China Deployed an Internet Army to Social Media Platforms…You Might Be One of Their Millions of Unaware Followers…Better Read This

China’s Communist Party thrives on propaganda. They paint exquisite masterpieces depicting a Utopian land of milk and honey that has never existed and never will. In days past they had little way of broadcasting their false message to the masses of the world, but thanks to Westernized social media platforms, all this has changed. The […]

When Censorship Is Not Enough for Big Tech They Resort to Bullying

Social media has become the favorite way for people to connect and share things that matter to them the most. The federal government protects the companies that provide these services from people suing them over what others may post on their sites. But the main issue that has arisen is that they have taken steps […]

Cyber Gang Shuts Down Major Pipeline Carrying 45% of Fuel to N.E…Biden Admin Is Hopelessly Not Helping…

Gang members are portrayed as heavily tattoed street thugs. They’re noted for battling with rival gangs to maintain their claimed turf, and for terrorizing any unfortunate victims who may fall prey to their intimidating and often violent antics. But as Bob Dylan so eloquently told us, “The Times They Are a Changing.” The doo-rag sporting […]

Biden Sued by Disabled Farmer Over Racist Loan Forgiveness

COVID-19 and its subsequent pandemic have undoubtedly taken a toll on many in America, leaving millions without jobs to put food on the table or funding to meek out a livelihood. When most of us hear a line like that, we most likely picture the many factories and food industry businesses. But what at America’s […]

Meghan Mccain’s Take On Liz Cheney Leaves Conservatives With More Questions Than Answers

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Sen. John McCain (R[INO]-AZ) and current host of ABC’s The View has once again thrust herself into the limelight by taking on the entire Republican party, saying that their dissent against GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY)’s opinion is dissent against herself and “college-educated” Republican women. Wonder how McCain […]

‘The View’ Hosts Never Disappoint: Let the Shunning Begin

It’s amazing how ‘The View’ is still on. The hosts are the most liberal Democrats to walk around America. And, they have the power to convince millions of Americans that their views are the correct views. We would have all been better off if they had followed through on their threat of moving out of […]

How the Democrats Used the Pandemic to Create a Welfare State

There’s an old expression about a cow and free milk that most of us are familiar with. Its sexual connotations notwithstanding, it is a succinct piece of advice. The basic idea is if you’re already receiving the benefits, why bother to commit to anything? The Covid 19 pandemic had created a dire situation in America. […]

Let’s Focus On Something Real: Chicago Lives Matter

All lives matter. Black lives matter. Yes to both. The problem is that organizations like Black Lives Matter want to make a statement without truly backing it up. If black lives matter so much to them, why are they only concerned with the handful of deaths caused every year by the hands of white police […]

Louder for Those in the Back: Jenner Says Biological Males Shouldn’t Participate in Girls Sports

How dare we. How dare we say that transgender males be unable to compete alongside girls in girls’ sports. This is the issue that Democrats have with Republicans right now. The Democrats are so concerned with representing all groups that they take the most radical stance possible. They see no issue with biological males participating […]

Blood Cotton: China’s Olympic Uniforms Are Made By Slave Labor Under Threat of Genocide

In China, genocide is in fashion. China’s official uniform supplier for the 2022 Winter Olympics makes its materials with cotton harvested by Xinjiang slave labor. Some people are referring to this as “blood cotton” because China is committing genocide against the Uyghur population in the Xinjiang region. China is making its uniforms with blood cotton, […]

Democratic Tears Flow Deep as Census Pinching Digs Deep Into Their Souls

The importance of an accurate census has bever been more clear to Americans than what it is right now. The Democrats fought with Donald Trump to keep him from making it for Americans only. They knew that they would need the support of illegals to curve America away from being a Republic to being a […]

Gender Reveal Party Sets Off Earthquake With 80 Pounds of Explosives

Why do gender reveal parties always end badly? Because dumb people use gender reveal parties as an excuse to do dumb things, and most of them are dumb liberals who have no business being anywhere near explosives or flammable objects. Every liberal should be coated in fire retardant. Gender reveal parties have involved: deaths, injuries, […]

Stop Looking for Beef, It’s Killing Our Planet

The liberals are coming for the cows. Forget that beef is an important staple in the American diet. Forget that it is capable of providing incredibly important nutrition to humans. Cows fart – and the methane is killing the planet. Are the global emissions from cows higher than the factories? Then the emissions from cars […]

One Poke or Two? Americans Weigh in on Vaccine Efficacy Following J&J Suspension

Get vaccinated! Get vaccinated! The Biden administration has been pushing the vaccines as a way to control the spread of COVID. However, as soon as Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine was suspended, many people have suspended their desire to get vaccinated. The one poke option was highly desirable for a number of people. It was […]

Pentagon Investigates ‘Directed-Energy’ Attacks on US Troops

Have you heard about the “Havana Syndrome?” In 2016, a number of US diplomats and CIA officers posted at the American embassy in Havana reported symptoms of chronic, debilitating headaches, ringing ears, hearing loss, memory loss, nausea, and traumatic brain injuries — with no clear discernable cause. Canadians posted at the Canadian embassy in Havana […]

Crucial American Ally’s Voice Calls out Biden for Being ‘Determined to Weaken America’s Military’

Conservatives have feared what might become of America’s reputation with President Joe Biden at the helm, and news out of one of our most beloved allies has only served to strengthen the fear that we could become even more of a target. No country can stand alone, we’ve all know that for quite some time, […]

Thanks Biden! Stock Market Tanks After Reports of a Tax Announcement

As we all know, President Joe Biden has been hinting at implementing tax changes since before he was selected for the DNC’s presidential nomination in 2020. And now, it looks like those plans are about to be announced. As Bloomberg reported on Thursday, “Biden to propose almost doubling the capital gains tax rate for the […]

Fake News Media: Public Enemy #1?

Do the media really care about the truth? No. They care about ratings, subscribers, clicks, power, and in some cases a committed ideological agenda even at the expense of a publication’s solvency. When the late Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died, the media immediately hoisted his corpse and paraded it around the nation as an […]

Four Victims of the Denver FedEx Shooting Were Sikhs…They Want You to Know They Are Not Muslim

Sikhism is a monotheistic faith that was founded in India’s Punjab region over 500 years ago. With roughly 25 million followers it hails as the world’s fifth-largest religion, with approximately 500,000 devote worshippers residing in the US. Because it is the custom of Sikh men to adorn their heads with turbans, oftentimes Sikhism mistakingly becomes […]

Florida Warns Voters Not to Be Stupid with Their Votes

Florida deals with a lot of new residents. They come in from New York, California, and other liberal places. People move for the sunshine and for the change in politics. Yes, even Democrats find the lunacy of liberal politics to be exhausting. So, they pick up and move to get away from it all. Careful, […]

When Does an Immigrants Temporary Protection Status Allow Them to Abuse the Law? Easy Answer? When Joe Biden Is President. This Ought to Rock Your World

Similar to the famed soup nazi from the TV comedy show, Seinfeld, the Supreme Court is being pressed to say, “No Green Card for you” in a controversial debate over which group of immigrants should be issued a ticket to paradise and which ones shouldn’t be. Currently, if an individual resides in the US illegally, […]

Head of Teachers’ Union Struggles with Basic Math

“You can’t believe everything you read online.” – Abraham Lincoln See? Just because you say it doesn’t make it true. There have to be some facts behind what is said – and the head of a teacher’s union should know that better than anyone. Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers feels […]

Count ‘Em! 1,500 Rabbis Come to Tucker Carlson’s Defense

As one of the few honest conservative voices in America and one who has a nationally known position, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been made into a clear target for the political left in recent years. And although they have tried to get him kicked off the air or chased out of favor with […]

Trump Effect Rocks Liberal Court with Abortion Law That Drives Democrats Crazy

The matter of killing babies is a major issue for Democrats. They believe that mankind has the right to extinguish the lives of the smallest of souls. And to justify their actions, they have changed the word murder into the word abortion. They have seared their conscience to the point that they are willing to […]

Costco Slaps Republicans in the Face by Going After This Conservative Icon

Big box store Costco has bowed the knee to the politically correct mob and is cutting its ties with My Pillow, the company run by CEO and founder Mike Lindell, following Lindell’s work to prove that the 2020 presidential election was a fraud. According to a report by The New York Post, Costco is only the […]

David Limbaugh’s Touching Tribute to His Late Brother Rush Brings Countless Readers to Tears

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III was an American icon. On February 17, 2021, the world became that much poorer for not having him in it, and grief over the loss of his voice is something many of us will carry with us for a long time. For his little brother, David Limbaugh, however, the loss is […]

Former Trump Official Makes Plans to Turn California Red

In the world of politics, turning a state or even a district from one color to another using involves an election or two. However, according to Richard Grenell of California, that’s not exactly what he has planned to turn his home state from blue to red in the coming years. Instead, Grenell, who was the […]

Hey, Biden, We Need Money Not Kamala Harris to Fix the Border Problem

By now, the entire country knows that there’s a crisis at the southern border of the United States. The migration is breaking records as people from Mexico and Central America make their way into the country. Joe Biden acknowledged the problem by placing Kamala Harris in charge of dealing with it all. Here’s the problem: […]

What BLM Doesn’t Want You to Know About the Chauvin Trial

The nation has been on edge waiting to hear about the fate of former police officer Derek Chauvin who is charged with killing Goerge Floyd in Minneapolis in May of 2020. Floyd’s death set off worldwide protests, property destruction and led to the deaths of at least a dozen. It also ramped up the work […]

Biden Press Secretary’s Shady Answer to Biden’s Strategy Session With Former Diplomat Has Conservatives Running Scared

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki once again put half the nation’s teeth on edge when talking about President Joe Biden’s pow-wows with a former diplomat that many Americans are not delighted with, according to The Daily Wire. According to Psaki’s comments during Tuesday’s press briefing, the current president speaks to former President Barack Obama on […]

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