Massive Support to Fund Police and Democrats are Stunned

Defunding of the police in Seattle is not sitting well with the millions of people that actually support the police. The minority of police haters are finding out that their push to cripple the police is backfiring in their faces. People all over the city are pressuring the city council to vote down the measure to slash the police budget by 50 percent. Which would open the door for an increase in crime and violence.

The proposal to hurt the police because of the actions of one-man thousands of miles away is being met with massive resistance. People want to live safely and not have to worry about criminals hurting them or attacking their families. The vastly liberal council is in favor of defunding the police, but they have more to worry about as the cycle of their election is coming up.

Hundreds of heroes would lose their jobs if the selfish and cowardly city council decided to listen to the minority instead of the majority. The police do the jobs that no one else wants to do. They are the ones that enter a gunfight and put a stop to the violence, while the members of the council hide in the shadows.

The very idea of defunding the police is as ridiculous as believing that one can breathe underwater. The city council has heard numerous accounts and opinions on how silly the idea of defunding the police is. The idea will essentially let violent criminals consume the innocent.

One police union has collected over 20,000 signatures demanding that the city council stop pursuing this silly proposal. The idea is based on the liberal idea that police are bad, and criminals are good. Democrats hate accountability and getting rid of the police is their way of letting themselves get away with criminal activities.

Over 300 people have told the council in person to give up the idea of defunding the police. The majority of people in Seattle want the police budget left alone. What happens in Seattle will have repercussions around the country. Liberals pick away at small things until they become major issues. Seattle would be a small issue that could lead to other like actions elsewhere.

People must speak up and put a stop to the illegal takeover of America that is happening at the hands of the Democrats. Their loony ideas hurt and destroy people, and nothing is ever done to right the wrong. The city council and mayor let the idea take form when rioters set up the CHOP zone. A place with no police. And the result was murder and high crime.

Republicans all of the state and the country are screaming the facts, but the liberals are not listening to them. The Democrats refuse to look at the evidence and listen to the people. They blindly move from one decision to another without ever considering the consequences of their actions.

President Trump is encouraging Seattle and the other cities considering the option of defunding the police to not go down that road. It is a road that leads to destruction. Peace officers are trained to keep criminals from taking over and hurting the innocent.

Three liberal city council members even had to hire their bodyguards because of the idea of defunding the police was so unpopular. The very idea of no police scares people. and why they are still considering the option is beyond all reason.

In the past, Democrats were union favorites. But now the unions are fighting the liberals because they are so bad. Places like Seattle have had federal agents sent in to stop the violence because the police are being kept from doing their job. The president should not have to step in and do the job that local elected officials are being elected to do.

The liberals want to hurt the American people. But they have to realize that at some point that violence is going to come to their door and hurt them. It will be at that time that they will finally realize how stupid they were to defund the police.

Judge Tells Feds in Portland “Don’t Target Press” While Feds Say “Everyone Else Is a Target” as Tensions Escalate

When a Democrat hates something about the country and it affects them, they run to the courts seeking a way to stop the matter from taking place. Every time President Trump issues an executive order, they run to file an injunction. Each time a Republican-run city issues a new law, they enlist the help of people like the ACLU to harass and halt the change. Democrats only want chaos and disorder. And they will do whatever it takes to see that it happens.

The ACLU is a liberal nuthouse that fights against anything sane and rational. They got a liberal Oregon Federal Judge named Michael Simon to issue a restraining order against the Department of Homeland Security and the Us Marshals Service. Their reasoning behind the move defies all logic and is certainly selfishly based. The order keeps law enforcement from engaging the press or “attorney observers” from the ACLU. They cannot stand the fact that the police are doing their job and stopping crime before it takes over.

The ACLU has nothing but hatred for the United States. The order is nothing more than a cover for rioters to be able to claim they are observers while secretly destroying public and private property. They cried about the agents using crime-stopping methods to disperse violent crowds. But there is no common sense in the liberal’s head that would tell them not to mix with the crowd if they did not want to get arrested.

The order is superficial and cannot be taken seriously. Judge Simon tells the police that they need to be able to determine who is who before taking any action. And that the police should not be purposely targeting press people and these so-called observers. What Simon should have done is thrown the court case out the window. It is ridiculous to think that the police now have to have permission from people to make them stop committing crimes.

Judge Simon made the agencies communicate the issue to the officers. The directive stated that “Ladies & Gentlemen:  Judge Simon authorized federal law enforcement agents to use all available crowd control measures at the rioters.  Make it happen.  P.S.  Don’t shoot at the press unless they are in the way.” The point is that Antifa and others are getting in the faces of the police and are being beaten as a result. So, stay away from the police.

The standing plan for federal agents is to stay hidden until the crowd goes crazy. If the crowd stays peaceful, then the agents do not have to go to work. The issue now is that there are no peaceful protestors left. They got sick of the violence and returned to their peaceful lives back home. The ones that are left provoke the police until they get hit and then they blame it on the cops for them having to take action.

The Democrats want the federal agents out of Portland. But these agents cannot leave until peace is restored. If they back out now, it will send a message to every Antifa member that they are free to attack the police. Simply because their resolve is weak, and they will eventually leave. Portland would be overrun if the federal agents were to leave and go home.

President Trump gave liberal mayors and governors plenty of time to put a stop to the violence before he would send agents in to clean up the mess. The liberals stuck their noses in the air and let the creeps continue to destroy each city. And now that the president has taken action, they are continuing to resist instead of working with the agents to restore law and order to the areas affected by the violence.

The federal agents have more than just crowd control on their minds. They are looking for any protestor that is purposely committing riot offenses. To engage in such activities is to violate federal law. The clueless Democrats do not see the big picture. President Trump is seeking to bring down the ring leaders. He knows how to play their games. And all he has to do is wait them out.

What?! Gov. Cuomo Declares War…On Chicken Wings?

As the novel coronavirus seems to be making a rather massive comeback, states, where the confirmed number of cases is growing significantly, are starting to restrict life as we know it again. Or should I say more, as some states have yet to release their citizens from the draconian lockdowns that have been in place since around March?

As expected, the states experiencing the worst resurgence of the virus are those found on our coasts that are also known for their larger populations and bustling cities, such as California, Florida, New York, and Texas. And in nearly all of those, some of the most recent changes or rules for society have to do with bars, as it is believed that the young and dumb America who frequent these establishments are most responsible for the recent spike in cases.

Texas has opted to close down bars entirely. California, while allowing most to remain open, has started banning food, such as nuts, which are known as a typical snack left out for all to freely partake of without regard to the many hands that touch the small morsels. New York has similarly just installed a new rule for bars in regards to food as well.

While Governor Andrew Cuomo has opted not to shut down these establishments or ban foods, he has made sure that those who go there have to spend much more money. Basically, the new law requires bars to sell a “substantive” food with every alcohol purchase. So if you order a beer, you must also get a sandwich or something with it.

The hope is that customers will be deterred from frequently bars at all since they will now have to spend at least twice, if not four or five times, as much money in their endeavor.

However, as Gov. Cuomo made clear on Thursday, there seems to be a bit of an argument on what exactly is meant by “substantive foods.”

Per his announcement, he stated, “To be a bar you have to have food available: soups, sandwiches, et cetera. More than hors d’oeuvres, chicken wings. You have to have some substantive food.”

According to his words, soups and sandwiches are clearly “substantive,” and therefore, bars are allowed to sell them with their alcohol. However, it appears that chicken wings are not, as they seem to be listed after the governor’s mention of “hors d’oeuvres.”

Now, I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s odd that somehow chicken wings don’t make the cut. I can see things like a “handful of potato chips” or “half a carrot” to not count, as some bars have tried to pass off in defiance to Cuomo’s new rule. But chicken wings?

There are entirely restaurant chains designated to the famous finger food. And in New York of all places, as it the birthplace of the chicken wing and Buffalo, as in Buffalo Wild Wings, you’d think Cuomo would know better.

Then again, this is the same man who thought it would be a good idea to force COVID-19 infected elderly patients back into nursing homes, where it was only too likely that it would spread. As a result, Cuomo alone is responsible for the loss of over six percent of the state’s entire nursing home population.

Still, too, there is the thought that this statement made by the not-so-with-it governor was more of a misstatement, a blunder, a gaffe, or whatever else you want to call it. Upon close inspection of the video, it seems that his mention of “hors d’oeuvres” is an interjection among his list of possible foods that are allowed.

As one Republican New York state assemblyman says of Cuomo, “When he got those executive powers, his brain fried and he became like a king.” The governor now simply says what he says because he thinks he can get away with it. And just like with Biden, that power is getting the better of him.

Since Cuomo’s message, the New York State Liquor Authority has come out with a set of new guidelines about the issue. And apparently, this seconds that idea that Cuomo simply misspoke, as wings are clearly listed as a possible sales item for food in bars.

’Other foods’ are foods which are similar in quality and substance to sandwiches and soups; for example, salads, wings, or hotdogs would be of that quality and substance; however; a bag of chips, bowl of nuts, or candy alone are not.”

Argument solved: Wings are food, they are allowed in New York bars, and Cuomo is losing his mind a little more each day.

NFL Team is Neutered to Appease the Left

The liberals don’t know how to let well enough alone. Their cancel culture has destroyed all the good in the world…and now they have come for the NFL. The Washington Redskins has been using the name for decades and it was widely accepted. The logo was even designed by and approved by Native American leaders.

Who do these dimwitted Dems think they are, demanding that the name and the logo be taken down? At first, the Redskins owner tried to fight it. But the cancel culture came in droves.

The problem with the cancel culture is that they look at one instead of the masses. One person says they don’t like the team name and WHAM! It doesn’t matter that there are countless Native Americans who are fans of the Redskins because of the name. It doesn’t matter that surveys show that most Native Americans aren’t offended by the name.

The Dems have shown they don’t have patience. That virtue is not one that they possess. Instead, they possess hypocrisy and the ability to throw temper tantrums on social media. So, rather than give the Washington Redskins time to decide on a replacement name and logo, they have neutered the NFL team.

NFL teams have to play to their fans. They have to take action. So, the Redskins have announced a temporary name. They’ll be going by the “Washington Football Team.”

Well, that’s just the saddest thing ever. It’s hard to have any kind of logo or mascot with a name like that. It’s clear that they’ve handed over their proverbial balls to the Dems with this kind of temporary name change.

The NFL franchise will be looking to explore a new identity – perhaps one that holds a bit more heat.

Until then, they’ll be removing the former name and logo from physical and digital spaces as quickly as they can. The hope is that there’s no trace of “Redskins” or the logo by the season-opener that they play against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now, once it’s safe for football games to happen again, who’s going to eb the one to stop the people showing up in Redskins jerseys? Those jerseys can be upwards of $100 apiece, and die-hard fans aren’t just going to toss them in the trash. So, while the name may be changed, the legend of the Redskins will live on in the hearts of fans for decades to come.

Perhaps there’s another aspect that the Dems haven’t looked at, either. If they’re going to neuter the team, they may as well come for the second testicle. After all, Washington is based on George Washington. Since they’ve already destroyed statues of Washington all over the country, surely that name cannot be accepted?

Washington was a slave owner, after all. Forget about the fact that he was the one who founded the country. He’s a miserable piece of history that we need to forget.

So, now that the Washington Redskins have become the Washington Football Team, let’s make sure the Dems finish the job. Let’s take away the NFL team’s pride entirely by just making them “Football Team.” No Washington, and no Redskins. That should make everyone feel better, right?

The cancel culture should have a field day with this one. There’s no reason why they can’t finish the job. And, since they’re so big on paying out reparations, they should set up a reparations booth at the games to pay every fan back for all of the useless memorabilia they have that identifies such a horrible, filthy team such as the Redskins. After all, it’s the right thing to do since fans have been so wronged.

They may not be the best team in the NFL, but they don’t deserve to be treated like this. They might as well turn the stadium into something more useful. Perhaps a BLM Coliseum so that the protesters can get more aggressive at the GOP and anyone else they feel has wronged them.

Missouri Governor Will Issue Pardon ‘Without a Doubt,’ Because Prosecutor’s ‘Defy Common Sense’

The right to protect one’s castle is a fundamental freedom of every American. Laws vary from state to state, but no one has the right to invade another person’s home and destroy their property. The Black Lives Matter people do not seem to understand this point. As they damage public and private property, they are committing crimes that once convicted will lock them away for a long time. This is a point that every American should know.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey were at home when Black Lives Matter rioters showed up at their home and knocked the front gate down. They never knocked and were not invited into the home. They simply marched in and headed for the home. This is when the McCloskey’s had had enough of the violence and ignorant protests happening in their city.

What seemed like an easy case to file against the BLM rioters turned interesting when the St. Louis Circuit Attorney, Kimberly Gardner, pressed felony charges against the couple for securing their home with weapons. Something perfectly legal in their state.

BLM thugs came into their yard, threatened the McCloskey’s and their home, and got away with not even a slap on the hand. There is something seriously wrong with Gardner is she believes that BLM is innocent of any crime.

Everyone expected the thugs to be charged. After all, they tore down a secured iron gate to gain access to private property. With the nation stunned, Gardner went after the innocent victims. She has a politically motivated reason to embrace crime and ignore the rights of the victimized. The “castle doctrine” allows people to protect themselves and property from attack.

If the liberals cannot do what is right, then the Republicans will take care of it. Mike Parson is the Republican Governor of Missouri and he did what needed to be done to protect The McCloskey’s from becoming another liberal casualty. Shortly after the charges were filed, Parson issued a pardon to keep the couple out of prison.

Parson is an example and inspiration to everyone that believes in doing the right thing. He stated that “I will do everything within the Constitution of the State of Missouri to protect law-abiding citizens and those people are exactly that. They are law-abiding citizens, and they’re being attacked frankly by a political process that’s really unfortunate.”

The acts of injustice and violence against the McCloskeys was politically charges. BLM and their supports needed victims of violence to lynch. The injustices of previous generations cannot be credited to future generations for payment. BLM demands that current white people pay for the crimes of white people hundreds of years ago.

Parson, who is a supporter of law and order, stated that “They had every right to protect their property, their home, just like any of us would. If you had a mob coming towards you, whether they tore down a gate or not, when they come on your property, they don’t have a right to do that in an aggressive manner. People have a right to protect their selves, their families, their property.”

Gardner is a Democrat to the core. Her actions against the couple clearly show that the Democrats have no regard or intent to follow established law. Gardner’s track record shows she is lazy and looks to politicize her position. In 135 homicide cases, she has only filed charges against 30 of them. She claims she doesn’t have the time, but she can go after innocent white people.

Gardner was more concerned about the McCloskeys owning guns than the harm that the mob was about to do to the couple. But Parson supports them and their right to defend themselves. He also stated that “We need to be backing up our men and women out there sacrificing their lives every day. We need to put more officers on the ground to attack violent criminals. We can see these ‘quote’ peaceful protesters they claim to be, but we know there’s violence behind them.” Parson believes it is time to take the fight to the rioters and away from innocent people.

Secret Attacks from Russia Over Vaccine Development

The coronavirus has become a brand name in every household around the world. The fight to contain and stop the spread has been the goal of every nation around the world. But there have been those few rogue nations that have tried to sabotage the effort to rid the world of COVID-19. Their efforts have hurt and slowed the recovery of billions of people. And now it seems that there are attempts by people in Russia to sabotage and ruin the possibility of developing a vaccine for COVID-19.

Hackers from Russia are deliberately targeting organizations that are deeply involved in developing the vaccine that will save millions of lives. This is the modern way that ruthless Russians attack their allied enemies. They send in their hackers to make a mess of things, while at the same time denying any involvement in the actions of these computer criminals. The United States, Great Britain, and Canada are the countries under fire by the Russian hacker.

The Russian group is known as APT29. They are the ones that are guilty of targeting these lifesaving organizations all over the world. APT29 thinks it cute to call themselves “the Dukes” and Cozy Bear.” As if this is some kind of a game to them. People are dying and they are messing around with the information being developed to make a cure for the virus. All three targeted nations are working together to stop the threat coming from the Russian frontier.

Dominic Raab, who is the Foreign Secretary of Great Britain stated that “It is completely unacceptable that the Russian Intelligence Services are targeting those working to combat the coronavirus pandemic. While others pursue their selfish interests with reckless behavior, the U.K. and its allies are getting on with the hard work of finding a vaccine and protecting global health.” There is not a lot of time left for some people. Their lives are on the line. But Russian leaders seem not to care about a cure that could potentially save lives within their borders as well.

The group fighting back stated that “APT29’s campaign of malicious activity is ongoing, predominantly against the government, diplomats, think-tank, health care, and energy targets to steal valuable intellectual property.” The attacks from APT29 are not going to stop unless something is done to force them to stop.

Paul Chichester is the Director of NCSC and he said “We condemn these despicable attacks against those doing vital work to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Working with our allies, the NCSC is committed to protecting our most critical assets and our top priority at this time is to protect the health sector.” They are the frontline defense at stopping the attacks by APT29.

Companies are being urged to beef up their security, so information is not lost or stolen. The Russian attempt to sabotage the cure is going to fail. It seems that Russia and their friendly liars to the south in China simply want to kill off the rest of the world so they can dominate the globe.

APT29 is not just a random group of students hacking their way into organizations. They work for the Russian Intelligence Services.  Their job is to steal technology and sabotage any effort to cure people of COVID-19. The constant probing of organizational defenses is ongoing. These companies have to stay on their guard. APT29 uses the traditional spyware and virus approach to gain access to the information.

Vladimir Putin has not indicated whether or not he knows about the group. But one would be hard-pressed to think that he does not know. After all, they work for the Russian Intelligence Services. He would have to know or at least be the one to sanction the attack. United States officials are also pointing the finger at China for the same kind of attacks. FBI Director Chris Wray stated that “At this very moment, China is working to compromise American health care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions conducting essential COVID-19 research.” China unleashes the virus and then works with Russia to keep a cure from being developed. They have declared war on the free world.

Minneapolis Wants to Let it All Hang Out, Literally

Want to know what happens when Dems rule a city? They let it all hang out – weapons, breasts…you name it. Just as Minneapolis finally gets their riots under control, they now want to vote on repealing a rule that would prohibit women from going topless throughout city parks. That’s a normal thing to do, right? Just go topless?

Wow, it sounds like Minneapolis really has their finger on the pulse of what’s important in the country. During a time of civil unrest, that’s what most women are thinking about doing – running through the parks topless. Whew! Good thing that the Minneapolis Parks Board is voting to make it legal. Otherwise, we’d end up with a bunch of clothed, civilized people walking around.

Right now, it is prohibited for women and transgender people to expose their breasts throughout parks and parkways. It’s crazy – there’s actually a law that prohibits indecent genital exposure and lewdness. Since we’re all about the cancel culture here in the US of A and 2020 can’t get any crazier, we might as well allow all of the lewdness we can, right? After all, it’s just not fair that men can go topless and women cannot.

Chris Meyer, the Park Board Commissioner, believes that the current ruling contains “discriminatory language” that would prohibit women from exposing their breasts. What exactly is going on in Minneapolis right now? Clearly, the thousands of women begging to expose their breasts in the parks have been shielded from the media. Is there that much of a demand for this sort of thing?

Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking for Chris Meyer. If it’s allowed, perhaps he can get his first glimpse of the female form because…it’s just weird.

Meyer seems to be particularly concerned because “elsewhere in Minneapolis,” it is legal for people of all genders to go topless. Not that they do, but at least they can. Meyer wants to make sure that women and transgender people are not being cited for it if they choose to go bare from the waist up in the parks.

Exactly what is this going to look like if the vote goes in his direction? Are people going to strip off their shirts in celebration? What happens when there are people who don’t want to strip off their shirts? This cancel culture is becoming increasingly more off.

Whatever happened to something as simple as decency? Women (and transgenders) stay covered because female breasts are a form of nudity. It just is. It’s not appropriate for women to be seen flaunting themselves around the parks (or anywhere else for that matter). The fact that it’s a man fighting for this may be the most disturbing thing. Where are his petitions? Where are the women demanding that they have these rights?

The whole thing seems odd, but, we are talking about Minneapolis. It seems as if the Democratic-run city needs something to be upset about. A few weeks ago, it was police brutality. This week, it’s going to be about breasts.

It may be a terrifying question to ask – but what’s going to be next? Perhaps we don’t want to know the answer to that.

So, as we wait for the park board to complete three votes on repealing the ordinance with the final decision being made in August, we all wait with bated breath to find out what will happen. Who knows? Maybe Minneapolis will start a trend so that other states will feel it is “their right” to walk around half-nude, too.

Not quite the trend we were looking for, 2020. Minneapolis, and let’s just throw it out there, Dems in general, you have to get your act together. The nudity and the overall condemnation of anything good and wholesome have to end. It’s time to cancel your cancel culture. We’re over it. Cover it up and come back to 2020 when you can behave.

Portland Democrat Defies all Reasoning and Tells Feds to Leave the City

One by one, Democrats are showing their true colors as they have to deal with the backlash against them from the months of violence that they have let ruin their areas of control. Ted Wheeler, the Portland, Oregon Mayor, has gone off the deep end and started bashing agents of the Department of Homeland Security. Federal agents are now being targeted by irrational Democrats that honestly believe that they are the reasons why violence continues to spread through liberal run cities. They think that law enforcement officers cause crime to happen.

Wheeler spouted off at the mouth and told agents to not go outside anymore or better yet to just leave the city. He is essentially throwing them out of town. Portland is struggling to stop the violence and crime that is erupting in the streets because the cowardly mayor is afraid to stand up to the mobs. He simply will not let the police do their job which is to keep the peace and enforce the laws. Every violent protestor is supposed to be arrested and charged accordingly by law. But Wheeler is content to just let them slide under the radar.

Incompetent Wheeler had the guts enough to tell the Acting Secretary that his problem with crime is not the criminals. It is the presence of federal agents in the city. He wants them out of the way so he can talk his way into the hearts of the violent people. He simply hates the tactics that real officers of the law have to use. He simply stated that “We do not need or want their help.”

The Department of Homeland Security has had to send its agents out into the field to protect government buildings and courthouses because the dense Democrats will not do their job to serve the people. Since May 25 protestors around the nation have destroyed dozens of monuments and have caused millions of dollars in damages to private and public property. Wheeler and his inexperienced group of followers praise people for their violence to the point that they are reluctant to stop anytime soon.

The death and destruction of these people are unjustifiable. To create a burden to innocent people simply because a person disagrees with a course of action taken by the police is just as bad as the actions of the officers that killed George Floyd. The coronavirus and lockdowns have already taken a huge toll on people. Businesses and others do not need more hardship pushed their way.

Chaos is the trademark of the Black Lives Matter mob that spans the country. They are the ones most responsible for the actions of their followers. And all along the way, there has not been one liberal Democrat that has condemned the actions of the perverted. The only time any of them have spoken up is when they were forced to or they were on the receiving end of the violence and looting that marks the BLM.

The protests are so violent that one of the mob members struck a federal officer in the head with a hammer. And Wheeler somehow thinks that it is the fault of the officer that he was stuck in the head by a person that tried to kill him. That belief that it is the cop’s fault why a criminal is in prison is the age-old cry of the people convicted and sent to prison for their crimes. It is never their fault they believe. They think that the other person that they killed made them do it somehow.

The person that tried to kill the federal agent has been arrested and will stand trial for his actions. Wheeler would like all the federal agents to leave Portland and never come back. He has also attacked the Department of Homeland Security for not cleaning off the graffiti from their buildings. The fact is that the agents might have the time if the Portland police were allowed to do their job without interference from the ignorant Democrats.

Wheeler and the other dense Democrats continue to look for ways to defund the police hoping to make the nightly violent parties a permanent part of Portland’s life. He has no clue what it means to serve the people. He is more interested in harming them than protecting the very ones that voted him into office.

Wisconsin’s Mail-In Voting Wasn’t Just Bad, It Was Disastrous

When it became apparent that the novel coronavirus was indeed a pandemic and quickly spreading throughout the whole of our country, we all knew it things would have to change. And since this is an election year, both for the office of president as well as many other titles, voting would be one of those necessary changes. However, if the state of Wisconsin is any indication of how those voting changes will go, I’d say we are in for very, and I mean very, bumpy road come November.

Wisconsin, like just about every other state in the US, held primary elections in the spring. But Wisconsin was the first to do so in person after the COVID-19 outbreak had hit. But because of the virus, the state offered that those who did not want to brave coming to polls in person could vote another way.

Enter mail-in voting.

Now, mail-in voting is not a new concept for pretty much any state. In fact, most offer some sort of absentee ballots to be sent out to requesting voters each year. However, it has never been done on such a large scale or in such a short amount of time before, which made the whole operation a complete and utter failure, if I do say so myself.

And to be honest, the mess of that particular election still hasn’t been completely sorted out, according to an investigation into the matter by the postal service’s Inspector General. Per the report, which was obtained by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal, the most damaging problems involved ballots not arriving in time to be counted, going to the wrong place, or not even reaching the voter at all.

“The U.S. Postal Service has identified hundreds of absentee ballots for the April election that never made it to voters or couldn’t be counted because of postmark problems, a new report says. The post offices’ internal watchdog chalked the problems up to receiving outgoing absentee ballots at the last moment from election officials, inconsistent postmarking of ballots and one mail carrier’s inattention to getting absentee ballots to voters in Fox Point.”

But upon a closer examination of the report, these were only the tip of the iceberg.

As mentioned above, in Fox Point, one mail carrier delivered hundreds of blank ballots not to the voters but the County Election Officer. The report notes that the address labels on the voter cards read, “Village of Fox Point,” with the name of the particular voter underneath. This, according to the report, confused the mail carrier. But by the time the mistake was found, it was too late to redirect them to their intended recipient.

In Fox Valley, not to be confused with Fox Point, the postal service was able to track three “mail tubs” filled with ballots that (estimated around 750), while reaching the voters, didn’t do so in time to matter. Because of the vast number of ballots and, therefore, increased workload for postal workers, a third-party vendor was used to transport some of the ballots. And these did not make it back to the local post offices for delivery until around 6 pm on the night before the election.

Only after a closer inspection, the 750 mistimed ballots turned into a number closer to 1,600.

Milwaukee had similar issues. The IG’s report noted that a “significant” number of ballots were not only not received by voters through the mail, but, in fact, were never even printed. Apparently, a “computer glitch” occurred at the Board of Elections, causing hundreds of voters to continue waiting for a ballot that never came.

And these weren’t the only problems. As the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal reported, “The 17-page report by the postal service’s inspector general accounts for some but not all of the problems that marred voting for the April election for state Supreme Court.” And they added, “Nearly 1 million people turned to mail-in voting because of the coronavirus pandemic.”

This is just one state and one primary. Can imagine what the results will be like when this is multiplied by 50, with some states dwarfing Wisconsin’s population? And don’t even get me started on the many possibilities of voter fraud.

Talk about chaos.

It has been our nation’s prayer that COVID-19 would soon pass, allowing our lives to continue as usual, including our process of voting. However, as more and more case numbers are confirmed nationwide, it is hard to imagine that happening before November, if ever, leaving us minimal options and, as I mentioned before, a very bumpy road.

Sickening! Texas Emergency Chief: Mask It or Casket, Wear Masks at Home Too!

Wearing a mask, as many studies suggest, can be, in fact, quite effective at slowing the spread of such diseases like the novel coronavirus that has terrorized our nation since the beginning of the year. And as such, many states and local jurisdictions have issued mask-wearing policies that require them for anyone leaving their home. However, if this man’s word is to be believed, we should also be wearing in our homes.

Yep. According to the head of the Texas Division of Emergency Management Nim Kidd, wearing masks inside our home and with our families is just as important as doing so outside and when in public.

In a recent interview with WOAI-TV’s Ryan Wolf in San Antonio, Kidd said, “We still need people to wear the mask out in public, we still need people to keep social distance and isolation. Ryan, the one thing I want to try to get across today is we need to do that when we’re in our homes also.”

Kidd continued, saying, “As you know, I’m a life-long San Antonian, grew up there, worked there for many years and I know how many multi-generational families that we have. While we believe the community is doing a great job of following the rules when they are outside the home, we really need to be thinking about doing the same thing when we’re inside the home.”

However, I don’t think his message is going to go over really well, particularly in a state that is currently having problems masks anywhere, let alone inside the walls of citizens’ own homes.

As you may have heard, Texas, like several other states, is currently experiencing quite a dramatic increase in confirmed cases. And as such, Republican Governor Greg Abbott has had to implement what many are referring to as a “soft” lockdown.

Essentially, this means that their phases of re-opening the state have been put on hold. Anything open can, for the most part, stay open with some limitations to hours and capacity. Similarly, businesses and industries that are still closed will remain so.

In addition, Abbott has also issued a statewide public mask order. He said of the mandate, “The public needs to understand this was a very tough decision for me to make. I made clear that I made this tough decision for one reason: It was our last best effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. If we do not slow the spread of COVID-19 the next step would have to a lockdown.”

And Texans have made it just as clear; a forced lockdown will not be taken well.

However, due to the nature of the mandate, enforcement of it is near impossible. Police, in an already turbulent situation, do not have the authority to arrest, detain, or jail anyone based on their refusal to wear a mask, according to CBS News.

Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphee explained this in a recent post on Facebook, saying, “We can’t spend our time running from place to place for calls about mask we can really do nothing about. I won’t and I don’t believe I can take any enforcement action on this order.”

And in reality, she is right. Masks are one of the last things police officers should have to worry about enforcing, whether inside or outside the home.

But that isn’t stopping Kidd from implying that in-home masking should be done.

While he really can’t say this would be required, he apparently has no problem trying to guilt-trip Texans into doing so for the sake of their family’s safety.

He asked the public, “Have you done the things to protect yourself and your family when you’re at home and when you have extended family coming to stay with you, are you doing everything you can to protect them and yourself from the virus?”

Kidd has even come up with a rather dire phrase to go with his message.

“Remember when we had to put out the ‘click it or ticket’ in order to get people to wear seatbelts? Now we should look at ‘mask it or casket?’”

But, while his cleverness has been noted, his timing in this message has far from hitting its mark. If people won’t wear masks when going to the grocery, how in the world can he expect them to wear them while sitting on the couch with their family?

Widow of Man in the Trump Family Tell-All Speaks Out…’This Hurts’

As you’ve likely heard, President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary L. Trump, has a book coming out very soon. Supposedly, it is filled with shocking stories of the President’s youth and younger years that are meant to, once they come to light, be the ruination of his political career.

However, upon a closer examination of both the book, titled “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” and the family’s actual past, it seems that the book was all for naught. In actuality, it is little more than the ranting of a girl who feels wronged by her family and looking for revenge.

Within the 200-page piece, is an accusation that – wait for it – President Trump may have paid off a friend to take his SAT for him, among other things.

Insert gasp!

According to the 55-year-old Mary Trump, the young Donald Trump was looking to transfer from Fordham University to the more elite and prestigious Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania in the future. But, to do so, he needed an excellent SAT score. So, given that the family was beyond wealthy, Trump simply paid someone else to take the much-needed exam for him.

I know, shocking, right?

However, let’s go over a few things here. In the end, you can decide for yourself if you think the accusation is true or not.

The first thing we have to cover is how Mary Trump claims took the test for the young Donald Trump.

Mary names the late Joe Shapiro as the President’s proxy. Now, Shapiro certainly had the brain for such an endeavor. He was allegedly known for doing really well on tests of just about any kind as his widow recalls, he was “the smartest man” she’d ever known. His brains enabled him to be a very successful lawyer, working for Walt Disney Co. and even becoming the vice president of that enterprise.

Shapiro died in 1999 after a long battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

And that brings me to my main point.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that, of all the people Mary decides to name, who could have pulled off such a feat, she tags a dead man – someone who couldn’t even begin to defend himself or Mr. Trump.

Luckily, there is one who has taken up the task for him: his widow, Pam Shriver.

Shriver, a former star tennis player, and current ESPN tennis analyst claims this is something Joe would never do. She told ABC News, “He always did the right thing, and that’s why this hurts.”

Secondly, Shriver notes that according to what her late husband told her, Shapiro and Trump didn’t meet until after the time when the SAT would have been taken. According to a short Twitter video put out by Shriver on Wednesday, Shapiro and Trump met while the two were attending classes at the University of Pennsylvania.  She said the two had several things in common, such as a love of golf and so connected easily, staying in touch throughout the years.

Now, tell me, why would Trump need to take the SAT again after already being admitted to the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania? That’s what I thought; he wouldn’t.

Shriver told ABC News, “When you put somebody’s name in print in a book, you want to make sure the facts around it are correct, especially if they are not living because it’s not like Joe is here, and he would have known how to deal with this.”

But as we all know, the left’s ludicrous logic isn’t really a stickler for facts and, well, logic.

Instead, they are going to try just about anything they think will work, in order to oust their “enemy #1” from the White House, including using a long and nearly disowned relative to tell the family’s “secrets” that turns out, aren’t so secret or damning.

This book, and its ridiculous attempt to smear Trump’s name, has only proved how desperate they are to achieve this goal. And also, how miserably they will continue to fail.

Convicted Rapist Serving 1000 Years Plus Life Gets New Trial…His New Sentence may be a Scalping

A couple of centuries ago, Native-Americans, or Indians, as they were called prior to the day’s of political correctness, owned this country we now call home. And they weren’t always overly anxious to share.

To hitch a wagon to a team of horses and “go west young man,” was a dangerous undertaking in which many early white settlers did not survive. They left a trail of scalps behind them in their efforts to cultivate the wild, wild West.

Eventually, many tribes were driven from the lands of their ancestors as they were forced to relocate to large swathes of unsuitable terrain, generally located in unfamiliar territories. Ancient burial grounds were destroyed and their ways of life which had fervently supported their very existence were changed forever.

Fast forward. They want their land back, which according to our nation’s current laws, was illegally seized and rightfully still belongs to them. Of course, scalps are no longer being taken, but legal representation has been sent in. All the way to the Supreme Court. And they won the battle.

In a 5-4 decision, the court concluded that almost half of Oklahoma, to include almost all of Tulsa, belongs to the Muscogee Nation. So there. Take that white man.

To add to the astounding Supreme Courts vote, the tribe can no longer be prosecuted by Oklahoma state law officials. What happens in the tribe, stays in the tribe, and they will handle their own matters, accordingly.

Certain portions of their new appropriation are still up in the air, such as whether Oklahoma has any authority to tax tribe members residing on their own land. If this ends up in their favor, the state risks losing a ton of revenue.

Court Justice John Roberts, who voted against the measure, had this to say, “The decision today creates significant uncertainty for the State’s continuing authority over any area that touches Indian affairs, ranging from zoning and taxation to family and environmental law. None of this is warranted.”

The tribe counteracted with their own message. “The Supreme Court today kept the United States’ sacred promise to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of a protected reservation. Today’s decision will allow the Nation to honor our ancestors by maintaining our established sovereignty and territorial boundaries. We will continue to work with federal and state law enforcement agencies to ensure that public safety will be maintained throughout the territorial boundaries of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.”

The case of Jimcy McGirt is what prompted the action. McGirt, a convicted rapist serving 1000 years on top of a life sentence, argued his conviction because the crime took place on Muscogee territory. And he won. This dredge of the earth is getting a new trial.

Chief Justice Gorsuch, a Trump appointee, ruled in favor of the measure and released the following statement.

“The Nations and the State are committed to ensuring that Jimcy McGirt, and all other offenders face justice for the crimes for which they are accused. We have a shared commitment to maintaining public safety and long-term economic prosperity for the Nations and Oklahoma.”

“The Nations and the State are committed to implementing a framework of shared jurisdiction that will preserve sovereign interests and rights to self-government while affirming jurisdictional understandings, procedures, laws, and regulations that support public safety, our economy, and private property rights.”

“We will continue our work, confident that we can accomplish more together than any of us could alone.”

In all fairness, McGirt, and other equally as heinous offenders, are not going to be let off of the hook. McGirt will remain in custody till death does he part. But, the final decision now rests with the Muscogee tribe of counselors to do the right and proper thing.

If for some strange reason McGirt should be released from prison, it will only be because in his case, the tribe wishes to resort to their ancient habit of scalping. And truth be known. We’re kinda hoping this is how it plays out.

Founder of America’s Exclusive ‘Wine Partnership’

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An Old French Malbec Variety No Longer Found in Europe

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What Makes These Malbecs So Special

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Couple Charged with Hate Crime for Going Against Far-Left BLM Neo-Marxist Political Statement

In this age, where the political left’s cancel culture has seemingly taken over, it has become commonplace to examine nearly every aspect of our lives through the lens of a finely tuned microscope. And if anything is found that could be even remotely related to racism, bigotry, or, dare I say, an opinion that doesn’t line up with the progressive agenda, you are thrown to wolves.

The latter is precisely what has happened to a couple in California after they dared to defy the far left reaching Black Lives Matter movement.

Last week, on the Fourth of July, Black Lives Matter members and some from the community came together to paint a mural for their cause on the street in front of the Contra Costa County Courthouse, in the town of Martinez, which is located about 25 miles outside of San Francisco. Similar murals have been painted in city after city and town after town around the country to promote the movement and, according to BLM, bring the community together.

However, the act seems to be having the opposite effect, as is evident by what happened in Martinez shortly after the mural was finished.

Enter Nichole Anderson, age 42, and David Nelson, who is 53.

Mere hours after the mural was finished, the pair began to paint over the brightly painted school bus yellow letters with black paint. Naturally, the act drew in a crowd. Nelson videotaped the group while speaking loudly against the BLM cause. Meanwhile, Anderson kept painting.

In the aftermath of the painting event, the pair have both been charged with three misdemeanors. One for Vandalism under $400, one for Violation of Civil Rights, and one for Possession of Tools to Commit Vandalism or Graffiti, according to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office. Oh, and they both now also have a “hate crime” on their record!

And for these crimes, each could face up to a year in the county jail.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d say these charges are a little over the top, if not whole hypocritical.

I get that defacing a publicly sanctioned mural, no matter what the cause, can be considered vandalism. (BLM had acquired a permit to paint the street, and the city had approved and paid for the endeavor.) And as such, painting over it without similar permits or approval would be against the law.

I am also a firm believer that when the law is broken, again, no matter the cause, there should be consequences. It is the law for a reason.

However, I find it wholly disconcerting and ludicrous that this couple of all people are being charged with something as serious as a hate crime—all for painting over someone else’s so-called art.

Meanwhile, real hate crimes are being committed all over the country, and the offenders are simply walking away from it with no charges, no fines, and certainly no jail time.

Let’s consider the thousands who have joined the unrelenting monument mobs and are currently, as we speak scheming up ways to take down historical statues, which by the way, are an art project and relics of our past.

Let’s also think about all those who have negatively contributed to the looting, rioting, and property destruction taking place. Homes are being burned, businesses ransacked, and livelihoods ruined.

And don’t even get me started on those who are using this opportunity of chaos and social change to start a war against the races.

Did the man who beat up a white woman in Macy’s get charged with anything, let alone arrested? No. Did the four assailants who opened fire on a crowd in Chicago get put in prison? Absolutely not. They actually killed people, and nothing happens. The mayor even had the gall to blame such hate and violence on guns.

Meanwhile, this couple in California peacefully painted over temporary street art, and the book was thrown at them.

If that doesn’t tell you there is a double standard and two completely different sets of justice systems, I don’t know what will.

Actor Terry Crews on BLM: “I Don’t Want to Move From One Oppressor to The Next”

Terry Crews got real with Don Lemon on CNN. He believes that the Black Lives Matter movement is too extreme, and he doesn’t want to move from one oppressor to the next.

Crews has caught a lot of heat for his comments. However, he breaks it down in a simple way: Black lives matter shouldn’t turn into black lives are better. Exactly. This is about equality, which brings us to the other term that the BLM protesters really hate: all lives matter.

Within “all lives” are black lives. They all matter. The black ones, the white ones, the yellow ones. They all matter. And Crews wants to make it clear as to what side he stands on.

What’s interesting is that it’s clear that Lemon sits on the other side of the debate. He objects to Crews’ description of the BLM movement being extreme. Yet, the two men can have a civil discourse about it all.

Lemon asks a question that makes the BLM movement seem so honest: “What’s so extreme about ending police brutality?”

If that were the only thing that BLM was about, they wouldn’t be extreme. Police brutality should be ended. And if that’s what they want to fight for, great. However, they have to go about it in a legal and non-violent way.

Crews breaks it down for Lemon identifying that the leaders of BLM are now talking about, “if we don’t get our demand, we are going to burn it down.” Crews is passionate as he talks about this, making sure that it’s clear as to what side he stands on. Further, he talks about how black people are calling each other out, and if they work with whites and other races, they are “sell-outs or called Uncle Toms.” That’s when Crews warns that it’s easier to understand that you’re being controlled.

Here’s the most honest part about all that Crews talked about with the CNN host: “And I viewed it as a very, very dangerous self-righteousness that was developing, that, you know, that really viewed themselves as better. It was almost a supremacist move … where they view that — their black lives mattered a lot more than mine.”

He is absolutely right, too. BLM has become more than police brutality. They want to talk about inequality. They want to talk about getting the white man to bow down to the black people. So, they don’t want equality. They want the tables to turn entirely so that they are the ones on the pedestal. That’s not right, either. Two wrongs never make a right, and Crews is willing to be the one to stand out and point out the problems with the movement.

Lemon argues that the Black Lives Matter movement was about police brutality. Therefore, gun violence in black communities and other issues don’t fall under BLM. To target those issues requires another movement with another name.

Crews argues back, though, that BLM may have started out with the intention of focusing on police brutality but they have lost their way. They are moving forward with a full political movement, and that movement is extreme.

Crews ends the interview with Lemon without them seeing eye to eye. Crews continues to follow up with some tweets about how he feels. His main comment is that he wants to know what the BLM agenda is beyond police brutality because, clearly, it’s about more than that. Crews says, “And that’s all I’m doing — questioning, warning, and watching. And if that bothers you now, that bothers me.”

To put it simply, why isn’t everyone asking questions and watching what the movement is being done? It’s not okay to follow anyone blindly. That’s how cults start. That’s how trouble starts. Crews has always been a man that keeps it real. He may be black, but he isn’t jumping on board with the BLM movement. It’s extreme, and he believes it’s worth watching to see just what their agenda is.

BLM: What Really Matters is Marxism, Not Black Lives

Black Lives Matter, as does all life. But this seemingly harmless group is proving to be anything but calm. Their beliefs and demands that they are making are nothing short of being selfish and hypocritical at best. They claim that they want to save lives by calling attention to the violence that floods their nationality at the hands of others.

But when it comes right down to it, they have already killed people of African American descent. Their purpose has become centered on changing the political makeup of America into a Marxist run system.

BLM is contradicting themselves when they claim that they care about life and then go out and kill at random all people of color. The death of an 8-year-old African American girl in Atlanta proves that BLM does not care about colored people. To them, people are expendable as long as their cause is promoted.

This little girl was nothing more than roadkill to the BLM leadership. And when it comes right down to socialist beliefs, people that are suffering would be no better than roadkill as well.

Marxism looks out for one’s benefit. It is selfishness in action. The way of ruling a people does not look out for the well-being of others. The leaders only look out for themselves. The BLM group has turned into this type of Marxist system. Anyone that is killed along the way, no matter their color, is considered non-essential in the grand scheme of things.

The murdered girl is nothing more than a number to them. In a socialistic world, the individual does not matter. This is why the BLM does not care about a single person.

BLM has taken their violent rampage to the next level. They randomly shoot people like a deer being hunted. All around the country BLM members are responsible for killing African American people. In Seattle there were two murders, in Chicago, there was the killing of a colored police officer and in Atlanta, the little girl was shot in her own car.

All by people that claim to care about life. One source stated that “We’ve never seen anything like it at all,’ said Max Kapustin, the senior research director at the crime lab. ‘I don’t even know how to put it into context. It’s beyond anything that we’ve ever seen before.’ Most homicide victims in Chicago are young, black men and the suspects are, too.”

The BLM group is strangely similar to the agenda of the Democratic Party. Many of their members would love to see the agenda of the BLM come to life. Stands to reason then that the DNC is supporting and pushing the BLM to continue with their violent march around the country. Of course, 2020 is an election year so people are expecting the Democrats to act up and behave like little children.

The desecration of national monuments is just an avenue of destroying America by the BLM group. It seems that BLM is using the monuments as a cover to continue to kill people at random. Kayleigh McEnany is the White House press secretary and she stated that “I was asked probably 12 questions about the Confederate flag.

This president is focused on action. I’m a little dismayed that I didn’t receive one question on the deaths that we got in this country this weekend. I didn’t receive one question about New York City shooting doubling for the third straight week, and over the last seven days shooting skyrocketed by 142% — not one question. I didn’t receive one question about five children who were killed.

And I’ll leave you with this remark by a dad — it broke my heart — a dad of an 8-year-old lost in Atlanta this weekend, ‘They say black lives matter? You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody.’” Not even the media cares enough to point out the inconsistencies of the BLM group.

Communist leaders murder without thought. It has been estimated that 100 million people have been killed in as little as 100 years by the communist party of various countries. BLM is acting like a communist rule movement that kills without warning. Pushy Pelosi and her party would love to see this come to American shores. It would be just what they would need to finally control people and kill all of the protestors.

Father Grieving Son Killed in ‘CHOP’ Zone Calls for Support…Then the Phone Rings

Seattle is a city under siege by the Democrats. The people that were allowed to take over part of the downtown area and set up their lawless base of operation has disrupted the lives of many Americans. This stunt that is supported by Seattle Democrats has led to the murder of several young people. And the Democrats have not even cared enough to pick up the phone to speak with the families or give them any information over the death of their kids. Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr. is one father that is looking for answers. And not one Seattle leader has called.

All of that changed on the day that he buried his 19-year-old son. His son was shot and left to die by the Democrats and the Seattle mayor because they would not send in people to help. Anderson has been looking for answers, but no one cared to call except President Trump. The president called Anderson on the day of the burial because he was moved by the father’s appearance on Fox.

The child was killed early on June 20. The gunshots were heard for miles, but the groans of pain were not heard at all. Anderson was not able to get answers as to why or how his boy had been killed. Mayor Jenny Durkan has ignored the family because she does not care about them. Anderson stated about his call with the president that “We just talked to the president of the United States. How are you going to top that?” It was said that the president stated that “He said he watched ‘Hannity’ last night, and told Horace, ‘Your son is looking down on you and watching over you,’” He was incredibly gracious, and it gave Horace some extra help as he buried his son.”

Mayor Durkan would finally call but only after she was forced to do so under the pressure of not calling soon enough. Anderson stated that “The only way I found out was just two of his friends, just two friends that just happened to be up there, and they came and told me. They weren’t even from Seattle. Now, mind you, I haven’t heard — the police department, they never came.” Under Durkan’s orders, the police have not been responding to calls for help in the CHOP zone. The mob in the zone would even keep the ambulances from getting to the wounded. Simply because Durkan kept the police away from the area.

Anderson blasted the lousy liberals and said that “My son needed help, and I don’t feel like they helped my son. I feel like he doesn’t — without this, he would just be nobody. He’s just — it doesn’t matter, he’s just another guy. Just another child, just swept up under the rug, and that’s it and forgotten about.” Anderson just revealed that the Democrats use people and then just push them into the background. The death of the child and the brokenness of the family fell of deaf Democrat ears. But the president heard about it and called right away because he truly cares.

Anderson put into perspective the loss he now has by saying “I wake up in the morning… I look for my son in the morning. He’s not there no more. You know what I’m saying? It’s like I go in there, I’m kissing a picture. He’s not there.” The president’s call helped Anderson in an amazing way. He finally felt like someone was listening. The president is a caring man and wants to help people that are in dire need. This is why he is the best choice for the president of the United States.

The CHOP zone is nothing more than a Democratic hideout for thieves and thugs that hate people. The businesses and people living in the area want the occupancy to end and things to get back to normal. The president stated about the zone that it is “the latest example of Liberal (Democrat) cities caving to lawlessness. We’re not talking about some little place, we’re talking about Seattle.” He has offered help in taking back the city. It would be a swift operation that would be over in an hour. No one would be able to stand up to the might of the president.

Sioux Leaders Bring Cancel Culture to Mt. Rushmore, It’s “A Great Sign of Disrespect”

Mount Rushmore, since its construction in that ended in the early 1940s, has been a symbol of American patriotism and ingenuity. Each year, about three million people visit the site and stand in awe of its size and grandeur. However, not all are all that impressed with the site.

And according to some, it should be destroyed post haste.

As the Argus Leader reports, the native Sioux people, whose ancestors have inhabited the land surrounding the Black Hills of South Dakota where the monument is located, have always seen it as nothing more than a tourist attraction, and one that continuously slaps them in the face.

Take the words of Oglala Sioux President Julian Bear Runner, for example. He says the site is “a great sign of disrespect” to the Sioux people, namely because it was thought up and constructed with little regard to the people who have called the land home for centuries.

And he isn’t the only one who thinks so.

Cheyanne River Sioux Chairman Harold Frazier recently wrote in a news release that “Nothing stands as a greater reminder to the Great Sioux Nation of a country that cannot keep a promise or treaty then the faces carved into our sacred land on what the United States calls Mount Rushmore.”

To Frazier and many of his tribe members, the site is a constant reminder of the pain, disrespect, and utter poverty that their people have been forced to endure at the hands of the ‘white men.’

He wrote in the release, “Visitors look upon the faces of those presidents and extoll the virtues that they believe make America the country it is today. Lakota sees the faces of the men who lied, cheated, and murdered innocent people whose only crime was living on the land they wanted to steal.”

Frazier has even offered to rid the land of this “brand on our flesh” himself, if need be, “free of charge.”

However, if and when Frazier or others decided to remove the monument, there will be another battle as to how that is accomplished. Obviously, some would rather just see it be blown to bits in a matter of seconds. But not all are of this mind.

Bear Runner, for example, has made it clear that he wants it “removed but not blown up.” He noted that just as his reasoning for not wanting the monument to be there as a scar upon his homeland, simply blowing it up would do much the same thing, possibly even destroying some of his people’s nearby cultural artifacts and relics.

Bear Runner said, “I don’t believe it should be blown up because it would cause more damage to the land.”

However, the calls for Mt. Rushmore’s destruction have some rather fierce opposition. If South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has any say in the matter, the monument won’t be touched either by the Sioux or protesters.

As the lefts cancel culture and seemingly ever-present monument mobs have traveled to her state, Noem has vowed that she will do everything within her power to protect and safeguard Mt. Rushmore.

Recently conservative commentator Ben Shapiro pondered if the political left would target Rushmore. Next, Noem’s simple words to the call for the historical site’s destruction says it all:

“Not on my watch.”

These words and her apparent disapproval of the destruction of the site make it clear that if any sort of attempt is made to ruin or deface the monument, her reaction will be swift and fierce. Noem, unlike several on the political right, has refused to cave to the left’s demands, either to close her state down to Coronavirus fears or for the police to be defunded or disbanded.

She has made it apparent that while she has listened to and even understood the calls for such, they are not what our country needs right now. And just because someone is offended by something doesn’t mean that it should be forever “canceled” or forgotten. We can’t merely erase our history and act like it didn’t happen, no matter how unpleasant it was.

Instead, we have to remember it so that we can learn from our mistakes. The faces on Mt. Rushmore aren’t there to simply be impressive or show how great America is. They exist to remind us of where our nation started out and show us how far we have come since those days.

Only time will tell if the monument mob of the left will cause the colossal sculpture to eventually fall. But as for right now, it will continue to stand tall.

WATCH: Florida Sheriff Wants Vigilante Justice…”You’ve Been Warned!”

The citizens of Jacksonville, Florida have had enough of the protestors and the violence. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office has had enough as well. Sheriff Darryl Daniels is known for his tough stance on crime and people that want to disrupt a peaceful way of living. He has stated that he is willing to take drastic action if things get too far out of hand in Clay County. He has stated that if there are too many protestors he will make “special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county.” He is an African American sheriff that has had enough of the nonsense of these people marching around creating violence in America.

Daniels is known for his tough videos. He has stated that “If we can’t handle you, I’ll exercise the power and authority as the sheriff, and I’ll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county and I’ll deputize them for this one purpose to stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility.” He knows that there is a difference between peaceful protests and lawless activity. And these protestors are way beyond lawless behavior. Daniels issues this warning with full intent to carry out his threat to violent protestors.

Sheriff Daniels is not perfect, but he knows how to stop terrorism. He is being looked at by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement because of an alleged affair he had with another officer. It is said that he falsely arrested that person as a result of the affair. But that investigation has nothing to do with keeping the peace. For Daniels, this is his first term as the Sheriff of Clay County. Since he has been in that position, he has been tough on crime and violence. Lawless people know that they are not going to be able to get away with much like they could it a spineless Democrat was leading the county.

Daniels is being challenged by six other people. They all maintain that Daniels approach just invites the challenges of violence. One of the challengers is Mike Taylor, who is a former FDLE agent and state attorney’s investigator stated that “We train under intense situations to control the adrenaline dump, and we don’t do a perfect job at it, but we train to be prepared to make decisions under pressure. That’s necessary to be effective. To think we can put anyone in that role and it’ll be OK, we’re asking for a much bigger problem and inviting chaos and anarchy in the streets. The citizens of Clay County deserve better than that.”

Taylor is concerned that if Daniels deputizes people, then there could be civil lawsuits on the horizon. He believes that Daniels is just being tough with mouth to show how serious he is taking the protests and violence happen around his county. But Taylor also forgets that the people of Florida are growing tired of the violence and are going to help where they can. And if that means with force to help police, then they are her for law enforcement.

Daniels’s approach to dealing with the American hating people is spot on what is needed around the country. A tough approach that is willing to do what is necessary to keep law and order. President Trump has that same approach. He has offered leaders the help, but all of them are Democrats and refuse to take help from the president.

Everyone has an opinion on how things should be handled. And what they would do if they had to act would be different if all of that weight was their shoulders. The former Atlantic Beach Police is Chief Michelle Cook and she believes that “What Daniels said yesterday may sound tough and macho. But, instead, it is a call for vigilantism and another signal that he is incapable of leading the sheriff’s department and keeping Clay County safe.” These people oppose him because they are running against him for the position of sheriff. When it comes right down to the heart of the matter, they would support him when it came time to keep the peace.

Cancel Culture Gets the ‘Golden Girls’ Pulled, Prompts Outcry from Both Sides

It’s official: the left has created a monster with its ever-growing cancel culture. The proof lies in the fact that more and more progressive organizations are canceling their own creations out of fear that if they don’t, others will.

Case and point: Hulu just pulled a 1980’s episode of “The Golden Girls” in the fear that someone would see its characters wearing a mud facial as blackface.

That’s right. The liberal-minded streaming service took an innocent episode of “The Gold Girls” third season out of its line up out of fear.

The episode features a scene in which an interracial engagement has ensued between the young son of one of the show’s prominent white characters and an older black woman. Now, on just about any other show, this has the potential to be rather serious, if not awkward and tense. But this show isn’t particularly known for its seriousness, quite the opposite actually.

During this particular episode, the character of Dorothy, played by Bea Arthur, finds out her 20-something son is about to marry a much older woman, who is also black. Naturally, as engagements and weddings go, the intended two’s families come together to get acquainted. It just so happens that when they do, the woman’s family – her mother and two aunts – meet Dorothy while she and a friend are undergoing a mud facial treatment.

Enter the comic relief of Betty White. Her character, upon meeting the visiting family, announces, “This is mud on our faces. We’re not really black.”

The line, as well as the surrounding conversation, is all meant to be a joke. It isn’t blackface, and if anything is a joke about blackface.

But when the wokeness of the cancel culture has become too much for even the left, it leaves people a little crazy. They read too much into things and give things like harmless sitcom episodes underlying meanings they were never meant to have.

As one social media user said of Hulu’s recent decision, “The politically correct mob is truly the most racist. They will look for racism anywhere and they will find it because it’s all they see.”

And I have to agree.

True, this scene could have been diabolically racial and demeaning. However, thanks to the quick wit of the writers, it was instead tastefully funny. In fact, the episode even portrayed beliefs that the “politically correct” left claims to agree with, making progressively held points about both race and relationships.

And some of them noticed as conservatives were not the only ones to criticize the recent decision. Some even claimed that such a move somehow belittles the current Black Lives Matter movement, making it look “petty” and stupid.

One person said, “Just so you know, [email protected] ppl never asked for that lol. They’re doing that so ppl can criticize the BLM movement.”

Another commented, “They’re DEFINITELY bringing this to the extreme so the general public will get fired up and start complaining when companies do something like this, this way companies don’t have to care about racial issues anymore to be on the public’s side.”

But this one takes the cake.

“Absolutely no one asked for this. Not a single soul. Not one individual on the planet. They’re just trying to undermine the BLM movement and make it look petty.”

And while it does do that for sure, BLM didn’t really need any help in that area. They were doing a pretty good job of that all on their own.

When Black Lives Matter has put so much pressure on local law enforcement that they can’t save a black man from getting shot and killed, there’s obviously a problem. When innocent children are just as equally shot and killed, all in the name of BLM and social justice, pettiness is most certainly seen.

No sane person looks at the looting, rioting, and property destruction going on and says, ‘Yep, that will help our nation heal.’ Neither do we see wisdom and equality in taking the only people who have been trained to protect and serve off the job.

The left may think all of this is drawing attention to racial and inequality issues. But in reality, little sense is being made at all. And America is noticing.

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