New York Mayor Attempting to Punish Trump’s Businesses Before Return to Private Sector – Family Retaliates

New York City is doing its best to make the iconic Trump family seem unwelcome as their potential return looms. The city’s mayor announced on Wednesday that they will terminate all contracts with President Donald Trump and his companies, blaming the move on last week’s Trump rally in Washington D.C. Mayor Bill de Blasio said […]

Schumer Finds Unique Revenge on Trump Rally Attendees

Cancel culture has reached the little man after what was no doubt a scary experience for liberals last Wednesday. Thanks to the million-plus political demonstrators that gathered in the nation’s capital, the country was able to see just how many people were moved enough to rally in protest of an election they believed to have […]

Feds Tying up Loose Ends by Blaming Capitol Police for Capitol Hill Violence

Two US Capitol Police have been suspended, at least 10 more are under investigation as well as seven officers in five other departments across the country are all being investigated after the events that took place on Capitol Hill last week. The rally, which turned violent on the parts of both several attendees and Capitol […]

The World Is in Shock Over Abusive Censorship Against Conservatives by American Companies and Democrats

When Twitter elected to remove Donald Trump from their platform, they probably expected a ticker-tape parade. While they have received plenty of praise from the liberals, the decision has been widely criticized by many. It does not matter where you are on the political spectrum. A decision like this one is not going to receive […]

Kim Jong Un Announces More Nukes, Dares Weak Biden to Do Something About It

For a few years now, North Korea has gotten away with little, either in action or in thinly veiled threats when it comes to the United States and several of its allies. And as a result, the days when talk of creating more nuclear weapons to aim at the U.S. and the not so friendly […]

Ted Wheeler Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine

Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler finally got a wake-up call from the very people he has been supporting ever since the riots in his town broke out. For months the hateful Mayor supported the people that were terrorizing the city and hurting the people that Wheeler should have been protecting. He got exactly what he […]

What Is GE’s Board of Directors Trying to Hide?..Let’s Dig a Little

General Electric was once the king of the world. The company’s products and appliances could be found in nearly every home because it was a brand that consumers could trust. GE was the apple pie of American manufacturing pride. Then a character named Jeff Immelt’s grabbed the wheel for 16 years and left the company […]

Journalist Mocks Faith of Senator on CNN, Calls Him ‘Bible Boy’

The United States was built on Christian values. To this day, we use money that says, “In God We Trust” and we say the pledge of allegiance where it’s “one nation under God.” Why is it that we’re allowed to live in a country where faith is the very foundation, yet we’re mocked for practicing […]

DeSantis Schools Reporter on How To Ask a Question

Ron DeSantis is the one governor who continues to do the right thing related to the people of Florida. The accusative media looks for anything that they can attack Republicans with because they all stand against the liberal threat facing America today. And now that the Florida governor is making headway with the fight against […]

Please Tell Us This is Pelosi’s Last Term

By now, it’s no secret that Democrats, aside from supposedly winning the White House, didn’t do well in the 2020 congressional elections – particularly in the House of Representatives. In fact, they performed so poorly that they just barely were able to keep their majority. This was never seen more clearly than in the 117th Congress’s […]

DUH! Clueless Portland Mayor Finally Realizes Protesters Don’t Want Peace

The Portland riots are still going strong, even as of New Year’s Eve. The angry mobs were full of Antifa members who were looking for trouble anywhere that they could find it. Firebombs were thrown at the police. Commercial grade fireworks were set off at the city courthouse. Fires were set, windows were broken, you […]

United Nations Attempts to Block Trump Pardon

President Donald Trump’s pardon of several members of the private military company Blackwater is being protested by the United Nations, according to a report by Reuters on Wednesday. According to the report, the four Americans were convicted of killing Iraqi civilians while working as contractors in the country in 2007. The UN is arguing the US is […]

Cuomo Gives Vaccine to Addicts Instead of People Who Need It the Most

Andrew Cuomo has something in his brain that makes him make decisions that make absolutely no rational sense at all. All the way through 2020, he has done things regarding the China virus that has put people at risk. And now that there is a vaccine, he moves to mishandle how it is to be […]

Epstein’s Personal Pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell, Again Gets Denied Bail for Her Role in Sexually Abusing Minors

The name Ghislaine Maxell never goes away for long. Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged pimp is still trying to break free from the bonds of solitary confinement behind prison bars, but the judge in her case said she isn’t going anywhere just yet. She has been, and still is, considered a flight risk. With Maxwell’s collection of […]

Minorities Allowed to Claim Racism to Opt-Out of Vaccine Requirements

As you well know, the COVID-19 virus and its subsequent pandemic have changed much of how healthcare is treated and looked at in the last year. It has mainly become more a public issue than an individual one, with things like social distancing and masks required in more than a few states and locales. However, […]

The Stimulus Bill: What We’ll End Up Getting is Anyone’s Guess

There’s a constant unknown that seems to be lingering over the checking accounts of Americans across the country. Will we get a stimulus bill and how much will it be? $600 was on the original stimulus bill that was approved by both the House and the Senate – along with a long list of spending […]

Here is Why the Media Refuse to Tell the Truth Regarding the Election

There is no doubt that the 2020 election was rigged in favor of the naughty listed Joe Biden. It may take years to dig to the bottom of all the testimony and witnesses that have come forward just to find out what happened and how it happened. The fact that there are statistical issues with […]

Why Was the FBI Director Helping the Biden’s Hide Their Crimes? New Report Shows He’s Implicated Himself

Before rising to his current rank as FBI director, Christopher Wray had a totally different gig. He served as a representative for a Russian energy company beforehand but from the looks of it? Wray did not share any of this information with anyone else. Why did this man decide to keep this very simple information […]

One US City Is the Only One Seeing More Citizens Die From Drug Overdoses Than From COVID-19…

The fact is widely known how liberal Democrat-controlled cities always have the most amount of worries and woes. These cities encourage their citizens to live and let live. If you see something you don’t like or approve of just look the other way. It’s easy. Peace, love, and all of that. If you happen to […]

Military Suicide Solutions are a Top Focus Across Branches This Holiday Season

No one wants to lose a loved one. People are already having to say goodbye to those who die from COVID. Let’s not lose anyone because of military suicide. In most instances, suicides can be prevented – but it takes understanding and communication. Suicide solutions have become a top military focus across all branches this […]

Explosive New FBI Text Messages on Russian Collusion Hoax

Just when you think we know everything there is to know about the Obama administration’s Russian collusion hoax, more information comes to light. GOP Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley have just released a new series of never-before-seen text messages between the crooked former head of FBI Counterintelligence – Peter Strzok – and his former […]

AOC Opted to Take On Marco Rubio…Huge Mistake…She’s Still in Recovery…Bless Her Socialist Heart

There is much to be said about the golden child of New York’s 14th congressional district, Alexandria Cha-Cha-Cha Cortez, affectionately known by her friends and foes alike, as simple…err…simply, AOC. Unfortunately for her, not much if any of it is good. The former struggling waitress speaks in a coded language only understood by her devoted […]

Bold Liberal Punches 80 Year Old and Shows Their True Colors

The American people have suffered a lot during the 2020 year. The pandemic pushed by the liberals changed everything, liberals took to the streets to set in motion a surge of violence, and Black Lives Matter protestors started killing people and attacking the elderly. That is what happened to one elderly woman with an age […]

California Vaccine Maker Under Investigation Doesn’t Care…Biden’s Top WH Counselor Is Part Owner

As Joe Biden and his ragtag team of liberal Democrat has-beens are hanging Obama’s long-ignored portrait on the WH wall, storms are already starting to brew, and one of them packing gale-force winds. A vaccine maker who claimed to be speeding down the Operation Warp Speed highway, sort of overstepped its legal bounds by lying […]

New York in Panic! Tone-Deaf Cuomo Threatens New Yorkers That His Days Are “Nowhere Near Over”

While this makes many of our readers let out a heavy sigh, it is actually good news for the incoming administration. They may not realize it at the moment but they are right about that. Apparently, Cuomo was in the running for the Attorney General role in the Biden administration. We should not have to […]

Dominion Audit Finds System ‘Designed’ to ‘Create Systemic Fraud’ According to Judge Who Released the Report

The long-awaited investigation into the Dominion voting machines revealed what many Americans were afraid was happening: the results were not always what was being inputted by the voter. According to a report in The Daily Wire, the forensic audit of the voting machines in just one Michigan county showed that there was an error where […]

The First Thing to Go in Socialist America? The Holidays

The Democratic terrorist Barack Obama was the one that stated that American has no right to be the greatest country in the world. It was then that the and the rest of the liberals started out on a mission to destroy the country. It is their goal to redefine and dimmish the greatness that comes […]

Trump Promises to Declassify Everything Before Leaving Office

The fight rages on even after the Supreme Court decided not to look into the lawsuit brought by Texas. President Trump continues the fight over the rigged election. No one is denying that the election was stagged because the evidence proving the lies and the fraudulent methods of the Democrats is evident. And now that […]

Nothing to See Here? Georgia Vote Counters Work for Far-Left ACLU Anti-Trump Hate Group

Georgia Election Official Gabe Sterling made a shocking admission earlier this year. The ACLU was targeted by Sterling so that they could help count votes in the state of Georgia. Some might be wondering why this was a problem. Surely, states like Georgia can use all of the help that they can get when it […]

New Project Veritas Video Shows GA Senate Candidate Ossoff Discuss Dems’ Plans to Pack the Supreme Court

Project Veritas has been unleashing all sorts of truth bombs since the election fraud initially began. Their most recent video happens to paint Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff’s deputy political director in a very negative light. The video reveals that the Democrats are looking to pack the Supreme Court with as many liberal justices as necessary. […]

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