Video: Looney Liberal ‘Karen’ Loses Job Over Sickening Park Behavior

There are a lot of things that Democrats do to people that are racist. They are also notorious for blaming people for racist actions when they are not. But every now and then there will be a person that will truly treat another person roughly because they look different from them. When this injustice happens, there are those that will stand up and do the right thing to teach that person that racial remarks and actions are not right.

One woman from New York City found out the hard way that it is not acceptable to do things to people that are not humane. Amy Cooper is a terrible example that berated another man simply because he had a different color of skin. Cooper was fired from her job when they found out what kind of person she was. They said of her actions that “Following our internal review of the incident in Central Park yesterday, we have made the decision to terminate the employee involved, effective immediately. We do not tolerate racism of any kind at Franklin Templeton.”

Amy Cooper was already on leave from work. She was walking her dog when she came across a man simply bird watching in the park. Christian Cooper was the man being threatened by Amy Cooper. He noticed that the crazy dog lady had called the police. She could be heard stating that she was being threatened by “an African-American man.” This is the time that Christian Cooper pulled out his phone and recorded the ridiculous phone call from the dog lady.

Christian Cooper’s video would be placed on Twitter by his sister Melody Cooper. She would also state that “Oh when Karens take a walk with their dogs off-leash in the famous Bramble in NY’s Central Park, where it is clearly posted on signs that dogs MUST be leashed at all times, and someone like my brother (an avid birder) politely asks her to put her dog on the leash.”

The dog lady simply hated the fact that a man politely asked her to leash her dog. And this was the threatening attack that she reported to the police. The dog was in an area of the park that would normally be filled with bird watchers, so her dog was a major disruption to their hobby. She was violating the laws that governed the park. The dog lady refused to put her dog on a leash, and she screamed out when the man tried to feed the dog treats.

Amy Cooper told him that she was going to call the police and lie to them. She said that “I’m going to tell them there’s an African-American man threatening my life.” The way she acted and talked about the man is being called racial by everyone involved. She said on the call that “There’s an African-American man, I’m in Central Park, he is recording me and threatening myself and my dog. … Please send the cops immediately!”

The issue is a major problem plaguing uninformed people such as Amy Cooper. She lets her emotions govern how she views other people. The Democrats can learn a lot from this interaction that not all people are violent just because they do not look like the other person. Many people are friendly and extremely helpful. There is no doubt that she called the police because his skin is a different color.

Christian Cooper would state that “I’m not going to participate in my own dehumanization. I’m not going to feed into this.” This shows his unwillingness to act the way Amy Cooper was towards him. The mayor of New York tried to sympathize when he stated that “The video out of Central Park is racism, plain and simple. She called the police BECAUSE he was a Black man. Even though she was the one breaking the rules. She decided he was the criminal and we know why.” But De Blasio is guilty of racial profiling against people of religion and those of political indifference. He hates Republicans and hates Christians. His words of support are ill-timed certainly cannot be believed by anyone when he treats others horribly himself.

Hilarious! Whitmer Admits Trump is in Her Head

You would think, given the recent and drastic measures the Democratic governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer has taken with her state’s residents, that she cares little for what other government heads, including President Trump, have to say. However, that isn’t entirely the case. In fact, she just admitted that the President is very much always in her mind.

When recently speaking with Axios reporter Alexi McCammond for “Axios on HBO,” the draconian leader admitted that Trump has so much power over her that she always second-guesses herself, her actions, and her words. For her, the fear is that she will do or say something that he won’t agree or like and, therefore, restrict further funding to her state.

McCammond, during the interview, asked Whitmer what her relationship with the President was like. She asked, “Do you feel like when you’re talking about the president publicly, you have to censor yourself for the sake of continuing to receive federal assistance?”

Whitmer responded with a very positive, “Yes.”

She was then asked if she had always felt that way.

To which Whitmer replied, “Listen, the worst night sleep that I’ve gotten in the last 10 weeks is when he has attacked me on Twitter.”

Now, it’s evident by the wording used here the two women are trying to imply there is reason to fear our commander in chief, almost as though he is holding them hostage to some degree and not allowing them to act, say, or even think what they want.

But in doing so, Whitmer has essentially admitted that he might be the only person who can get her to do what is right for her state and its occupants.

No other state has taken quite the drastic measures that Michigan has during the coronavirus pandemic.

While being a little late to jump on the bandwagon, Whitmer has since imposed laws and regulations that are literally starving her constituents and stripping them of their constitutional rights.

Along with the usual type of stay at home orders, Whitmer ordered all flooring, paint, and garden centers to close. Residents couldn’t travel to their vacation homes, let alone across the street to the neighbors for a cup of sugar.

And while many states have begun a slow process of opening their economy and businesses back up, Whitmer has essentially said that nothing would change in Michigan until a vaccine was found and available. In fact, she hasn’t given her residents even the slightest indication of when or how the process of reopening would go.

As a result, she has garnered much criticism, with protests being held in the streets outside her Lansing office and case after case of business owners defying her orders just to get food on their tables.

And with American citizens drowning in debt and forced to endure months and months of no income, President Trump has taken notice and called Whitmer out a few times. In April, he tweeted, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”

In early May, he told the nation and the world that the governor needed to “give a little, and put out the fire.” Trump incited that she “make a deal” with her citizens and begin the process of giving them their “lives back again, safely!”

He also criticized her support of the vote-by-mail idea that is taking over the nation, saying that her sending out of absentee ballot applications was done “illegally and without authorization.” And much to her fear, he did threaten to suspend the federal assistance she is so worried about losing.

And while it is unlikely that Trump would make the citizens of Michigan suffer for their leader’s poor decisions, his words, as she admitted to McCammond, have much weight to them. Never before has an American president been able to throw aside the usual constraints of politics and still be able to get things done for the nation.

Whitmer and her Democratic cohorts know this and understand that Trump will and can hold them accountable for their actions.

Can you imagine what kind of restraints Whitmer would have put in place in her state if Trump wasn’t our President? With no one to get under her skin or in her head, she would be even more the draconian empress she already strives to be.

Ilhan Omar Drops Feminazi Speech That is Brimming in Socialism and Satanic Rule

Ilhan Omar is spewing her feminazi propaganda of man-hatred socialism that has been a mark of the Democratic Party since she slipped her snaky self into the office. She spouted off that she believes that the sexual allegations lobbied against Joe Biden are indeed true. But her hatred for men is seen not just in what a strange woman says about Biden, but it is seen in her hatred against the president. Her feminazi beliefs that every white man is a woman-hater is encrusted in her socialist approach to satanic rule.

Feminism hates men that stand in their way. Omar sees President Trump as a major obstacle that stands in her path to socialist rule. She sees all men like him as her enemy. Even Joe Biden is her worst nightmare, but he loves women so much that she is willing to tolerate his sexual misconduct in the office.

Omar states that “believing survivors is consistent with my values”. Which is not true about her real beliefs. She has sided with those that doubt the Holocaust was true and even supported the AOC when she dogged a little girl for voicing her views. She supports the oppression of men and those that disagree with her beliefs. Her Nazi approach to politics twists the truth of matters of importance to meet her dangerous views.

She hates the president so much that she is willing to support, in the short term, a man that has sexually assaulted other women. She does not even live up to her support for the very woman that is accusing Biden of these crimes because she is given him support politically. Omar just cannot bring herself to support an honest and upright man like President Trump. Simply because he is a Republican.

Her hatred and nasty beliefs led her to say, “This is the most important election cycle of our lifetimes and we aren’t going to have a chance if we don’t spend our energy in mobilizing and building enthusiasm against Trump.” Omar likes Biden because she is just like him ethically. She cheated on her husband with another man she partnered with. And now they are married. She has no problem doing things that make her selfish body happy.

More of Omar’s feminazi words come out or her mouth as being “There’s a lot of unsavory stuff. It is troubling, I do believe Tara Reade, I believe it’s important for us to give space for women to come forward and share their stories. It takes years and years for sexual assault survivors to come forward. Justice can be delayed but it should never be denied.” Delay justice until President Trump is beaten. Her hatred for the president is so much that she would rather join forces with a womanizer and known sexual predator.

She may say that she supports Tara Reade, but her actions tell another story. Omar has no problem being outright slanderous and fake with her beliefs and actions. To support another person that has knowingly attacked and taken advantage of a woman is simply awful. She has turned her back on all women everywhere. What is terrible is that she cannot see that she is speaking out of both sides of her mouth.

President Trump is the only person in this sad news account that comes out innocent and upright. And yet he is the focus of all attacks coming from the feminazi Ilhan Omar. Her hatred for the president Drives her every thought. Just like every other Democrat she has to see to it that the president is removed from office at all costs. She said it herself that the Democrats have to take back the White House. And she is willing to go anything to get done. And that means voting for a sexual predator.

The Democrats do not deserve to have any positions of power in the government of the United States. They have shown for the past several years that they hate America and would love to see the country fall. President Trump is just the opposite as he loves America and desires to see the nation great for all time.

Cuomo Cries Over Unemployment Claims – Blames Citizens

Governor Cuomo was almost in tears when he found out that his state has more than 2 million people receiving over $10 billion in benefits. This is four times more than what was paid out this time last year. He is not crying and complaining about the people being out of work, but rather the money that he no longer gets to be in charge of as governor. He is only getting what he deserves from all the closures that he forced down the throats of people that wanted and needed to work.

Cuomo was against opening the state so people could work and get on with their lives. He was so scared of the virus that he was unwilling to loosen his hold on the state. But now that things have come full circle, he is getting what his socialist control has done to the state. There are millions out of work and having to claim a massive amount of benefits. At some point, he is going to have to let people get on with their lives even though there is a virus in the air.

The spike in claims is directly related to the closures that Cuomo put in place. The day he told people to stay home started the clock for the increase in jobless claims. The Labor Department has reported that 1.6 billion claims have been made through April 25. His state only constitutes a fraction of what is happening all over the country.

The report for New York stated that “1,194,933 people who filed for unemployment before April 22 have received their payments. 7,580 additional claims are missing information and cannot be processed and another 15,831 are going through final processing that includes a check for fraud and identity theft. The state has processed another 20,801 claims but hasn’t released those benefits because individuals haven’t submitted federally mandated weekly certifications.” These numbers have made Cuomo cry like a big baby.

What really takes the country by surprise is that Cuomo does not want people to know that he allowed outside companies to be hired to facilitate the payment of benefits. He should have used it in-state people and put New Yorkers to work before anyone else. Robert Mujica who is the NYS Budget Director stated that “Those contractors hired almost all New Yorkers. There is a case where one contractor hired some out-of-state workers. Our priority at the time is, and still is, getting as many people to work on those claims and get the claims out and delivered for all those who filed unemployment claims.”

This announcement really took Republicans by surprise because the Democrats are trying to keep their selfish agendas hidden from them. Republican Senator Robert Ortt stated that “It is obvious why they went to other states because they can pay these people less money. With the number of people who have not received a dime from the unemployment benefits they are owned, maybe they can go to work and help other people resolve their claims.” But Cuomo wanted to save money for his own purposes and not pay his own people that voted for him.

Ortt is not at all impressed with the Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon who has tried to smooth over the numbers and hide the fact that cheap Cuomo hired cheaper outside help. Ortt would go on to state that “If I were the governor, I would certainly ask for her resignation and ask her to step aside.” There needs to be a call for Cuomo’s resignation for trying to kill the elderly and hide the facts of the hiring of people administrate payments.

Mujica would go on the defense and say that “One hundred percent of our full-time employees are New York State workers. The vast majority of private contractors are using NYS employees. One contractor did some subcontracting, but our priority is, and was, getting those monies out as quickly as possible.” The Democrats in positions of authority do not think completely through their actions. Cuomo is having a hard time dealing with the consequences of his past terrible choices.

Trump Slams Fox News; Littered with ‘Garbage’

The Fox News Agency used to be a media outlet that people would turn to for the truth about what was going on. But now the president is singing a different tune because they have resorted to reporting news that is “doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3rd.” The news center has for a long time been associated with conservative values. They have told the truth about the lies of the Democrats and challenged the status quo that other media outlets push.

Fox News has fallen into the liberal trap that requires people to criticize the president. The Democrats and liberals can only speak out about what the president does at this point. They have exhausted their arsenal of attacks to the point that the president is proving to be unbeatable. But now it seems that the liberals are wearing down Fox News to the point that they too are liberal in their approach and reporting of the news.

President Trump blasted Fox by stating that “Many will disagree, but @FoxNews is doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3rd. Sure, there are some truly GREAT people on Fox, but you also have some real “garbage” littered all over the network, people like Dummy Juan Williams, Schumerite Chris…” Conservatives need to have their news outlets working for them like the Democrats do. There has to be a balance at telling the truth rather than perpetuating the lies of the Democrats.

The president pointed out that Fox repeated what all the other bad media centers were saying about the Democrats. He stated again that “All of the good is totally nullified, and more. Net Result = BAD! CNN & MSDNC are all in for the Do-Nothing Democrats! Fox WAS Great!” What was once praised as a fair and unbiased news center has proven itself unreliable when it mattered the most. As Fox News changed the hands of management it became apparent that the confrontational approach was going to change. And that is what has led to their downslide. President Trump pointed that out when he said Fox “is no longer the same. We miss the great Roger Ailes.” Ailes was known for going after the truth and not caring what the crazy liberals thought about him.

Lashing back at president Neil Cavuto wrongfully attacks the president when he stated “First of all, Mr. President, we don’t work for you. I don’t work for you. My job is to cover you, not fawn over you or rip you, just report on you. Call balls and strikes on you. My job, Mr. President, our job here, is to keep the scores, not settle scores.” Cavuto sounds like he is being paid by the Democrats to attack the president. This would not be the first time that the Democrats got someone on the inside to do their evil bidding.

The entire liberal media seeks to get their Democratic favorites elected. So, there is no shame in having the conservative news station work in favor of Republican values. To be a Republican is to be known as a conservative. Fox News is the only outlet that the president trusts to get things right. He once praised them for their efforts to hold to the truth and real conservative American values.

For some reason some in the agency like to slip to the left and praise the liberals for their satanic agenda and policies. Fox needs to be careful not to be taken over by the liberal circus. They should make sure not to fall into the Democratic snare of being controlled by them.

President Trump is the greatest president that has sat in the White House in many years. He has challenged and broken up the standard path that most presidents have walked behind each other. The path that President Trump is walking is based on American values and the preservation of life. He does not stand against America; he stands with Americans. This is something that the Democrats refuse to do as they want to stand with the criminals and illegals flooding into the country.

Mike Huckabee: Facts Prove Democrats Wrong on Trump

The Democrats and the media are determined to make President Trump look crazy and wrong in just about everything that he does. They have taken the COVID-19 and used it as a cover to try and prove that the president does nothing right. So, they cry that he has failed at protecting the country and that millions of Americans are going to die because the economy is open, and people are back to work. The media needs to focus on China and what they did wrong and not on the president and what they thought he did wrong.

The joke is really on the media and the childish Democrats. The COVID-19 pandemic is proving that the president is doing everything right. But the media just cannot give credit where credit is due. Instead, they praise people like wacky Cuomo and his illegal actions of killing off of the elderly in the care facilities by forcing them to take people that are sick with the virus. He is essentially signing their death certificates because the virus spreads easily and kills quickly.

What is unique about their blame placing is that it is proving to be false. The truth will always win out over the lies of the wicked. The media will continue to lie and try to make everyone believe that the president is the reason the virus exists, but as more is discovered about China and their involvement the more it is found that the president is doing everything right. No one could have done the job that the president has done. He has had to make decisions without the benefit of having all the facts. And those decisions have proven to be the best that he could have made.

President Trump has been attacked by his critics by the way he referenced the virus as being from China. He was labeled as racist and written off as a joke by the media and liberals. The more that the experts investigated the origin of the virus the more they found that the president was right that it came from China. President Trump even stated that there would be enough medical equipment to go around when all the Democrats were stating that there would not be. The president would be proven right and the Democrats would have to admit that they did not need all the devices that they were asking for.

The President gave so much equipment to the states and cities that they had way more than they ever needed. Cuomo would prove to be an idiot in that he did not know what he was talking about. But to the media, President Trump is the one that does not know anything. The facts do not lie. President Trump knew what everyone needed and provided way more than anyone could ever expect.

President Trump has been saying all along that the elderly are the most at risk. His stay at home orders was in place to save their lives. But the media did not give him the credit for making the right call. Rather they praised Cuomo for letting sick patients infect the elderly in nursing homes because as he would admit that they were going to die soon because they are old. His typical Democratic thinking shows how murderous the Democrats are at the base of their beliefs.

The president was supposed to have a terrible rating after the virus had run its course. But what happened is that his rating remained high. The bulk of the American people are sick of the lies and the hurt that the media tries to place on people.

Cuomo was also found to be doctoring his numbers and not reporting the true death accounts. So, one has to question the truth behind what the media is reporting. People died of other causes and the numbers of the COVID-19 deaths were eating into the other death totals. President Trump is being proved to be making all the right choices. He has the facts and the people working with him to make the best choices for the American people during this time.

Ted Cruz Calls on DOJ to Investigate New York Mayor De Blasio for Possible Anti-Semitism

Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas is cross with New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, which puts him in good company, including a greater part of the population of New York City. However, Cruz has a particular issue with De Blasio that he would like the Justice Department to look into, according to Fox News.

“Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called out New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Twitter Tuesday after the Democrat posted a message about Jews in his city supposedly violating social distancing policies. De Blasio was blasted just weeks ago for tweeting about the city’s entire Jewish community after an incident involving members of one Hasidic sect. Cruz suggested that the U.S. Department of Justice investigate de Blasio for targeting a religious population.”

The specific tweet that roused Sen Cruz’s ire read:

“Earlier today the NYPD shut down a Yeshiva conducting classes with as many as 70 children. I can’t stress how dangerous this is for our young people. We’re issuing a Cease and Desist Order and will make sure we keep our communities and our kids safe.”

To which Sen Cruz replied:

“The next time NYC’s mayor sends out a gleeful tweet about sending cops after Jews, the DOJ should investigate to make sure he’s not violating constitutionally guaranteed religious liberties. Actually, they should have done it after the last one.”

De Blasio came under criticism before for sending cops to break up a funeral of a beloved Jewish rabbi and then issuing a warning on Twitter that singled out the Jewish community that he was coming after them for violating edicts against gathering in large groups due to the pandemic, according to the New York Post. The Post article blamed the local police for letting things get out of hand and allowing for breaches of social distancing rule.

More importantly, a wave of anti-Semitic hate crimes has rocked New York City on De Blasio’s watch. Thus far De Blasio has been ineffective in stopping the crime wave and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

A debate has erupted in the media over whether or not De Blasio is personally anti-Semitic. Most media outlets suggest that he is not, however, the Forward Times, an important Jewish newspaper, has accused the mayor of stoking anti-Semitism. The media, according to the account, is complicit in spreading a meme that Orthodox Jews are, in some way, spreading the coronavirus.

De Blasio, who briefly ran for president last year, has come under increasing criticism for allowing New York City to regress to the crime and homeless ridden state that it suffered in during the 1970s and 1980s. Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg, De Blasio’s predecessors in Gracie Mansion, had cleaned up New York, to a great extent, reducing street crime and making America’s largest city a more attractive place to live. De Blasio has reversed many of those reforms to a great extent.

De Blasio’s office was very quick to respond to Cruz, arguing that the mayor was just performing law enforcement functions and protecting New Yorkers from the coronavirus pandemic. De Blasio’s press secretary even made a snide reference to something Cruz said about “New York values” during the 2016 campaign. Even though the remark was aimed at then private citizen Donald Trump, some on the left accused Cruz of being anti-Semitic.

Even so, De Blasio’s singling out of the Jewish community is just one example of how the lockdown orders being enacted in a number of states and localities in the blue part of America is causing tension between elected officials and citizens. De Blasio’s fixation on Jews, though, has taken on a particular dimension. Many have noted that he has not spoken the same way about New York’s other ethnic communities.

There is no news as to whether the Justice Department has responded to Sen. Cruz’s request to perform an investigation.

It should be noted that New York City has suffered more than its share of coronavirus infections and deaths, mainly because of the population density of the city. Like many public officials, De Blasio was slow to react to the pandemic. As late as early March, the Mayor declared, “I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go on with your lives and get out on the town despite Coronavirus.”

In retrospect, that may have been bad advice.

Senator Graham is Going After Obama and Trump Officials to Testify Before the Senate

Subpoenas are going to be handed out to get former Obama and Trump officials to testify to put an end to this Russia collusion once and for all! The Obama administration and his filthy Democrats carried out the biggest hoax in American history. Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham is on a mission to get to the bottom and get answers behind Obamagate.

Anyone in either party, any and all members involved in the investigation of the Russian interference for the 2016 elections can wait, and a subpoena is coming. Contacts between Russia and President Trump’s team are also included in the list.

FISA and the Flynn case started the investigations when there was no proof Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was guilty, and the Department of Justice moved to drop the case. Substantial investigations that are still ongoing and slowly being declassified and released to the public have led to a free for all on the information.

All of this information goes back to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former national intelligence director James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former FBI Director James Comey. It goes as high up as former President Barrack Obama himself.

Since it deals with a criminal case, the Justice Department and Senator Graham can only go after those involved with the Obamagate scandal and the hoax of the Russian collusion. The rest will have to be taken up with military tribunals because it deals with high treason.

Senator Graham is proposing the subpoenas to gather documents and testimonies from all those involved within the intelligence committees, which started the whole Russia investigation. It continued into the Trump era when so much time was wasted in the Robert Mueller investigations.

Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and FBI Director Christopher Wray, who is currently in charge of the FBI, will all be subpoenaed as well. The American people have to hear about this disaster for one last time. It will take a great deal of patience because we are all still sick of hearing about it from when the hoax was ongoing.

Graham will call for a Judiciary Committee vote no later than June 4. Once he gets the votes, it’s game over for these people. They will have to answer, and they will have the truth. This time it will be led by GOP members who will follow the rule of law.

The difference this time is Attorney General William Barr and his sidekick US Attorney John Durham worked to build up the case to where there is no mistaking, and no one will get off scot-free for the years and taxpayers dollars wasted in this hoax. The time has come where justice will be served!

Senator Graham will have complete transparency from testimonies and documents given by a report from the Justice Department Inspector General’s review. It will uncover how the FBI handled surveillance warrants in those investigations. All of the abuse of power will be exposed.

More like General Flynn, who are innocent and behind bars, maybe released as more cases will be dropped. Those on the stands giving testimony will have no choice but, to tell the truth. The prosecutors will have the answers in front of them.

These people are cornered because if they lie, they will be committing perjury. If they tell the truth, they are still caught. There is no way out for them, and as they testify, more names will be handed over. This will be the most considerable amount of subpoenas handed over, and Graham is prepared to lead the charge in the country’s most massive probe in history. It will give him full power to end this mess, finally.

The GOP has had a war cry set out for months for Senator Graham to become more aggressive in getting to the bottom of this probe. This would entirely expose the deep state more than what we are witnessing now. It would clear President Trump’s name for good even though he was acquitted.

President Trump called for Senator Graham to even put Obama on the stand, but Graham refused. He claims it is unconstitutional, but there is more behind this decision not to put Obama in the hot seat just yet.

The narrative is being laid out, and the stage is being set. Once all this is over, then and only then will we see justice being served when it comes to Obama and Hillary.

Israel Strikes Back at Iran in Cyberattack on Port Facilities

The Times of Israel is reporting that Israel and Iran have opened up a new front in the low-level war the two countries have been engaged in for the past few years. The front is being fought in cyberspace.

“The former head of Military Intelligence on Tuesday said a sophisticated cyberattack on an Iranian port last week appeared to be an Israeli retaliation to Tehran’s failed attempted hacking of Israel’s water companies last month, sending a message that Jerusalem could significantly harm Iran’s economy if attacks on Israeli civilian infrastructure continued.”

The Israeli cyber attack brought down the computer systems that controlled vehicle and ship traffic at the Shahid Rajaee port, causing massive backups. Shahid Rajaee is located on the Persian Gulf near the Straits of Hormuz. It handles 100 million tons of cargo each year. It is one of the main entry and exit points for Iran’s imports and exports.

By shutting down Shahid Rajaee, Israel demonstrated to Iran that it can cut that country off from the outside world at will. Iran’s economy is already suffering due to economic sanctions initiated by the United States as well as the rock bottom price of oil and gas, Iran’s main exports. If Israel or any other country decided to close Iran’s ports, either through cyberattacks or a more conventional naval blockade, that country’s economy would quickly collapse.

Iran has tried to take down Israel’s water distribution system, something that the Jewish state relies on for its survival. A complex system of pumps, pipelines, and desalination plants ensures that Israelis have enough water to live and to operate its agricultural sector. Fortunately, Iran’s cyberattack on Israel turned out to be ineffective. Otherwise, Israel would have found itself without a way to distribute water in an arid part of the world.

Israel has brought to cyberspace a tactic that has proven to be tried and true in the real world.

“This appears to indicate that Israel has adopted a tit-for-tat strategy in responding to Iranian cyber aggression — a tactic already used by the Israeli military with physical, or kinetic, attacks — as the digital realm becomes increasingly important in modern warfare.”

Since its founding, Israel has always responded to terrorist attacks, whether they involved armed fedayeen or suicide bombing or, more recently, rocket barrages, with airstrikes. The idea is that the air attacks would discourage terrorists based in Lebanon or the Gaza Strip by inflicting disproportionate damage. The strategy works, at least for a while.

Ironically, Iran tried to pull off its cyberattack on Israel’s water distribution system in retaliation for the Jewish state’s airstrikes on Iranian units in Syria. According to Reuters, Israel’s air campaign against Iranian and Iranian backed militias has met with considerable success, so much so that Iran has started to withdraw its units from Syria.

The hacking of the computers at the Shahid Rajaee port was not the first cyberattack conducted against Iran by any means. Several years ago, a computer worm called Stuxnet was introduced to a computer at one of Iran’s facilities where that country’s atomic bomb program is being conducted. The worm caused the centrifuges that were used to create bomb-grade uranium to spin out of control, eventually breaking them. The cyberattack is thought to have set back Iran’s atomic bomb program by years. Stuxnet is thought to have been a joint operation conducted by Israel and the United States.

The tit for tat cyberattacks between Israel and Iran illustrate that cyberspace is just another battle space between opponents. Much of the world is controlled by computer systems and are thus vulnerable to attack. Such attacks need to be warded off by sophisticated cybersecurity systems, much like the attack on Israel’s water distribution system was turned back.

As it turns out, power grids are a prime target for cyberterrorists. A cyberattack that takes down a power grid, especially in the middle of a hot summer or a cold winter, would cause widespread destruction and death. Cybersecurity experts, both in the military and in the private sector, are keeping awake at night devising means to ward off such attacks.

The stark truth of the matter is that the most important battles of the future are not going to be conducted on the battlefield, but in dimly lit rooms by people seated at consoles, wielding weapons that have no physical existence, but are potent all the same,


Biden Says ‘I Wouldn’t Vote for Myself’ If He Believed Reade’s Allegations

Former Vice President Joe Biden is now acknowledging his campaign is in a bind. With the shadow of his past and his creepy ways, people in America can see right through Biden’s denial of the allegations before him. It doesn’t matter how much he denies the sexual assault allegations from Tara Reade. Biden told Lawrence O’Donnell in an interview on MSNBC, which sounded almost as he was already defeated in the allegations.

Americans have never seen anything like Joe Biden, who can’t get his stories straight, is completely lost, and has a bad attitude toward anyone who questions him. The Democrats almost had to put their primary candidate on a leash to keep him from making a fool of himself. It got so bad, there is nothing more anyone can do for him.

Speaking about voters in the extended interview, Biden told O’Donnell, “They should vote with their heart. If they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn’t vote for me. I wouldn’t vote for me if I believed Tara Reade.”

That is precisely what will happen; people will vote from the heart because they believe the allegations due to the extensive evidence which proves Biden did, in fact, sexually assault Reade in 1993. The investigations will continue, but the media and the Democrats will try to weasel their way out of this one.

Some stations which are known for reporting on fake news are actually covering this story. Maybe they are learning their lessons, or perhaps they just need a story that will get their lost ratings back up. Either way, when the truth comes out and hurts Democrats, they always find a way to run away.

Biden continued in the interview, saying how the account “should be taken seriously” and should “be thoroughly vetted.” Biden did lie, though, when he said Reade’s story “has changed as it’s gone on.” The truth is, her story never changed since the sexual assault allegedly happened.

Biden continued, “But I don’t want to question her motive. I don’t want to question anything other than to say the truth matters. This is being vetted. It’s been vetted. They went, and people interviewed scores of my employees over my whole career. This is just totally, thoroughly, completely out of character and the idea that in a public place in a hallway, I would assault a woman? I promise you, it never happened.”

Never has a candidate fumbled over his words and showed such nervousness as Biden when confronted with these allegations. This will definitely haunt him throughout his entire campaign. We conservatives call it payback because of what the Democrats did to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when they accused him of the same crime.

Of course, it is alright for the Democrat candidates to get away with such actions while framing a respectable judge. What one person does to hurt another will always come back to hurt the perpetrator. This is what we are witnessing now as the allegations now have Joe Biden sweating, fidgeting, and fumbling over his words.

To make himself look good, Biden invited former Georgia State Representative Stacey Abrams to stand with him in the interview. O’Donnell made a note of it during his interview with Biden and questioned him if it was meant to be an “audition” to have her become his running mate as Vice President.

Biden replied, “Stacey Abrams has done more to deal with the fair vote and making sure there is a fair vote than anybody, and she has a great, great capacity to explain things and the layout exactly why it will be so critically important in this election.”

It is tough to say anyone can “explain” anything that comes out of Biden’s mouth. Adams is just as crooked as Biden is but can keep him on the leash in which the Democrats can shut him up when he goes off the deep end.

Almost anything Biden says in an interview proves how incompetent he is, and he has no business going up against someone like President Trump. Trump will slaughter Biden in the debates, and it will turn out to be the most shameful experience the Democrats faced since Hillary Clinton lost in 2016.

The allegations will continue to come up in interviews, which Biden will constantly botch up. This is all Democrats have, and people will “vote from their heart,” and President Trump will win in a landslide victory for the 2020 Election!

Saudi Arabia Still Trying to Disrupt American Oil Producers

Saudi Arabia and Russia claimed to have sparred each other in a massive oil war that was supposed to flood the market with oil. Each one claimed that they were wanting to get a larger piece of the market from the other nations. But what is proving to be the truth is that they wanted to push the United States out of the oil market. They wanted to push the American driller to the point of bankruptcy so they would have to shut down. But that has only backfired in their faces.

Oil trackers show that at least 30 ships are making their way to the United States. All of them are full of oil from the Arab region. The coronavirus caused a major surplus to develop which has only begun to decline as more people are taking to the streets again. It is estimated that 50 million barrels of crude oil will hit the coast in a few months. Russia and the OPEC nations are hoping this will cause America to shut down its oil rigs.

The price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia was just a cover for their real purpose of attacking the American oil industry. Sandy Fielden is the director of oil and product research at Morningstar Inc. She has stated that “The expected Saudi deliveries could push U.S. inventories back to builds depending on their timing. If the shipments land at a rate that isn’t balanced by falling production or an uptick in exports, then we’ll see a domestic build.” What the Arabs are going to face are all of their ships are going to be stuck at sea because President Trump puts America first. American drillers will have priority first when it comes to sales and storage.

One report shows that storage is 5 million barrels shy of reaching capacity. But they will not receive priority over U.S. companies. The Arabs actions are nothing short of a bully tactic to try and make the United States dependent on their oil Paola Rodriguez-Masiu is an oil analyst and he stated: “If all the Saudi tankers unload, the crude they carry will offset during May almost all of the production reductions from March levels, effectively maintaining the current high storage filling rates.”

While all of this may be bad for oil producers it certainly is a positive thing for consumers. Prices are so low at the pump right now that people are saving hundreds of dollars per month. The low prices for gas and diesel certainly have helped people that are struggling because they are out of work due to the coronavirus. What is bad for some is extremely good for many others.

President Trump has already work ahead to get the nations of OPEC and Russia to slash their drilling endeavors. These tankers are just the ones that set sail when the so-called price war started. The Democrats would look at this problem and hide, but President Trump proactively stopped the two nations from destroying the world’s oil market.

To put into perspective how much oil is sitting off the coast it is estimated that what is there now is equal to a third of what was produced for America last year. There is a devious purpose to what the eastern nations have done. But every action has a consequence. The Arabs have had to wait for their ships to be unloaded. Those ships have to sit in the ocean for weeks before they can be serviced. In one way or another, their production will slow down to meet up with consumption. The Democrats are crying that storage is going to run out soon, but they fail to see the ships as storage devices themselves. In the end, they pay more for sitting in line.

The American consumer has nothing to worry about. President Trump will make them sit as storage units for the oil until they are needed. He has forced the Russians and Arabs to cut back their production. All for the sole purpose of keeping America great.

Saliva Test For COVID-19, Is There More To It Than Just Tests?

The companies in charge of making tests for COVID-19 are coming up with a new form that will be sent to homes by mail by the millions. These new tests are nowhere near as uncomfortable as the nasal test. A small group of healthcare companies will send each household in America saliva test kits over the next several months.

Many questions leave Americans skeptical concerning our rights and if the tests will also be used to track us through our DNA. These days we can never be too sure of what is really happening. The deep state is losing ground, but they are still in power and are angrier than ever.

President Trump and the Department of Justice have a stronghold and a grip for the most part on holding back Democrats from having their way with us. Still, the time has come where we really have to question what are the intentions behind everything the government is putting in front of us.

Jason Feldman, the CEO at Vault Health, is one of the companies selling saliva test kits, which can be used in comfort in one’s home. Did the keyword stick out in everyone’s minds? “Selling.”

Some of the questions are being asked, Are we going to be forced to buy these test kits? We don’t have to look far for the answers. It depends on the governors of each state. Some governors are making it mandatory to be tested before going back to work or even to go out and run everyday errands. Remember, the Democrats want a way to track information on each individual.

First off, our medical records are supposed to be private. Will they remain private with all this testing? Remember, DNA is gathered through saliva. All of the tests, once the person puts a sample of their saliva in a test tube, it is to be mailed off to a COVID-19 lab in New Jersey. It sounds like a money-making scheme forced down our throats.

At the beginning of the pandemic, remember when we were all told, If we do not have any symptoms, there is no need to get tested.” Why are we required by our governors for everyone to get tested if we feel fine? Something is not adding up with all we have to endure. Haven’t “We the People” been through enough with this quarantine?

Feldman also stated his company is ready to ship off 30,000 tests per day to consumers at their doorstep. Those who voluntarily purchase these test kits are free to do as they choose, but with what we are being told by the governors, we may not have a choice.

To keep up with supply and demand, Feldman stated, “The plan is to keep scaling, and the demand is endless.”

If the test is solely meant to only find out who is testing positive for the virus, then it has its good points. The bright side of the saliva test is that it won’t feel like we are ripping our eyeballs out, but the price of these tests may, we do not know yet. Some companies are charging as high as $150, a test which should be free.

Dr. John Brownstein, an epidemiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and an ABC News contributor, said, “For companies trying to make decisions about who can come into work and who should stay home, a diagnostic test that allows people to test at some level of frequency will be super helpful, and an at-home saliva test could help allow for that.”

Until recently, at-home tests were not allowed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Now, they cleared the path for Rutgers University Lab and their partners to send out the tests by way of mail. They also added DNA genealogy tests are done in the same manner where people send a sample of their saliva to a lab and get their results. It’s funny how they decided to throw that statement in there.

Once again, if used properly and only for COVID-19 testing, it is a good thing because it is quicker to get a result at drive-thru testing. Those who are on the receiving end of the sample will not have to be forced to worry about the full outfit of PPE.

With everything in life, there are good and bad options to weigh. The FDA is involved, so the only bad thing we see is getting the pocketbooks ready!

Chinese and Iranians Join Forces to Hack Their Way into American Research

The Chinese people have been trying to work their way into American research by hiring people to smuggle the information out of the country. China has the desire to compete with the United States on a level of knowledge that they are not able to handle. Their release of the coronavirus is proof of their inability to handle simple research. But now it looks like they are teaming up with the Iranians to hack their way back into the biological realm of information.

American educational facilities and pharmaceutical companies are being hacked by these two nations. The Chinese are jealous of the American people because of the level of education and scientific knowledge that is realized. The Iranians simply want to use the information to harm people. There is no desire by them to work with Americans to develop vaccines and medicines to protect people from viral attacks.

The Democrats would love to deny that these attacks are happening. They have a fearful and passive policy in dealing with nations that try and harm American people. After all, the Democrats favor everyone but American citizens. They promote open borders and the handing out of free things to illegals.

The actions can be seen as nothing more than warlike intentions against two nations that hate America. The reports that are coming out show that China and Iran have intentions to harm people. The information that they are trying to access could be harmed as it is information and research that would aid in developing medicine for the virus in the form of a vaccine.

Their attacks are being seen as highly aggressive. They are relentlessly trying to gain access to the information. The FBI and the Cyber of Homeland Security are fighting to keep them out of American systems. They are warning companies to improve their security and be on alert for hackers trying to gain access.

Iran is targeting the same companies that China is attacking. One can conclude that they are working together in an attempt to harm the American people. They want to steal what they do not deserve. One official noted that “It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to know what motivates such malfeasance, but any such activity carries with it the risk of triggering accidental, disruptive effects.” One thing is evident that both countries seek to harm the United States.

The Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is Christopher Krebs. He has stated that “China’s long history of bad behavior in cyberspace is well documented, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone they are going after the critical organizations involved in the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.” It is their way of undermining the efforts of the American people to fight the virus and aid other nations in their fight. The Chinese certainly wanted to have prominence in helping others with their fight by providing medical supplies. But that all changed when they were deemed to be responsible for the sickness in the first place.

China would have people believe that America is responsible for the release of the virus. They even issued a longer document sharing their fake news as to why they are not responsible. But the facts prove that they are responsible.

Republican rightly says that Chinese have an “investment in American colleges and universities to further its strategic and propaganda goals.” China needs evidence to develop their fake news. They need data so they can interpret is wrong. Their actions are said by officials to be a form of “foreign academic espionage.”

President Trump has warned about the deceptive nature of the Chinese leaders. This is one of the major reasons why he pulled the United States out of the bad trade agreement that was in place. This is why he is making them pay for their lies. The Democrats hate that he is right. They hate that he has the Chinese begging for relief from the tariffs. This is just another victory for the president to add to his belt coming into the election period this November.

Were Obama Officials Involved in Flynn ‘Unmasking’?

As more documents become declassified, the world is learning of the corruption which took place in the Obama administration and how they sabotaged the Trump campaign in 2016. The media is spinning the stories, Obama and his team are lying and blaming everyone else. They are panicking, and it’s great!!! The truth is coming out in snowball effects, and there is nothing the deep state can do to stop it.

Richard Grenell, the acting Director of National Intelligence, declassified the list of the Obama administration who were involved in the Michael Flynn case when Flynn and the former Russian ambassador were conversing during the presidential transition. Grenell went to the Justice Department and had the list on hand to reveal.

Grenell’s visit to the DOJ was focused on the investigation of the Trump campaign, where Obama and his administration spied on Trump and his campaign team. The phone call between Flynn and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak was unveiled improperly and used against Flynn.

It was proven there was no evidence in the phone call transcripts of any wrongdoing on Flynn’s part, and Attorney General William Barr called on the DOJ to drop all charges. It was at the same time Grenell declassified the documents of the list of the real criminals, the Obama administration.

Flynn was blackmailed into pleading guilty for something he did not do. Now the evidence is pointing not only to the top of the FBI officials but also the Obama administration going as high up as Obama himself. Obama and Biden were both in on the conspiracy.

The FBI botched the investigation, and Barr called them out, saying it was “not legitimate.” Barr stated, “They did not have a basis for a counterintelligence investigation against Flynn at that stage, based on a perfectly legitimate and appropriate call he made as a member of the transition.”

Critics are attacking Barr and calling for his removal. Here is the keyword, “former” DOJ officials are demanding Barr step down. Who are these “former” officials? They all come from the Obama administration and are part of the deep state.

Now that the truth is out there on the table, these same “former” DOJ officials are scared to death of being exposed. Obama doesn’t know what to do with himself and Biden, well, Biden probably doesn’t remember.

The same calls from the same “former” DOJ officials called for Barr’s resignation back in May 2019. They knew then they were in trouble. They know now, they cannot escape the snowball effect of what’s coming from the truth. Since May 2019, Barr has had the power to declassify any and all documents he so chooses.

Grenell has the names declassified, and these people are coming out of the woodworks to claim their innocence, which only proves them guilty because the names were not mentioned publically. What better way to show the public the truth. Only those smart enough will catch on to what is happening with this trap that has been set for these corrupt criminals.

Another bit of information was revealed as well in the Flynn case. The law clearly states Flynn’s identity was not supposed to be announced. During foreign surveillance, he was to be “masked.” Only high ranking officials such as Flynn can decide for themselves if they wish to be revealed. He never had the option as the FBI, and the Obama administration broke the law.

Susan Rice, who was the former National Security Adviser for Obama, stated, she openly “unmasked” the identities of the senior officials in the Trump administration. Big mistake!!!

Rice has denied leaking information on the identities recently, but she did. She also claimed it was not politically motivated. The evidence proves otherwise!

Representative Devin Nunes, who was an oppressive critic of the Russian investigation, slammed the Obama administration in 2017 for unmasking senior officials in the Trump administration. He privately met with two of the White House national security officials and gave them documents to support his allegations.

Reporters are spinning the stories stating Nunes never gave proof to his allegations, and they claim Trump did not have evidence to back his statement that former President Barrack Obama spied on his campaign.

Well, now the evidence is coming out, and everyone is scrambling to prove their innocence among the hardcore proof of declassified documents. It is now Obama and his administration’s words against documents that will burn them all in court. Justice is coming swiftly with Barr and Durham driving!

Residents In Washington Receiving Death Threats for Turning People In

It’s like we are living in Nazi Germany when neighbors and people can rat out others for not following government mandates. Now those people are receiving death threats. The old saying states it best, “Two wrongs don’t make a right!” The state of Washington is currently going through this as government officials set it to where people can call in or take pictures of those who do not stay six feet apart, wear masks, or gather in groups.  People who are doing this are now receiving death threats.

There are two sides to look at this and realize this is not the way to go about this. People’s rights are being taken away, and we are coming full circle to what happened in Nazi Germany when citizens were called upon by the government to turn their neighbors and strangers into the authorities.

Back then, it was the Jews and those of a different culture or belief of what Nazi Germany stood for who faced being handed over to what many saw as their own death. History is repeating itself, and people are waking up to this fact.

Those who wish to stay at home and keep the country shut down are posting information not only to the authorities but are putting up personal information of those who are violating the government mandates. This is how far Democrats and the media have poisoned the minds of some people.

Two groups are protesting Democrat Governor Jay Inslee’s orders to stay at home. Reopen Washington State, and Washington Three Percenters are also posting on Facebook personal information of those who turn them in and also post their information on social media. This has led to threats from people who are tired of being told what to do.

According to local reports, these individuals are being harassed and are being threatened with violence. President Trump wanted the people to see who is really causing all the division in the country, and now people are waking up to the fact that only Democratic governors are stirring the pot within their states. The Left is behind all of this that we are witnessing.

The Washington Three Percenters, which are known as “God-Fearing Patriots,” put up the message, “Want to snitch on your neighbor? Don’t expect to hide behind you (sic) computer screen.” A spreadsheet was added with names and personal information of those who complained to local and state officials.

Though this is not the proper way to go about this in retaliation, the state governments have left no choice but to try and do something because they are not working in our favor to keep our rights intact. No one can really blame either side because one side is concerned and deathly afraid of COVID-19, while the other side wants our freedom and our rights back.

Chelsea Hodgson, who is a spokesperson for the Washington Joint Information Center, told local reporters, “Several individuals made public disclosure requests for the complaints that have been filed to date. This list was likely generated and shared by one of those individuals.”

Those who filed complaints did not file anonymously, so “stupid is, as stupid does.” They really have no one to blame but themselves. It is wrong to turn in people who are doing nothing wrong and just want to go back to normal living.

Hate has been spread by the seeds of the Left and the deep state, which caused messages such as these from one phone message, “You got 48 hours to get the [expletive] out of Washington, or I am coming for you, and your loved ones.” Another phone message stated, “I hope you choke on the [expletive] virus.”

The woman who reported the protesters, who were protesting peacefully, stated, “If I knew my personal information would be given to people who would use it to attack me. I was just trying to be a good citizen.” Being a good citizen is not ratting out someone or a group who is expressing their rights and freedoms. But this is what type of division Democrats cause.

What most people do not see in this type of action is the alternative and outcome of their actions. Neither party is really wrong other than the threats. Matt Marshall, the leader of the protesters, stated, “Business owners who are going under have a right to face their accuser.” Outcries of the protesters declare, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Sound familiar?

Wall Street Journal Drills Obama and His Remarks

Many times throughout history, former Presidents speak only when necessary and remain out of the spotlight for the most part. Not former President Barrack Obama. He has been a thorn in America’s side, which doesn’t seem to want to go away. With the exoneration of General Michael Flynn, Obama seems quite nervous. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board wants to know why and they are asking, “What he’s really worried about?”

The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Barack Obama is a lawyer, so it was stunning to read that he ventured into the Michael Flynn case in a way that misstated the supposed crime and ignored the history of his own Administration in targeting Mr. Flynn. Since the former President chose to offer his legal views when he didn’t need to, we wonder what he’s really worried about.”

Much information is coming out about the truth on how our United States of America government tried to cover up the most heinous crimes from the top officials we have ever seen. Top officials from the FBI starting with the director James Comey and those directly under him almost pulled off the crime of the century within our own government. The proof is there stating Obama and Biden were in the room and knew about what was happening.

Kudos to The Wall Street Journal for finally being a source that is putting out the truth! Attorney General William Barr dropped all charges against General Flynn, who was also Trump’s original national security adviser. After this event and the documents were declassified to the public, it stated, the FBI’s goal was “to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

General Flynn had all the goods and the insight on the government and those who were within the deep state. He had information that could bring down the entire organization. Guess how far his knowledge went? Yep, that’s right all the way to the top, President Barrack Obama. So the former President has every right to be shaking in his boots right now!

Naturally, Obama had something to say. This was his response to his sideshow of clowns, “There is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free. That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic-not just institutional norms-but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk. And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places.”

The Journal immediately slammed Obama for being “eager to distort the truth.” US Attorney John Durham has been investigating the entire Russia origins from start to finish. Flynn’s case was the start of something in which every American citizen should be highly concerned. It opened up the can of worms, and now, nothing will stop the truth from coming out full force.

The Wall Street Journal board stated, “Donald Trump’s victory increased the chances that this unprecedented spying on a political opponent would be uncovered, which would have been politically embarrassing at the very least. Targeting Mr. Flynn-and flogging the discredited Steele dossier-kept the Russia collusion pot boiling and evolved into the two-year Mueller investigation that turned up no evidence of collusion.”

The editors continued, “This, among other things, is what US Attorney John Durham is investigating at the request of Attorney General William Barr. Maybe that’s why Mr. Obama is so eager to distort the truth of the Flynn prosecution.”

In discovering the truth which came out last week, we are seeing justice work in its most elegant form. The findings from the investigation will not only go back to prove Spygate was real, but Trump also was not lying. It will dig up Obama’s entire presidency and uncover what we all knew from the very beginning. Obama was a fraud.

Democrats and the deep state has wasted so much of America’s time and money on trying to get rid of a sitting President. They now find themselves cornered in their own lies.

The Wall Street Journal is one of the first to report the truth. Questions are now arising will the other news outlets follow? They cannot continue reporting lies and fake news. The people are now catching on as the swamp continues to be drained. The plug was slightly raised to release some of the corruption. Now they are going down the drain quickly.

Is His Virtual Rally Going Black a Foreshadow for Biden?

When it rains, it pours. The former Vice President and presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden may be on the verge of a storm that will bring more than a little rain. The best thing that could have happened for the Biden camp, is arguably the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of the “stay-at-home” orders across the country, it has meant an absence of town hall meetings, fewer speaking engagements, and more limited press and media.

Unfortunately, for team Biden, that may not be enough.

Also and unfortunately for Joe Biden, and despite the vastly limited communication, he still must speak. While that is undoubtedly more than his camp and the Dems would like, at least these speaking events have been far less than they would have been in any other typical campaign year. Like many other politicians, Biden has turned to virtual technology to speak and hold virtual rallies.

As one story reported, “Joe Biden’s campaign attempted to hold a virtual rally on Thursday and it melted down in a tech disaster.” It appears that even virtual Joe might not be any safer of a bet. And somehow, this all seems to be a foreshadow of what’s been happening within the Biden camp.

There were allegations, all serious, some damning, and one just plain ugly, that were levied against the former Vice President. Then, just like that, it went quiet and they went away. There were questions and unethical suggestions made about Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and Ukraine dealings, then they just went away too (or rather, they were buried under a bogus Presidential impeachment attempt!).

All those questions and whispers that had been swirling around about Biden’s health and his mental faculties, literally his fitness to even hold office were also aided, at least somewhat, by the worldwide pandemic. These fewer speaking events simply resulted in less insight into what has become a reoccurring issue, namely Biden’s seeming inability to have or convey coherent and clear thoughts. And they went away too, at least for a while.

When it rains, it pours.

So as the orders to stay at home are lifted, as businesses begin to carefully reopen, the 2020 Presidential race starts to carry real significance. It also appears that as the race heats up, all of those questions, accusations, and concerns that just went away, are starting to rumble like storm clouds above.

In Biden’s latest appearance, being called a ‘virtual rally,’ as the aforementioned story alluded to, it wasn’t good. According to the story as the rally started, “Biden apparently was to be introduced, and he was going to walk towards the camera before dramatically removing his aviator sunglasses.”

What happened was, ‘The video almost immediately glitched, and before Biden strutted forward, he said, “Did they introduce me? Am I on?”’ And it didn’t get any better from there.

This ‘virtual rally’ came as those once-gone allegations of sexual assault from Biden’s former aide have resurfaced – and it doesn’t look like they are going away this time. During his virtual rally, we were reminded again of those questions surround the former Vice President’s fitness to be Commander and Cheif. The story reported that “Biden attempted to argue he would be the president who would ensure front line workers would have the personal protective equipment — PPE — that they need. Except, he confused the acronym with the Paycheck Protection Program.” And he did it twice.

At one point, as the story also shared, the screen also went black. Foreshadowing?

Those issues that the Biden campaign has sidestepped, buried, or diverted from haven’t gone away. In fact, it seems they are starting to rumble a little louder now, and the sky like Biden’s virtual rally are trying to turn black.

That temporary blackout may or may not be a foreshadow of things to come for Joe Biden, but it looks like it is starting to rain more than cats and dogs. It actually looks like it is starting to rain allegations, accusations, and crimes.

And you know what they say – When it rains, it pours.

VIDEO: CBS Busted for Creating Fake News

CBS News has long been one of the most highly respected and well-known media outlets not only in the United States but around the world. However, as of late, they have proved to do a real shoddy job of actually delivering the news as it happens. And in one of their most recent broadcasts, they actually faked the story.

A CBS News crew recently visited the Cherry Medical Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to film the current state of the COVID-19 testing scene in the area. Only upon arrival at the facility, the crew was apparently unimpressed with a lack of patients being seen or tested and so decided to shake things up a bit.

According to Project Veritas, a conservative activist group, the CBS crew convinced a fair number of the present medical staff to act as patients by lining up in their cars and waiting to receive testing for the virus.

Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe spoke to an “insider” who witnessed the whole event and talked to a number of the staff, all of whom admitted that the media outlet had, in fact, faked the news story to make things look more dire than they really were.

O’Keefe asked the insider, “You’re telling me you’re a hundred percent certain that CBS News, CBS News Corporation-national, staged a fake event. They faked the news. They faked the reality of broadcasting that to all their audience last Friday on “CBS This Morning?”

The insider responded with “A hundred percent. Absolutely.”

And the insider’s hidden camera footage proves it.

A corporate cleaning site supervisor at the Cherry Health facility Nick Ross told the insider that he was at the medical center when the news crew arrived and began to videotape what was going on there. “Apparently, the news crew wanted more people in the line because they knew it was scheduled.”

A registered nurse working that morning, Maria Hernandez-Vaquez, said that the Director of Quality and Informatics “Glenda Walker helped to organize the facility’s workers into the COID-19 testing line,” which better fit the narrative of increased testing.

Another nurse, who participated in the fake news scene told a Project Veritas insider that the whole thing was rather annoying because “we could have done other stuff.” And by other stuff, she meant actually doing her job and helping actual patients. She said that the staff knew the news crew was supposed to show up, but they had no idea they were going to have to “do fake patients.”

One nurse even admitted that they had “pretended” to give tests to fake patients in the “manufactured line,” as requested by the news crew. She said, “There were a couple of real patients, which made it worse.” And because of all the fake patients, they were forced to wait.

Of course, after Project Veritas released their footage and recordings of the supposedly fake event, CBS News denied having any part in staging the scene.

A statement put out by the outlet said, “CBS News did not stage anything at the Cherry Health facility. Any suggestion to the contrary is 100% false.” However, they did say that in light of the allegations, they had reached out to the facility to verify that nothing had been faked. What they got back wasn’t exactly what they wanted to hear.

“They (Cherry Health) informed us for the first time that one of their chief officers told at least one staffer to get in the testing line along with real patients.” And if one was told to do so, the likelihood of others is pretty high.

CBS went on to say that, before being told this, they had “no knowledge” of anything of the sort. Whether that is actually true or not is debatable. But the media giant made themselves look even more guilty by editing their original piece to exclude anything about the Cherry Health facility at all.

Once again, CBS has stuck their foot in their mouth for trying to make this pandemic look far worse than it actually is. Here we have a nation that is drowning in debt with lines of people, not in testing lines, but to get food to put on their tables and money in their pockets. And instead of offering hope and reality that things are getting better, this once respected outlet seeks only gain a buck of their own, lying to the American people in the process.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Blasts Reporters and China Again

When people have enough of the lies, bashing, and disrespect from the media, people in high places tend to fight back. Unfortunately, they always are made out to be the bad guy when this happens. The Left and the media have done nothing but put down Trump and his administration since the day he announced his candidacy for the 2016 elections. We stand behind our President and his administration.

Every President faces some sort of hardship as a leader of this great nation. Still, President Trump and his administration have taken more than enough. From a Democratic-led House to the media continually asking the most hateful questions in efforts to make them look incompetent.

Several times President Trump has silenced the media, and the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is no different. It doesn’t matter how well the Trump administration handles the outbreak of COVID-19, the Left, and the media are there to criticize them. Mike Pompeo shut them up real quick this week.

The Secretary of State announced again about the “significant amount of evidence,” which points to China and their Wuhan laboratory for the mishandling and the spread of the virus. If China had handled the virus and opened their mouths sooner, the world would not be going through this downward spiral.

Pompeo’s aggression showed as he continued to press on how China should have been transparent with their mishap. No one had to fall ill or die if they had done their job. There is definitely more to this story than meets the eye.

As Pompeo was getting slammed for his comments from his Sunday interview, he stuck by his guns with the supporting evidence, which cannot be revealed at this time. Every reporter should know as long as there is an investigation, no more information can be given.

Pompeo stated, “They knew. China could have prevented the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. China could have spared the world descent into global economic malaise. They had a choice, but instead, instead, China covered up the outbreak in Wuhan.”

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost the battle with COVID-19. China carries all of these people’s blood on their hands. With the ongoing investigations, much has already surfaced, such as the funding from the Gates Foundation, the ties between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Gates, the WHO, and all were pushed by Geroge Soros. Evidence goes as far up as former President Barrack Obama, who also funded the Wuhan lab for the coronavirus studies.

The media refuses to touch any information which does not follow the Left’s narratives. But they sure are quick to put down the truth. When they ask about the truth, Trump put them in their place a few weeks ago when he responded, “Why would I tell you? You would be the last person I tell.” He was referring to one of the fake news media reporters. Any truth handed over would immediately have the fake news media’s spin in their report.

Pompeo doesn’t play around with the media either. As the real reports would show great response and leadership, not to mention transparency, reporters, and journalist seem to have lost the meaning of their purpose in life. For this, they have lost America’s respect as they lack integrity. There is no greater dishonor.

The reporters have taken Pompeo’s statement and turned it around. They also attacked and put a spin on a top US general’s statement when he announced they were still unsure where the virus came from. The reporters took the general’s account and put it in front of Pompeo.

The Secretary of State shut them down by saying, “Let me just put this to bed. Your effort to try to find just to spend your whole life trying to drive a little wedge between senior American officials… it’s just false.”

Speaking over the reporter, he continued, “Every one of those statements is entirely consistent. Every one of them. Lay them down together, there is no separation. We are all trying to figure out the right answer. We are all trying to get the clarity. There are different levels of certainty assessed at different places. We don’t have certainty, and there is significant evidence that this came from the laboratory. Those statements can both be true.”

As reporters have the Freedom of the Press, they abuse their rights to hurt the American people and to degrade the most honorable people, including our President.

Pence Warns About New Cold War With China

While there are many who find themselves wondering if we are in the midst of a new Cold War with China, there are other questions that need to be asked. For starters, hasn’t this always been the case? We cannot remember a time when the relationship between the United States and China was absolutely perfect.

Vice President Mike Pence was asked about the situation by Hugh Hewitt recently and his answer was telling. Hewitt wanted to know if the coronavirus pandemic had placed the United States in direct conflict with China, even if it is nonviolent at the moment. Pence could not give him a straight answer.

Instead, he took a long pause before talking around the subject. Hewitt went on to say that the Chinese Communist Party’s mask was coming off but we are not sure if that was the best choice of words. Hewitt also pointed out another obvious issue: the President’s observation of the Chinese travel bans.

Wuhan residents were being allowed to fly to various international destinations but they could not travel within the Chinese borders. President Trump has insinuated that this decision was made purposefully, as a means of spreading chaos throughout the world. He wants to make sure that we get to the bottom of what has taken place here.

The United States and other nations around the world needed to be informed of the coronavirus threat before it was too late. The United States intelligence community is looking into the matter now. Other nations have also threatened to launch their own investigations. As you would expect, the Chinese are less than thrilled by this prospect.

All funding to the World Health Organization has been cut off until the investigation is complete. The American people need to know the facts and China has to be held accountable for their alleged wrongdoing. Trump’s past assertions about America’s trade relationship are now coming home to roost.

This pandemic has exposed America’s need to reevaluate their supply chains. At a time like this, we have to be able to get our hands on all of the necessary supplies without having to rely on a foreign country. The most critical elements of the nation’s health care system cannot be produced overseas. President Trump wants the Chinese to stop taking advantage of Americans and his primary goal is to establish a different dynamic with this country.

As for Pence, he clearly did not want to use the term “Cold War” in his response. He is a bit more diplomatic than the president and wants to make sure that the relationship with China remains cordial. That does not mean that we are never going to take a stand, though. Pence pointed to the United States’ opposition to a number of Chinese initiatives.

Whether the United States is confronting the Chinese over their South China Sea ambitions or speaking out about the country’s human rights abuses, these are the stands that we need to keep taking. Pence also pointed out the president’s strong relationship with President Yi. The current administration is committed to American ideals and will keep fighting for what is right.

This is obviously a Cold War situation, though. Pence cannot say the words out loud but the first rule of a Cold War is that you do not talk about the Cold War. The Chinese are furious about the investigations and have already engaged in anti-American rhetoric. There is no honest cooperation taking place at the moment. They are even destroying evidence that could lead investigators to the true cause of the virus.

The Western world has been wearing blinders when it comes to the Chinese for some time now. The current predicament that we are facing should have finally removed them, once and for all. China has been engaging in cyber warfare against the United States for years. We should have been asking the necessary questions about the Cold War a long time ago. The Chinese have been hacking the Pentagon since at least 2013!

Why did it take American leaders this long to finally step up and take a stand? We have been enduring various attacks from the Chinese for a long time now and these attacks come in a number of forms.

While many of them are not obvious to the average citizen, our governing bodies have no excuse to ignore these issues for as long as they have. If you would like to find out more about what Mike Pence had to say, be sure to check out the Hugh Hewitt interview in its entirety.

Watch: Trump Calling For Economic Reopening In Televised Town Hall

In the first week of May, America finds itself finally opening up slowly within each state according to safety first. President Donald Trump went on a televised interview Sunday inside the Lincoln Memorial for a virtual town hall. President Trump expressed he is confident both sides of safety and economic recovery can be obtained if done correctly. The main task is to slowly open states without bringing back the second wave of COVID-19.

President Trump answered questions from the American citizens, which addressed fears for both the economy and the safety of the people. People are afraid to contract the virus, and others are afraid of losing everything because they lost their jobs.

Trump announced the death toll in America could get as high as 80,000 to 90,000, which is still a far cry from what Dr. Fauci predicted at over 2 million in the beginning. Trump declared what we all know, “We have to reopen our country. We have to get it back open safely but as quickly as possible.”

The President stayed in lockdown at the White House for over a month and finally was able to get a little bit of peace and rest as he spent the weekend at Camp David. He returned to Washington to do the virtual town hall, which is hosted by Fox News.

The backdrop was the Lincoln Memorial, where the interview took place, and Trump touched base on his concerns for reelection and began complimenting the monument. He said, “We never had a more beautiful set than this.”

For dealing with the reelection and the combination of COVID-19, he stated, “It’s all working out. It is horrible to go through, but it is working out.”

Many believe the country cannot reopen to its full capacity until a vaccine is administered to the public. Trump told the hosts he is optimistic one could possibly come out by the end of this year. People are catching on to Bill Gates and his push for his vaccine. This makes people skeptical and rightfully so.

Bill Gates has put forth vaccines in India and Africa, which have killed children and made them very ill. For young girls, they will never be able to have children due to Gates’ vaccines. He is a globalist and has admitted on several talks shows the world should have less population.

US health officials said we are about 18 months away from the nearest release of a vaccine.  Dr. Anthony Fauci said it is conceivable but feels it could happen as soon as January of next year.

President Trump has pushed for treatment over vaccines, which would be the better route. For many Americans, it would also alleviate the fear of faulty vaccines, which have been proven to have side effects. Treatments such as Hydrocloriquine with Zinc and Vitamin C have worked miracles, but because it came out of Trump’s mouth, the media and the Left worked to destroy the idea.

Since money is always a big issue, the FDA has now approved the antiviral drug remdesivir.  Remdesivir is a pill that costs around $1,000 per pill. The combination of Hydrocloriquine, Zinc, and Vitamin C cost between 2 and $3 per dosage.

Researchers can find the names of Democrats who have invested in pharmaceuticals by the millions of dollars. In other words, they care more about their investments than they do the American people.

Trump continued to touch base on how well his administration and task force team saved millions of lives by closing down the borders at the early stages of the outbreak within America. He stated, “I’ll tell you one thing. We did the right thing, and I really believe we saved a million and a half lives.”

The President spoke on the states as to how they are moving along. Trump’s impatience showed clearly as he called out states with Democratic leaders such as Virginia. He said, “Some states, frankly, I think aren’t going fast enough.”

Arguments still continue over malls, salons, and other nonessential businesses that help keep the economy booming. It is a sad situation for these businesses. Trump says the key to restoring the economy is “payroll tax cuts” to help these businesses and employees together.

In the swing states, the polls show Trump losing to Joe Biden. One thing people need to remember is polls lie. Remember Clinton was winning by a large number in the polls until Americans told the truth on Election Day.

Exposed: Loophole That Officials Used to Stop Democrats from Funding Planned Parenthood

The story was uncovered from Fox News from White House officials as they explained how they passed the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) without funding Planned Parenthood. Many people took notice when the Democrats threw in all these other stipulations as they took the bill hostage. Democrats wanted Planned Parenthood to get money out of the deal when the GOP stepped up and slammed the Democrats.

People were hurting and outraged at the way the Democrats played the American people. When the bill was finished and passed the Senate, the House should have automatically signed the bill to rush it to the President’s desk. The Left pushed for several added funds, which had nothing to do with the relief of small businesses and the American citizens.

The Democrats wanted the stimulus package to fund their evil agendas and held back on releasing the bill until they got what they wanted. When the list came out about what they wanted and was released to the public, anger and rage-filled the nation in disbelief as to how horrible the Democrats really are.

A senior administration official told the reporters of Fox News, “Through the Paycheck Protection Program, President Trump is delivering vital relief to help small businesses keep employees on the payroll. It’s clear that the abortion industry shouldn’t be able to qualify for those funds, which are desperately needed by small businesses.”

According to the senior official, the Interim Final Rule (IFR) explicitly stated how the Small Business Administration (SBA) rulings apply to loans. The proof was in writing how Planned Parenthood’s organization did not qualify in that category of “SBA.”

The guidelines which make a small business qualify for SBA loans are that there have to be less than 500 employees working for the company applying. Planned Parenthood is not considered a small business as they have over 16,000 employees nationwide.

So this is how the Democrats play us for fools. They slip in their agendas and think no one is paying attention. This proves they do not play by the rules and do not have the American citizens and small businesses’ interest at the forefront.

The senior official continued, “So when applying PPP’s affiliation rules neutrally, it’s clear that Planned Parenthood is one large employer and not eligible for PPP money.”

The PPP received $310 billion in Phase 3.5. The emergency funding is known as the CARES Act. President Trump signed the bill immediately once the House and Senate got the bill right.

Businesses with less than 500 employees do not have to pay back the principal of the loan provided they do not lay off their workers. Interest payments are the only responsibility of the employer to payback. The rest is forgiven.

In retaliation, back in March, Planned Parenthood put out a warning that the CARES Act would allow the SBA to deny affiliates to their operation. The statement they released read, “The bill gives the Small Business Administration broad discretion to exclude Planned Parenthood affiliates and other non-profits serving people with low incomes and deny them benefits under the new small business loan program.”

The statement continued, “In addition, the bill attaches a new unnecessary Hyde Amendment provision, a harmful policy that prevents people with low incomes from accessing safe and legal abortion coverage, to a state stabilization fund for providing coronavirus relief.”

How evil is that?!?! Along with Democrats, they proved they are sore losers when they don’t get their way. Once the senior White House official gave the truth in the interview, Planned Parenthood did not return comment or reply to Fox News when they reached out for additional statements.

When the truth comes out, nothing can go up against it. Democrats are so caught up in their agendas, they tend to forget this. So many lies and corruption have spewed forth from the deep state they no longer keep records of how deep their crimes have taken them.

Democrats feel they are doing justice by keeping abortion clinics in the picture when it comes to the stimulus bills which are being released by the trillions of dollars. Their only goal in mind is to deplete the population. Democrats, Bill Gates, and Planned Parenthood have that one plan in common.

Bill Gates’ father founded Planned Parenthood, and they all are guilty of the blood of the innocent on their hands. Kudos to the GOP and those in Washington who stand up and fight for what is right!

Pelosi Snaps When Reporter Points Out Her Double Standards

It never ceases to amaze me just how unapologetic the liberal left is about having extreme double standards. You would think they would at least try to hide it a bit more. But they don’t.

And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent response to the sexual allegations mounted against the former vice president and presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is the perfect way to prove it.

Near the end of March, a former staffer for Biden during his senate years made it public knowledge that the now 78-year-old man had sexually assaulted her in 1983 when she worked for him. Tara Reade claims that Biden shoved her up against a wall, put his hands up her skirt, and proceeded to penetrate her with his fingers while trying to kiss her.

For just about anyone in politics, news of this nature, no matter how true, could be especially damning to one’s career. We only need to look back a few short years to 2018, when then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was accused of groping a girl in high school.

Within days, the accusations against Kavanaugh were national news and calling into severe question if he should even be considered to be named as a justice. He was even put on trial for the incident, of which he was eventually found not guilty.

When Reade came out with similar allegations against Biden, many thought the treatment of the case would be very similar. After all, Christine Blasey Ford’s claims sparked the entire #MeToo and #BelieveSurvivors national conversations and movements that demand that women be listened to and believed until proven not genuine.

However, that has not been the case.

In fact, Friday, May 1, more than a full month later, was the first time Biden himself was even questioned about the supposed incident on national television. But it was certainly not the first time that Reade had been called a liar.

At the top of the list to purport this double standard was Speaker Pelosi. But when she was questioned over her party’s reluctance to even listen to Reade, she grew hostile and defensive.

As The Hill reports, Pelosi was asked by a reporter on Thursday, “How do Democrats square they’re essentially standing by Biden but they’re using a comparatively different standard with Kavanaugh when you demanded an investigation on Justice Kavanaugh?”

And the speaker responded, “I respect your question and I don’t need a lecture or a speech!”

By saying, “I don’t need a lecture,” she admits nothing but hypocrisy. And like a few times before, Pelosi is saying that she doesn’t want to hear about it. She knows it’s happening, and she isn’t going to explain herself or her party for their misdeeds.

As Jake Sherman notes, Pelosi has said that she “respects the Me Too movement, but ‘There is also due process,’”

Now, I can agree with that statement for the most part. We can and should indeed respect the messages behind the Me Too movement, as these women may, in fact, be victims of a severe and life-altering crime. As Pelosi said on Twitter in 2018 about Blasey Ford’s claims, “The American people are owed a thorough investigation.”

However, that doesn’t mean that these women should be taken entirely at their word, even if we want to believe them. As Pelosi notes, there is due process that must be considered, as well. In Brett Kavanaugh’s case, if we had gone on Blasey Ford’s word alone, we would have never looked into the matter and found evidence that it didn’t, in fact, happen. And an innocent man would be in jail.

However, Pelosi clearly doesn’t know how to find that balance. Instead, she has flip-flopped on the whole conversation simply because it suits her better. She actually said that we can’t believe Reade because “Joe Biden is Joe Biden,” as if his name alone should be reason enough to trust him.

And sadly, for many Democrats, it is.

They are so focused on getting Trump out of the office and someone of their own party back into the White House, that they don’t really even care what he or she has done. Biden, as the last remaining candidate, is their only shot left. And so sexual assault or not, they are still voting for him.

What we need in an investigation, we need evidence. If you are going to drag Kavanaugh to court, then you’d better do so to Biden as well.

Trump Says China is in Bed with the Democrats

China has been at the mercy of the United States for the past four years. Ever since President Trump took office they have resented having to deal with him as the president. He called all of their bluffs and even won the tariff war against them. China knows that the only way to get out from under the pressure of the mighty United States is for a maniac Democrat to win in November. This is one of the many reasons why the Chinese are trying to make America’s great president look bad. China and the Democrats are in the same bed as they try and beat President Trump.

The president has stated that they “will do anything they can” to upset the election coming up soon. The way they have handled their part of the virus is proof enough that China wants President Trump to lose. China is scared of President Trump. They know that he is knowledgeable and able to enact a lot of pressure and consequences on them over their screwups with the virus.

China tried to coverup the pandemic that was brewing in their country. They declared war on the world as they unleashed the monster that has killed more than 60,000 souls alone in the United States. China’s uncaring nature has plunged the world economy into chaos. One can only really wonder if the crummy communists unleashed the virus on purpose for political and profitable gain in the long-term.

The investigations into China’s role in the virus are ongoing. They should have been truthful from the start and warned the world what was coming. The United States and other nations could have come in and helped stop it before it ever got out. President Trump pointed out that “China will do anything they can to have me lose this race.” This means that they want sleepy Joe Biden to win. Biden is already showing signs of losing his mind. The president went on saying that “They’re constantly using public relations to try to make it like they’re innocent parties.”

The trade deal that was set to take effect before the virus hit is now looking very bad. China sought to upset the deal and it looks like it is on hold for the long-term. China continues its lies as to the origin of the virus. They are also continuing their fake news push hoping to paint for them a better image.

President Trump is also strengthening relations and the American presence in countries around China. He got South Korea to pay more money for the right to station troops in their country. He stated “We can make a deal. They want to make a deal. They’ve agreed to pay a lot of money. They’re paying a lot more money than they did when I got here.” Right now, 28,500 troops serve in South Korea.

The President has his hands full with all of the troubles that China has caused the world. The virus has made the president double up on his efforts to keep the economy going in the country. He is also pushing for the states to reopen and get people back to work very soon. His is wanting the state leaders to open slowly and see how things go each step along the way. The economy is set to bounce back but only if people can get back to work. When the stores closed people were put out of work for a short time. The president stated that “We were rocking before this happened. We had the greatest economy in history.”

President Trump still has a high rating regarding his handling of the virus. Forty-three percent of people love the way he is handling things. The president brought together the sharpest minds to help him wade through the jumble of the virus. He has brought together the major drug labs and testing facilities to get things moving quicker than anyone could ever imagine. There is no one more suited to lead the country right now than President Trump. He needs another four years to make the country even better and stronger than he has these past four years.

Trump Says That China is Out to Get Him, Will Interfere in Election

Recently, President Donald Trump sat down with Steve Holland of Reuters and opened his mind on various subjects, including the coronavirus pandemic, America’s relations with China, and the upcoming presidential election. During the interview, Trump made an observation that is likely to be a subject of conversation for the rest of the presidential election cycle.

“President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he believes China’s handling of the coronavirus is proof that Beijing will do anything they can to make him lose his re-election bid in November.”

Why would the Chinese government want to do that, pray? Trump implied a reason that makes quite a bit of sense.

“In an interview with Reuters in the Oval Office, Trump talked tough on China and said he was looking at different options in terms of consequences for Beijing over the virus.”

Trump has come to the same conclusion that virtually everyone else across the political spectrum has that China deliberately downplayed the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, either to avoid embarrassment or to make sure that it inflicted maximin damage on the West, including the United States. He is not pleased and is casting about for ways to make Beijing pay for its perfidy.

The fact of the matter is, the Chinese government has developed serious respect for President Trump because of his willingness to play hardball on trade. Most previous presidents, going back to Nixon who first famously opened China in the early 70s, have been quite accommodating to Beijing. During the Cold War, China served as a counterbalance to the Soviet Union. Afterward, the theory was that China’s behavior could be moderated through trade and political soft power.

Even Beijing’s massacre of dissidents at Tiananmen Square did not modify that view. However, President Xi’s hyper-aggressive stance in the South China Sea as well as its general drive to supplant the United States as the world’s sole superpower has started to change some minds in Washington and other western capitals. The coronavirus pandemic has served as the final straw.

Bloomberg noted that Trump has been complicating Beijing’s drive for sole superpower status, even before the inevitable retaliation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Trump believes that Beijing wants to forestall any pushback by the United States by making certain that he does not win reelection

In other words, Joe Biden is Beijing’s candidate. He is a more traditional American politician where relations with China are concerned, unwilling to upset the economic relationship the two countries have. Also, due to his son Hunter, the Biden family has a financial interest in not hitting back at China too much.

In a way, Trump’s stance can serve as a riposte to the claims by Democrats that he won 2016 because of collusion with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The claim has been thoroughly discredited and evidence has arisen that, in fact, Putin preferred Hillary Clinton in the White House insofar as he wanted anyone. The Hill notes that Attorney General William Barr is about to drop the hammer on people within the FBI who pushed the Russian collusion theory.

In the meantime, as Reuters notes, Trump is working diligently to contain the coronavirus pandemic and to repair the economic damage that it has wrought. He is said to be quite wistful due to the fact that all of his work to create a booming economy has been undone in just a few months. Trump has vowed that as he did it before he will do it again.

How all this is going to affect the election is open to speculation. Biden, who in living memory ridiculed the idea that China is a threat, has had the audacity to accuse President Trump of being too soft on Beijing.

While some in the media is trying to cover for Biden, the Hill is suggesting that the former vice president has a problem. His previous position of appeasement has come back to haunt him in the polls.

“According to recent Harris polling, 77 percent of Americans believe China, led and controlled by the CCP, is responsible for unleashing the disease on the world. The CCP is being held responsible for the health and economic consequences of the virus. Further, 54 percent of Americans want paid reparations from the country. Given Biden’s record, this spells trouble for him in November.”

Biden has a lot of explaining to do, not only about his previous position of accommodating China but about his son’s financial ties to a country that has devastated the entire world.

Man Who Threatened to Kill President Trump Gets Sentenced

The president of the United States is a major target for people that seek to harm the country. Such individuals see the head of the nation as the reason for all of their problems. They may have disagreements with the way things are going or they simply cannot handle all the changes a new president brings. Whatever the reason, there is never a good reason to threaten to kill the president of the United States.

Mickael Gedlu is such a person. He thought it would be a good idea to threaten to kill the president. Gedlu is 36 years old and had a good life ahead of him. Until he opened his big fat mouth and uttered threats against President Trump’s life. As a result of his big mouth, he will spend the next 18 months in federal prison. He will also have a criminal record that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Gedlu certainly did not think about the consequences of his actions when he got vocal. When he was finally brought to trial he did not try and hide his hatred and threats. He admitted to the desire and the words that landed him in prison. He has been making such threats for over two years. And like all stupid criminals, they feel the need to post their intentions on Facebook.

On Facebook, he wrote that “For 20 straight months now, openly and publicly, I have been calling for President Trump’s death.” And on YouTube, he posted a video where he claimed that he was “waiting for Trump to visit Dallas before I attempt to assassinate him.” Gedlu could not even keep his mouth shut long enough to do anything. President Trump was never in any real danger from Gedlu because he was ignorant to the point that the cops just came and took him away.

On the day of his arrest, he was seen holding a sign that called for President Trump’s death. It was at that moment that the police came and arrested the sick man. To become famous he shouted, “kill the president” as they squished him into the back of the police car.

Gedlu is a perfect example of the way the Democrats are acting around the president. Every time President Trump acts in such a way as to benefit the people of the country, the liberals go nuts. They fight until the bitter end to try and stop whatever it is he is trying to do for the people. They simply hate President Trump because he stands for the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

What is really sad about Gedlu is that he served in the armed forces for many years. He has seen the lack of support that the Democrats provided while they controlled the White House. He would have read about the support that the new commander was given to the troops ever since he took office. Gedlu should be a loyal supporter based on his military affiliations. But for him, President Trump is an enemy of every liberal that walks around.

Gedlu’s father has admitted that his son is mentally confused and disabled. He stated that his son would watch the news and then go around shouting outside. He has been brainwashed by the fake news being broadcasted by the media. The media has become a dangerous entity within the country. They publish anti-American hate-filled articles with no sources to back them up. People that blindly trust the media come to believe that everything they hear is correct. But, the media is publishing what the Democrats want people to believe. And all of their stories are proving to be fake.

President Trump is not a man that seeks power for his purposes. For all practical purposes, he has all the power he needs with the money he has accumulated throughout the year. The only thing he is interested in is the wellbeing of the country. He wants to make sure that America is made great and stays that way for many years to come.

This Absurd Question to Trump is Exactly Why People Hate the Media

For years, the media has been slowly losing its credibility. Year after year, week after week, and day after day, journalists, reporters, and commentators have begun to spin the truth to fit their own ideas and narratives. And seeing how most media outlets seem to be liberal backed, having Donald Trump as president has only made these occasions more frequent, even if they try to hide it.

However, in some instances, there is no keeping those hidden meanings from the public.

Such is the case with New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi earlier this week.

On Monday, President Donald Trump held a press conference in the Rose Garden, featuring members of his coronavirus task force and several company heads from businesses who are working closely with the White House on new testing ideas. Naturally, at the end of the briefing, the president took some questions.

When Nuzzi was called on, she asked the president if he thought he “deserved” to be re-elected since more people had died in the past six weeks than during the entire Vietnam War.

She said, “If an American President loses more Americans over the course of six weeks than died in the entirety of the Vietnam War, does he deserve to be re-elected?”

As of Monday, John Hopkins University had counted nearly 56,000 deaths across the country due to the quickly spreading Coronavirus, with over 985,000 confirmed cases. In comparison, during the Vietnam War, around 58,000 Americans were killed in the line of duty.

So while the numbers aren’t that far off, the instances are entirely different. For starters, this is not Trump’s fault. The lives lost are not on him.

He didn’t go over to China, whip up some deadly concoction, and release it on the people there. China did that all on their own. Nor did he try to hide the virus or cover it up for weeks and months before finally coming out with the bad news. Again, China did. Neither has he just let America run around doing whatever the hell we want, for which the left has called him a dictator.

Instead, he closed our borders, even when the Democrats called him racist for doing so. He immediately put together a task force to work solely on the virus and everything it affects. And he signed new legislation that has given Americans a safety net, not only for their health but for their financial futures.

Secondly, this is a pandemic, meaning it is happening worldwide. There is virtually no scenario in which the virus wouldn’t have made its way within our borders, even if Trump had closed them months earlier.

And according to the social media posts about Nuzzi’s question, America would agree that this is not Trump’s fault.

Guy Benson made sure to note that of all the countries affected by the virus, the US is doing exceptionally well. Of course, that isn’t what the media and those like Nuzzi want to focus on.

He wrote, “We have one of the best survival rates of all the major countries hammered by this disease. Does he get credit for that? Or just the blame for the overall death toll? How about neither.”

Other’s rightfully have incited that if Trump doesn’t deserve re-election than neither did Obama after experiencing the H1N1 outbreak, during which 12,000 Americans died.

Still, others pointed out that it is questions like these that prove the media has lost its way. Ari Fleischer, who was Bush’s press secretary and therefore, knows a few things about how the media should behave, chastised Nuzzi for wasting America’s time and trying to do nothing more than provoke our president.

“It’s clown questions like this that can make a briefing a waste of time. The only point of that question was to provoke. Not learn anything new. Not provide information to viewers. The point was to get under Trump’s skin. Good to see POTUS rose above and didn’t take the bait.”

And he didn’t. When Trump answered, he noted that while far too many people had died, the numbers were much less than our original projections. Trump said this was due to “a lot of good decisions” being made and the incredible work of the vice president and his task force.

Of course, Nuzzi says that it was a real question, not meant to provoke, and she thanked Trump for taking it seriously, although he didn’t really answer it.

And why would he?

Bernie Supporters Explode in Anger Over Biden Sexual Assault Allegations

A lot of people are unhappy about the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations levied against former Vice President Joe Biden. Besides Ms. Reade herself, they include the boys and girls in the back rooms of the Democratic National Committee who are aghast that they are about to nominate a man who not only shows clear signs of dementia but also is being credibly accused of being a sexual predator pervert. However, according to the UK Daily Mail, no group of people is quite as incandescent with rage as the Bernie Bros.

After a brief time during the Democratic primaries when Bernie looked like he would win, Joe Biden racked up several wins that all but clinched his status as the nominee. Even Bernie Sanders, seeing the writing on the wall, decided to drop out of the campaign and endorse Biden for the sake of party unity. Many political pundits thought that Bernie Bros would grudgingly go along for the sake of getting rid of President Donald Trump. Besides, it looked like that Biden was moving left to cement the support of Sanders supporters. If Bernie did not win at least his ideas were carrying the day.

But, as they say, that was then, and this is now.

The shoe that dropped that has Bernie Bros riled up was the tape from an episode of the old Larry King Show from 1993, then running on CNN, in which Reade’s mother called. She referred to an incident in which her daughter ran afoul of an unnamed United States senator for whom she worked, an obvious reference to Biden.

So far, the media, except for a few outlets like Fox News, and Democratic elected officials are protecting Biden with a wall of silence. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a woman whose sense of shame was likely surgically removed, endorsed Biden. However, #dropoutbiden trended on Twitter over the weekend. The Bernie bros are mad as hell that their guy is being passed over for a man who may be senile who may have once put his fingers into a woman’s lady parts without a by your leave.

The Bernie bros could be forgiven for believing that is Biden is forced off the ticket that their guy would be up next. Sanders has the next greatest number of votes. The matter seems like a no brainer.

It looks like New York Democrats suspect that Bernie may be next in line as well. Channel 4, the NBC affiliate in New York, reports that the state’s Democratic Party is moving to make sure that Bernie does not benefit from Biden’s increasing woes.

“In an unprecedented move, New York has canceled its Democratic presidential primary that was scheduled for June 23 amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Democratic members of the State’s Board of Elections voted Monday to nix the primary. New York will still hold its congressional and state-level primaries on June 23.”

In other words, the coronavirus pandemic makes it too dangerous for New Yorkers to vote for either Biden or Bernie in the presidential primary. But the modern-day plague is not too dangerous to – say – vote whether or not AOC is going to be a one-termer.

The Hill is reporting that Sanders is not taking the decision laying down.

“Lawyers for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) presidential campaign sent a letter to the New York State Board of Elections late Sunday asking that he remain on the Democratic primary ballot on June 23, warning that it would damage party unity if he is removed.”

Sanders is concerned that his removal from the New York primary ballot would damage party unity. He has originally opted to remain on the various primary ballots while suspending his campaign to ring up as many delegates as possible to increase his leverage at the Democratic National Convention if it should occur because of the pandemic. Bernie is likely also thinking that because of the Tara Reade allegations his candidacy is not as dead as he once thought.

In the meantime, the Bernie bros are tearing up social media with the meme that even defeating Trump is not worth tolerating a sexual predator on the top of the ticket. If Biden is removed from the ticket and someone other than Bernie is selected by the boys and girls in the backrooms instead, it doesn’t take a master pundit to conclude that the resulting explosion will be on the megaton level.

How Will Elderly Deaths Affect the Election?

As the coronavirus continues its merciless strike on America, it’s plain to see that those most heavily affected by the virus are those in the 65+ age group, which is a crucial voting demographic. So the question, as morbid as it sounds, is how the possible death of hundreds of thousands of elderly Americans will affect the national presidential election come November?

Typically, those in the upper age range are more likely to vote Republican, and numbers from the last presidential election in 2016 prove that. This would lead many to believe that if a vast amount of our older citizens are killed by coronavirus in the coming months, it will be the Republican Party who sees the most damage.

And some academic researchers agree.

According to Politico, “Academic researchers writing in a little-noticed public administration journal – Administrative Theory & Praxis – conclude that when considering nothing other than the tens of thousands of deaths projected from the virus, demographic shifts alone could be enough to swing crucial states to Joe Biden this fall.”

The lead author of the study and a professor of management at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi said in an interview, “The pandemic is going to take a greater toll on the conservative electorate leading into the election – and that’s simply just a calculation of age. The virus is killing more older voters, and in many states, that’s the key to a GOP victory.”

According to the group’s research, it is “projected that even with shelter-in-place orders remaining in effect, about 11,000 more Republicans than Democrats who are 65 and older could die before the election in both Michigan and North Carolina. In Pennsylvania, should the state return to using only social distancing to fight infections, over 13,000 more Republican than Democratic voters in that age category could be lost.”

Now, at first glance, this certainly doesn’t appear to look good for those of us who sway to the right. However, there are some important things to point out.

First of all, Johnson admits that the numbers used in the study were based on very early projections that have turned out to be much higher than the actual numbers in those states so far. If we were to apply those same findings to more realistic numbers, based on the White House’s current worst-case model, the results are quite different.

It projects that about 240,000 people will die from the virus. So if 75% of those are 65 or older, spread throughout the US, it means only about 5,400 of those deaths would be in Michigan. And with a new Fox News poll in Michigan showing that Biden leads by eight points or so, it means the difference in the amount of Democrat vs. Republican deaths would only be about 550, which by the way is not enough to win the state by in most cases.

But secondly, the author is also going off of information from 2016 that said more older adults voted Republican than Democrat. However, that might not necessarily be the case anymore.

That new Fox News poll that shows Biden winning in Michigan says that a vast portion of those votes come from those 65 and older.

“Biden’s 8-point advantage over Trump, 49-41 percent, is slightly larger than the poll’s margin of sampling error. However, both candidates remain below 50 percent and 10 percent of voters are still up for grabs… The former vice president owes his lead to women (+20 points), non-whites (+63), and voters over age 65 (+19).”

This is just another sign that the most significant shift from 2016 to now is the way the 65+ group has turned to favor Biden.

According to a National Journal article and a recent poll by Morning Consult, “65-and-older voters prioritized defeating the coronavirus over healing the economy by nearly a 6-1 ratio. And over the past month, they’ve become the group most disenchanted with Trump’s handling of the crisis.”

And all this leads to poll results that show, “Among seniors 65 and older, Biden led Trump by 9 points, 52 to 43 percent. That’s a dramatic 16-point swing” from 2016.

So besides the fact that we already know academia elites are usually biased towards the left, these points are showing the Democrats any favors.

From the looks of things, this is just another attempt by the left to say good riddance if Trump supporters die off. Too bad, it doesn’t look that will actually happen.

New York Reverses Itself on Do Not Resuscitate Order

Most of the edicts coming down from some local and state governments that can be seen as overreactions to the coronavirus pandemic have been just annoying, ranging from prohibitions against buying seeds and gardening tools in Michigan to filling a skate park in California with sand to keep it from being used. Then there was the do not resuscitate order handed down in New York. The New York Post explains.

“While paramedics were previously told to spend up to 20 minutes trying to revive people found in cardiac arrest, the change is necessary during the COVID-19 response to protect the health and safety of EMS providers by limiting their exposure, conserve resources, and ensure optimal use of equipment to save the greatest number of lives,’ according to a state Health Department memo issued last week.”

In ordinary practice, if an EMT finds you in cardiac arrest, he or she will perform heroic efforts to bring you back from the brink of death using a variety of tools. Indeed, savings lives is the very heart of the ethos of an EMT.

Naturally, first responders in New York were outraged at the guidelines. They felt that the edict took away the option of trying to save lives from them. The state of New York issued the edict to replace a previous one that prohibited taking a patient to the hospital if resuscitation could not be performed on the scene.

The coronavirus is the reason for the new edict. Hot Air expresses some understanding of the reason for its issuance –

“There’s a part of me that almost understands a move like this, at least in theory. On the one hand, the first responders are already overwhelmed. And as tough as their jobs already are, now they have to worry if the guy collapsed on the street is contagious with the virus. A desire by the state to keep them safe is at least laudable in that regard. Also, while New York was never as fully overwhelmed as some originally feared, the number of ICU beds available at some of the hospitals is still down near zero on some days, primarily because of COVID-19 patients.”

Even so, it’s not a good look to instruct EMTs to allow people to die when they might be saved, coronavirus, or no. People have often been brought back from the very gates of death by the skill and technology wielded by first responders. Even when the attempt to bring a victim back to life3 fails, the loved ones he or she leaves behind at least have to comfort of knowing that everything possible was done.

It looks like the state of New York agreed with the above sentiment, as reported in a later story by the New York Post. The New York Health Department explained the reasoning behind the original order.

“This guidance, proposed by physician leaders of the EMS Regional Medical Control Systems and the State Advisory Council — in accordance with American Heart Association guidance and based on standards recommended by the American College of Emergency Physicians and adopted in multiple other states — was issued April 17, 2020, at the recommendation of the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, and reflected ‎nationally recognized minimum standards.”

On the other hand, the statement went on to say, “However, they don’t reflect New York’s standards and for that reason DOH Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker has ordered them to be rescinded.”

It should be noted that New York City’s Fire Department and other first responders did not adopt the new edict but would still attempt to revive patients on the scene for 20 minutes before giving up. After 20 minutes of no heartbeat, most people are considered to have suffered irreversible brain damage, making their revival more problematic.

More than one observer of healthcare policy has noted that the New York State do not resuscitate edict could be seen as a foretaste of what Medicare for All would look like. To be sure, the order was issued to protect EMTs from being infected with the coronavirus and not to save money. However, the poor person whose heart gives out at home or in the middle of the street would have been just as dead regardless of the rationale. Emergency healthcare is oriented toward saving lives, not letting people die, as it should be.

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