Cuomo Puts ICE on Ice in Haneous Attempt to Protect Illegals…Puts Law Enforcement Lives in Danger

As of late, New York appears to be drawing up defection plans as they decide what to call their newly formed country. They can’t attract enough crime by following stupid Federal laws, or by allowing those evil and pesky ICE agents to interfere with the lives of their overly abundant illegal population. The same ones […]

Video: Looney Liberal ‘Karen’ Loses Job Over Sickening Park Behavior

There are a lot of things that Democrats do to people that are racist. They are also notorious for blaming people for racist actions when they are not. But every now and then there will be a person that will truly treat another person roughly because they look different from them. When this injustice happens, […]

Hilarious! Whitmer Admits Trump is in Her Head

You would think, given the recent and drastic measures the Democratic governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer has taken with her state’s residents, that she cares little for what other government heads, including President Trump, have to say. However, that isn’t entirely the case. In fact, she just admitted that the President is very much always […]

Ilhan Omar Drops Feminazi Speech That is Brimming in Socialism and Satanic Rule

Ilhan Omar is spewing her feminazi propaganda of man-hatred socialism that has been a mark of the Democratic Party since she slipped her snaky self into the office. She spouted off that she believes that the sexual allegations lobbied against Joe Biden are indeed true. But her hatred for men is seen not just in […]

Cuomo Cries Over Unemployment Claims – Blames Citizens

Governor Cuomo was almost in tears when he found out that his state has more than 2 million people receiving over $10 billion in benefits. This is four times more than what was paid out this time last year. He is not crying and complaining about the people being out of work, but rather the […]

Trump Slams Fox News; Littered with ‘Garbage’

The Fox News Agency used to be a media outlet that people would turn to for the truth about what was going on. But now the president is singing a different tune because they have resorted to reporting news that is “doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3rd.” The news […]

Mike Huckabee: Facts Prove Democrats Wrong on Trump

The Democrats and the media are determined to make President Trump look crazy and wrong in just about everything that he does. They have taken the COVID-19 and used it as a cover to try and prove that the president does nothing right. So, they cry that he has failed at protecting the country and […]

Ted Cruz Calls on DOJ to Investigate New York Mayor De Blasio for Possible Anti-Semitism

Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas is cross with New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, which puts him in good company, including a greater part of the population of New York City. However, Cruz has a particular issue with De Blasio that he would like the Justice Department to look into, according to Fox News. “Sen. Ted Cruz, […]

Senator Graham is Going After Obama and Trump Officials to Testify Before the Senate

Subpoenas are going to be handed out to get former Obama and Trump officials to testify to put an end to this Russia collusion once and for all! The Obama administration and his filthy Democrats carried out the biggest hoax in American history. Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham is on a mission to get to […]

Israel Strikes Back at Iran in Cyberattack on Port Facilities

The Times of Israel is reporting that Israel and Iran have opened up a new front in the low-level war the two countries have been engaged in for the past few years. The front is being fought in cyberspace. “The former head of Military Intelligence on Tuesday said a sophisticated cyberattack on an Iranian port […]

Biden Says ‘I Wouldn’t Vote for Myself’ If He Believed Reade’s Allegations

Former Vice President Joe Biden is now acknowledging his campaign is in a bind. With the shadow of his past and his creepy ways, people in America can see right through Biden’s denial of the allegations before him. It doesn’t matter how much he denies the sexual assault allegations from Tara Reade. Biden told Lawrence […]

Saudi Arabia Still Trying to Disrupt American Oil Producers

Saudi Arabia and Russia claimed to have sparred each other in a massive oil war that was supposed to flood the market with oil. Each one claimed that they were wanting to get a larger piece of the market from the other nations. But what is proving to be the truth is that they wanted […]

Saliva Test For COVID-19, Is There More To It Than Just Tests?

The companies in charge of making tests for COVID-19 are coming up with a new form that will be sent to homes by mail by the millions. These new tests are nowhere near as uncomfortable as the nasal test. A small group of healthcare companies will send each household in America saliva test kits over […]

Chinese and Iranians Join Forces to Hack Their Way into American Research

The Chinese people have been trying to work their way into American research by hiring people to smuggle the information out of the country. China has the desire to compete with the United States on a level of knowledge that they are not able to handle. Their release of the coronavirus is proof of their […]

Were Obama Officials Involved in Flynn ‘Unmasking’?

As more documents become declassified, the world is learning of the corruption which took place in the Obama administration and how they sabotaged the Trump campaign in 2016. The media is spinning the stories, Obama and his team are lying and blaming everyone else. They are panicking, and it’s great!!! The truth is coming out […]

Residents In Washington Receiving Death Threats for Turning People In

It’s like we are living in Nazi Germany when neighbors and people can rat out others for not following government mandates. Now those people are receiving death threats. The old saying states it best, “Two wrongs don’t make a right!” The state of Washington is currently going through this as government officials set it to […]

Wall Street Journal Drills Obama and His Remarks

Many times throughout history, former Presidents speak only when necessary and remain out of the spotlight for the most part. Not former President Barrack Obama. He has been a thorn in America’s side, which doesn’t seem to want to go away. With the exoneration of General Michael Flynn, Obama seems quite nervous. The Wall Street […]

Is His Virtual Rally Going Black a Foreshadow for Biden?

When it rains, it pours. The former Vice President and presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden may be on the verge of a storm that will bring more than a little rain. The best thing that could have happened for the Biden camp, is arguably the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of the “stay-at-home” orders […]

VIDEO: CBS Busted for Creating Fake News

CBS News has long been one of the most highly respected and well-known media outlets not only in the United States but around the world. However, as of late, they have proved to do a real shoddy job of actually delivering the news as it happens. And in one of their most recent broadcasts, they […]

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Blasts Reporters and China Again

When people have enough of the lies, bashing, and disrespect from the media, people in high places tend to fight back. Unfortunately, they always are made out to be the bad guy when this happens. The Left and the media have done nothing but put down Trump and his administration since the day he announced […]

Pence Warns About New Cold War With China

While there are many who find themselves wondering if we are in the midst of a new Cold War with China, there are other questions that need to be asked. For starters, hasn’t this always been the case? We cannot remember a time when the relationship between the United States and China was absolutely perfect. […]

Watch: Trump Calling For Economic Reopening In Televised Town Hall

In the first week of May, America finds itself finally opening up slowly within each state according to safety first. President Donald Trump went on a televised interview Sunday inside the Lincoln Memorial for a virtual town hall. President Trump expressed he is confident both sides of safety and economic recovery can be obtained if […]

Exposed: Loophole That Officials Used to Stop Democrats from Funding Planned Parenthood

The story was uncovered from Fox News from White House officials as they explained how they passed the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) without funding Planned Parenthood. Many people took notice when the Democrats threw in all these other stipulations as they took the bill hostage. Democrats wanted Planned Parenthood to get money out of the […]

Pelosi Snaps When Reporter Points Out Her Double Standards

It never ceases to amaze me just how unapologetic the liberal left is about having extreme double standards. You would think they would at least try to hide it a bit more. But they don’t. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent response to the sexual allegations mounted against the former vice president and presumed Democratic […]

Trump Says China is in Bed with the Democrats

China has been at the mercy of the United States for the past four years. Ever since President Trump took office they have resented having to deal with him as the president. He called all of their bluffs and even won the tariff war against them. China knows that the only way to get out […]

Trump Says That China is Out to Get Him, Will Interfere in Election

Recently, President Donald Trump sat down with Steve Holland of Reuters and opened his mind on various subjects, including the coronavirus pandemic, America’s relations with China, and the upcoming presidential election. During the interview, Trump made an observation that is likely to be a subject of conversation for the rest of the presidential election cycle. […]

Man Who Threatened to Kill President Trump Gets Sentenced

The president of the United States is a major target for people that seek to harm the country. Such individuals see the head of the nation as the reason for all of their problems. They may have disagreements with the way things are going or they simply cannot handle all the changes a new president […]

This Absurd Question to Trump is Exactly Why People Hate the Media

For years, the media has been slowly losing its credibility. Year after year, week after week, and day after day, journalists, reporters, and commentators have begun to spin the truth to fit their own ideas and narratives. And seeing how most media outlets seem to be liberal backed, having Donald Trump as president has only […]

Bernie Supporters Explode in Anger Over Biden Sexual Assault Allegations

A lot of people are unhappy about the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations levied against former Vice President Joe Biden. Besides Ms. Reade herself, they include the boys and girls in the back rooms of the Democratic National Committee who are aghast that they are about to nominate a man who not only shows clear […]

How Will Elderly Deaths Affect the Election?

As the coronavirus continues its merciless strike on America, it’s plain to see that those most heavily affected by the virus are those in the 65+ age group, which is a crucial voting demographic. So the question, as morbid as it sounds, is how the possible death of hundreds of thousands of elderly Americans will […]

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