I wake up in the morning… I look for my son in the morning. He’s not there no more. You know what I’m saying? It’s like I go in there, I’m kissing a picture. He’s not there.” The president’s call helped Anderson in an amazing way. He finally felt like someone was listening. The president is a caring man and wants to help people that are in dire need. This is why he is the best choice for the president of the United States.

The CHOP zone is nothing more than a Democratic hideout for thieves and thugs that hate people. The businesses and people living in the area want the occupancy to end and things to get back to normal. The president stated about the zone that it is “the latest example of Liberal (Democrat) cities caving to lawlessness. We’re not talking about some little place, we’re talking about Seattle.” He has offered help in taking back the city. It would be a swift operation that would be over in an hour. No one would be able to stand up to the might of the president.

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