Ghislaine Maxwell Transferred to Quarantine Amid Positive Testing at Federal Prison Where She is Being Held

Ghislaine Maxell continues to spend her time behind lock and key in a federal prison located in Brooklyn, New York. For Maxwell though, life is not nearly as bad as it is for other inmates at the same facility. But then again, Maxwell has not as yet been convicted of anything. Considered to be a […]

Biden’s Henchmen Calling for Witch Hunt Against Trump Supporters

We have just watched the liberal media spend the past four years making all sorts of accusations about the Department of Justice. They claimed that President Trump only used the Department of Justice as his own personal tool to root out his political enemies. Of course, this was never the case and any sane American […]

Stay out of NYC or Risk Being Murdered…De Blasio Has Lost Total Control…These Numbers Will Blow Your Mind

Bill de Blasio has served the citizens of NYC since 2014. He is the 109th mayor to lord over the massively populated city of immense diversity. With six years into a role he’s never been qualified to hold, the proof of his failures is evidenced by the city’s skyrocketing crime rate. Here is a look […]

ICE Cracks Down on Illegal Immigrants in Operation Broken Promise

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have made a major announcement. They are ready to provide the results from Operation Broken Promise. 180 illegal aliens were arrested and the operation also sought to target those who claimed that they were leaving the United States. Unfortunately, many of them refused to do so. When the illegal aliens violated […]

Biden’s America? California Democrats Demands to Put All Trump Supporters in Concentration Camps After Biden Takes Office

California Democrat David Atkins has taken to Twitter to make some outlandish proclamations, as Democrats have been known to do. What he said recently should give every Trump supporter in the country serious pause. “No seriously…how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook?” Atkins’ tweet began. “We have to start […]

Romney Solidifies His RINO Status in How He Undercuts Trump’s Claim of Voter Fraud

Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican from Utah, is a name that can be brought up in almost any conservative circle to illicit an immediate eye roll of disdain from those who hold dear realistic conservative values. The former governor, however, continues to find a way to be re-elected into positions and circles that can no […]

Biden Proposes a $34 Billion Gun Tax…How Does $200 per Weapon for the One’s You Already Own Sound?…You Better Read This

Thirty-two percent of Americans own at least one firearm, and 44% live in a household where at least one gun is present. The figures may vary slightly depending on where you look, but one way or the other, that’s a whole bunch of firepower. According to the Second Amendment, unless you’re a convicted felon, you’re […]

Bomb Iran? Trump Mulling Options for Attacking Iran to Stop Its Growing Nuclear Program

Bomb Iran? Why not? President Trump explored preemptive actions to prevent Iran from achieving an inter-continental nuclear weapons system that threatens the United States. As President Trump closes out his term he is looking to solidify his Iran policy. It was reported by the New York Times that President Trump asked his military advisors on […]

Jim Jordan Rails Against Ohio’s Latest Pandemic Restrictions…Forget About Getting Married in This State

As COVID-19 continues its surge with growing intensity, some state health departments are wanting to haphazardly instigate the same rules and plans that failed the first time out. Despite what these state agencies thought, and still do, they’re pushing ahead with what hasn’t spared one person from gasping for air on a ventilator. As but […]

Newsom Lives with a Different Set of Rules Than Californians

The Democrats claim to fame since COVID-19 started this year is proving that they are hypocrites. They push rules and regulations on people and then turn around and ignore those set rules like they do not apply to them. The liberal elite believes that they live above the law and can do whatever makes them […]

The Gloves Come Off: AOC Will Fight the Moderates

There’s no way that Biden can bring unity when the Democratic Party is ripping itself apart before our very eyes. Pelosi has been trying to mend the tear within the House Dems for quite some time now. However, it’s not an easy one to mend. It comes down to the battle for America: socialism versus […]

Dems in Panic! AOC Threatens Democrats to Campaign for Georgia’s Blue Senate Contenders

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and CNN’s Jake Tapper had an interesting conversation over the weekend. The senatorial runoffs are about to take place in Georgia. AOC is so concerned about these runoffs that she is willing to personally campaign in the state of Georgia. She’s going to personally explain the virtues of the far left, or something. […]

Who Wants to Shut America Down for Six Weeks?… Joe Biden…That’s Who…Be Very Afraid

Earlier this year President Trump made the tough decision to shut down the country for 15 days. Despite the negative effect on our economy, it was the right thing to do to save lives and slow the spread of COVID-19. But that was then. In many circles, it was not a popular decision, but nonetheless, […]

Pelosi Stutters When Asked to Denounce Socialism

Nancy Pelosi isn’t making it easy to accept Joe Biden and the possibility of four years of Democrats calling the shots in the White House. There are legitimate concerns that the Biden-Harris administration could make a number of changes that could change the course of the country. Capitalism could be a thing of the past […]

Of Course, Andrew Cuomo Wants to Stop COVID Vaccine

It really shouldn’t be news to anyone that Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t approve of much of anything President Donald Trump says or does, especially when it comes to COVID-19 and its subsequent pandemic. But to deny an entire nation or at least his state a vaccine on that basis? Sounds a little […]

Republican Commentators Develop a Plan for Citizens to Get Involved in Recount Endeavor

Americans were stunned on Wednesday morning when they woke up to a complete change in direction of the voting in key states in the 2020 presidential election. The shock and horror deepened over the next few days continued a strikingly improbable chain of events was reported by the news media, including overnight discoveries of ballots, […]

Democrat Election Worker Claims He and His Team Threw out Tens of Thousands of Trump Votes

Kiel Fauxton is a Michigan resident who has three different Facebook accounts. He lives in Detroit and claims to work for the Democratic party. A few days ago, he found himself in very hot water over a post that he made on one of these pages. “Time to come clean. I work for Wayne County, […]

The Biden Family Comes Under Scrutiny for Questionable Dealings in China…They Are 100% Guilty

Joe Biden will always be Joe Biden. No matter his position or title, once crooked, always crooked. For decades his entire family has amassed great wealth by charging foreign entities for their influence in Washington D.C., and there is nothing conspiratoriial about it. The facts are solid. For eight long years, Biden held the second-highest […]

Voters Give Abortion Industry a Disastrous Blow

Abortion and “women’s health,” as it has become more recently referred to as, has been a Democratic talking point for years, basically ever since the barbaric practice was legalized in the greater United States in Roe v. Wade. And it has had to be, as for just as long, it has been opposed by conservatives […]

Biden Supporters Burn Down Apartment Building in Portland

Portland’s peaceful protesters have caused no shortage of trouble over the past few months. The city has refused all of the help that President Trump has to offer as well. Instead of putting a stop to the violence, Portland wanted to have one last hurrah. For their next trick, they decided to smash up the […]

Gavin’s Done Playing Dictator in California

Gavin Newsom has been allowing his power to flare across California for too long. He’s stopped using the state’s House and Senate to help establish law and order. Instead, he’s been writing up executive orders as a way to play dictator to residents. The problem with his role as dictator is that it’s not very […]

The Wasteland NYC Has Become Due to COVID Restrictions

For many, many years, the metropolis of New York City has been viewed as the shining star of the United States and the free world. Its skyline and towering skyscrapers are a sight many associate with freedom, hope, prosperity, and the beginning of the American dream. I mean, can you think of a sight more […]

SCOTUS Justice Barrett’s Former Sorority Sisters Stab Her in the Back After Pressure from the Left

Following the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, feminists had a trying decision to make: support a woman that embodies what they said they wanted out of life (a thriving family and thriving career, and to have a seat at the table [or in this case bench] like never before or, stick with […]

This Is Crazy! Leading Biden Surrogate Calls for Armed Violence if Biden Looses – On Camera!

Lisa Fithian is an antigovernment operative who has been responsible for the organization of various chaos operations over the past few decades. The radical revolutionary clearly does not love her country. Why doesn’t she leave then? That’s the question that the radicals never have the courage to answer. They hate America and yet, they refuse […]

5 Deadliest COVID Districts All Have Dem Reps – Look Who Has the Worst One

Since nearly the beginning of the year, when news of COVID-19 and the pandemic it had created was first heard, everyone has seemed to do nothing except play the blame game. At first, it was directed at whoever or wherever the virus was thought to have come from. However, this quickly transformed into the near-constant […]

When You Need a Tank, You Need a Tank…the Marine Corps Doesn’t Think So and Its Tankers Aren’t Happy

“When you need a tank, nothing else will suffice,” said Marine Corp Major Ronald “JR” Valasek. He was referencing the Corp’s decision to pull tanks from their inventory of weapons. The monstrous dinosaurs that have wreaked havoc on battlefields around the world are peacefully slipping into retirement. The proud tankers who operate these 65-ton destructive demons […]

Biden is a Closet Racist…His History Speaks Volumes…See What This Black Civil Rights Attorney Had to Say

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell recently said that even if Black voters don’t like what he has to say, they would be well advised to pay more attention to him. Terrell, a huge Donald Trump supporter, recently had a conversation with Black conservative, Larry Elder, in which the two discussed Joe Biden’s history in the […]

Russian Smear Campaign? Oh, Please! You Have to Do Better, Joe!

Are the Dems ever going to take credit for their ineptitude? Unlikely. They’d rather blame anything that paints them in a bad light on Russia. Only, it’s hard to believe that Russia would choose to support Trump over Biden in the elections – especially when Putin himself has said that the Democratic Party is leaning […]

Maryland Proposes to Ditch Police Officers’ Bill of Rights

As with many states across the nation, especially those under Democratic control, you won’t find it shocking that Maryland plans to make a few changes to their law enforcement. But unlike most, it isn’t really a defunding that is being considered. Instead, a legislative working group is proposing to simply end all their rights. You […]

Trump’s Describes Vision for America – It’s What the Country Stands For

President Trump has widened the gap that he has over Joe Biden. Record numbers of people are flocking to his camp and casting their votes for the president. The Democrats are running scared, so they invent their polls and try to get the media to pass off numbers showing Biden is going to win. But […]

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