You Won’t Believe What Police Have Done To St. Louis Couple Who Defended Their Home Against “Peaceful” BLM Protesters

(Tea Party 247) – The St. Louis, Missouri couple who made headline news for defending their home and themselves against a mob of Black Lives Matter “protesters” has had one of their weapons seized by police. We are truly living in a totally upside-down world, folks. On Friday, Mark and Patricia McCloskey were served with […]

Do Black Lives Really Matter To Mayor Lori Lightfoot As Chicago Sees This Insane Surge In Gun Violence?

(Tea Party 247) – The United States is falling apart at the seams. The Democrats have been working tirelessly to undermine President Trump, China has found a way to completely destroy our economy (with the help of the left), and now a full-blown race war seems inevitable. Those are only the tip of the iceberg. […]

Lady Antebellum Changes Name Because…Racism. Now They’re Suing A Black Singer. Oh, The Irony.

(Tea Party 247) – In an attempt to be as woke and self-deprecating as possible in 2020 America, country band Lady Antebellum made the announcement that they would be changing their incredibly racist and offensive name that nobody has been offended by over the last 15+ years until now, to Lady A. This announcement came […]

Republican House Rep. Calls Out “Repugnant” Army Handout That Claims “MAGA” Is Evidence Of This…

(Tea Party 247) – The US Army has released a handout making the claim that the phrase “Make America Great Again” is an example of white supremacist ideology and that it is a form of “covert” white supremacy. On Friday, Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks (R) called the handout “repugnant” and claimed the Army has violated […]

Dead Cats Tell No Tales But This Story Is Further Proof That Mail-In Voting Would Be An Utter Disaster

(Tea Party 247) – The coronavirus scamdemic has given way for the left to push a myriad of policies and procedures that only serve to undermine freedom and our very democracy. The most dangerous of these is the push for 100% mail-in voting. For decades the Democrats have been attempting to rig elections in one […]

Huge: Cable News Doctor Who “Had Coronavirus” Is Exposed As A Fraud! Here’s What We Know

(Tea Party 247) – Mainstream media contributor and virologist Dr. Joseph Fair has been caught lying about contracting COVID-19 during multiple appearances on national television. The NBC and MSNBC contributor discussed his alleged recovery from the virus in nearly 12 interviews. Despite acknowledging on Tuesday that his COVID diagnosis was only “suspected,” and he ultimately […]

Huge: Case In UK Uncovers Explosive New Details Of FBI Abuse In Russia Probe

(Tea Party 247) – It’s all coming out. And it has been for some time. But the left has a heck of a lot going on to distract you, doesn’t it? It’s almost as if all the hype, hysteria, and widespread unrest are deliberately meant to cover up for the fact that the full extent […]

Make China Maoist Again? Communist Regime Revives This Chilling Censorial Practice

(Tea Party 247) – As schools across Communist China began to re-open after the COVID-19 virus which originated in Wuhan in the Hubei province, authorities took the opportunity to launch a fresh wave of censorship in the already significantly repressive country. Reuters reports that schools have “thrown themselves into a nationwide exercise to remove books […]

Mindless BLM Drones Vandalize Statue Outside Black Church In Indiana; Guess What The Statue Was Of

(Tea Party 247) – As the frenzied craze against statues continues to erupt across the country as yet another form of expression for the violence and lunacy of Black Lives Matter protesters, it’s become more and more clear that the individuals who are deeply involved in this movement don’t have two fully functioning brain cells […]

President Trump Will Be Thrilled By What The Supreme Court Just Decided About His Tax Returns

(Tea Party 247) – Okay, so we all know that the state of modern politics is an absolute mess of confusion, but what just happened with the Supreme Court on Thursday of this week is mind-blowing. It’s amazing how complex our legal system has become in over 200 years. Apparently, SCOTUS ruled 7-2 in the […]

Brazilian President Just Delivered Excellent News About His Health; Haters Of Hydroxychloroquine Will Not Be Pleased

(Tea Party 247) – Earlier this week, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro revealed that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. This is a man who, in the middle of this “vicious” pandemic had the intestinal fortitude to actually encourage his people to keep the economy going regardless of the spread of the illness. That, my […]

President Trump Finally Reveals The Real Reason Seattle Mayor Took Down CHOP Zone

(Tea Party 247) – One of the most bizarre situations to unfold this year, and given the vast amount of strangeness that’s occurred over the last several months, that’s really saying something, is no doubt the CHOP Zone in Seattle, Washington. You know, when a bunch of liberal soy drinking “freedom fighters” banneded together for […]

America Is So Lacking In Racism Another Guy Had To Make Up A Hate Crime; Here’s What We Know So Far

(Tea Party 247) – Okay, folks. I have a rather important question for you. If our nation is as racist as the loony left claims it is, if there is so much hatred for minorities in our country that we need movements like Black Lives Matter to straighten us out, why do so many people […]

This Radical Policy Proposal By Biden And Sanders Will Open The Flood Gates At America’s Borders

(Tea Party 247) – The left hates America but not only that, they are driven by a globalist agenda in which the ultimate goal is to transform the entire United States into an open-borders liberal dystopia. This election is no longer about Republican versus Democrat. It is literally the fight to save America or the […]

Burger King Panders To LGBT For Pride Month With This Obnoxious Gesture But Look Who’s Offended

(Tea Party 247) – The world is literally falling apart around us. The coronavirus scamdemic has upended life as we know it and it doesn’t look like the madness is going to end anytime soon. Our economy has crashed and unconstitutional decrees have become the rule of the land. Many major American cities are being […]

Joe Biden’s Economic Platform For Presidential Bid Is Absurd; You Just Have To See It For Yourself

(Tea Party 247) – Presidential nominee Joe Biden is finally starting to release pieces of the platform he is running on for the big showdown against Trump this year, and much of what he’s saying is nothing more than plaigerized bits and pieces from Sen. Bernie Sanders and other radicals serving in Congress. In fact, […]

What Ilhan Omar Said She Wants To Do To The ‘American Economy And Political Systems’ Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine

(Tea Party 247) – Radical leftists seem to have become very bold over the last few years, but particularly so ever since the disastrous coronavirus pandemic reached the shores of our great nation. We’ve seen hardcore progressive governors engage in gross overreach into the personal lives of individuals, putting a muzzle on liberty and freedom, […]

Old Social Media Posts Show The Racist And Hateful True Colors Of Black Lives Matter Toronto Leader

(Tea Party 247) – Black Lives Matter is a dangerous political movement but not only that they are stoking the flames of a race war that honestly would never exist if it weren’t for them. They hate capitalism in which people have to put forth effort to succeed. They would prefer a society in which […]

Insane: Why This Pro-Police Couple Got Charged With A Hate Crime In California

(Tea Party 247) – The justice system in our country is two-tiered. There’s one law for leftists…and one law for everyone else. A couple who was filmed on a cellphone video painting over a Black Lives Matter street mural have been charged with a hate crime due to the incident. This should give you chills. […]

CNN’s Don Lemon Has Crazy But Predictable Solution To Mount Rushmore Controversy

(Tea Party 247) – Liberal CNN host Don Lemon has a solution to the controversy over Mount Rushmore, a monument which was perfectly admirable to his colleagues at the network with President Barack Obama on the campaign trail for the White House in 2008 but has magically turned into a shrine to white supremacist slave […]

Watch: Angry Black Lives Matter Thug Harasses Group Of White School Kids, “F**k You Cracker A$$!”

(Tea Party 247) – Racism is most definitely alive and well in America except the paradigm has been flipped. We aren’t denying that there are still white people who are genuinely racist but the truth is, most incidents of racism are from minorities, specifically blacks, towards white people. Oh, but wait, according to the left […]

Catholic Priest Suspended After Calling Out Black Lives Matter For What They Really Are In Scathing Commentary

(Tea Party 247) – The election in November is essentially moot at this point. The left has managed to successfully take over America without the White House. The left has proven they don’t need the White House in order to control America and carry out their deranged agenda. They have successfully brought our economy to […]

Georgia’s Gov Kemp Has Had Enough Of Violence After 8-Year-Old Killed Over Weekend, Makes This Huge Move

(Tea Party 247) – On Monday, Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency following the deaths of five of his residents in violence in Atlanta over the weekend. One of the victims was an 8-year-old girl. Kemp also authorized the activation of up to 1,000 National Guard troops. A statement from the Republican […]

JK Rowling Goes Off On Her Unhinged Haters Who Hate Her Views On Gender Identity

(Tea Party 247) – Legendary Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who has been ruffling quite a few feathers among her fellow leftists for her views on gender identity, went off on her critics in a tweetstorm on Sunday which cast doubt on the safety and efficacy of hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgeries. Rowling was […]

“I’m Your Worst Nightmare!” The Next Stage Of Racially-Motivated Uprisings Have Begun…And It’s Terrifying

(Tea Party 247) – Over the weekend, videos began to go viral of a group of heavily armed members of what appears to be an all-black militia confronting white motorists and revealing a bit of their political aims. This is no Black Lives Matter. BizPac Review reports that the incident appeared to take place on […]

Watch: Family Of Slain 8-Year-Old Destroys Black Lives Matter Activists

(Tea Party 247) – Over the weekend, several Americans were killed amid ongoing violence that is supposed to be about combating injustice and achieving racial equality. You wouldn’t know if it you paid attention to the mainstream media, of course, but several of these Americans were children. Children. Five in fact. And the family of […]

Political Activist Colin Kaepernick Condemns The Fourth Of July In This Anti-America Tweet

(Tea Party 247) – Colin Kaepernick is desperate to remain relevant. His football career went down the tubes, not because he decided to become an on-field political activist but because that same year his team, the San Francisco 49ers, that he led as quarterback went 2-14 with Kaepernick leading the team to 12 of those […]

2020 Just Won’t Quit. Kanye West Made This Shocking 4th Of July Announcement On Twitter

(Tea Party 247) – As if the coronavirus, murder hornets, and the nationwide riots weren’t enough for 2020, Kanye West has announced on Twitter that he’s going to run for President. Would somebody kindly wake me when it’s 2021? This is too much. Whether or not he is actually serious, West blew up the internet […]

CNN Gives Negative Coverage To Trump Mount Rushmore Visit…But Guess How They Treated Obama’s Visit

(Tea Party 247) – Ahead of President Donald Trump’s Friday visit to Mount Rushmore, CNN breathlessly detailed the monument as a “monument of two slave owners” on “land wrestled [sic] away from Native Americans,” joining a chorus of triggered leftists slamming the Fourth of July event. However, as Breitbart noted on Friday, in 2008, the […]

Liberals Want Abraham Lincoln Statue To Go As This Statue Stands

(Tea Party 247) – The city of Boston, Massachusetts is set to remove their statue of Abraham Lincoln, the president who signed the Emancipation Proclamation and freed the slaves. Meanwhile, a statue of racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, whose organization Planned Parenthood has contributed to the deaths of millions of unborn babies, including black babies, still […]

Here’s Why Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest Has Epstein’s Friends “Pretty Terrified” Right Now

(Tea Party 247) – This week, notorious Epstein ex-girlfriend and alleged madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, was at long last apprehended by US authorities. She has long been the missing piece in the very twisted story of one Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile financier who died of “suicide” in his cell one year ago next month, and has […]

California Bans Singing In Church. Yes, Really. This Is Tyranny…

(Tea Party 247) – As we celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s declaration of independence from the British, the state of California has now banned singing in church. Yes, really. All in the name of “public safety,” of course. Well, our nation was not founded on safety. It was founded on freedom. This includes the […]

New Study Renders Anti-Trump Hydroxychloroquine Skeptics Totally Mute

(Tea Party 247) – The anti-malaria drug that was in wide use and considered perfectly safe in the United States until President Trump began to tout its possible benefits in treating the novel coronavirus just so happens to have successfully lowered the death rate among those hospitalized with COVID-19, according to a new study. The […]

Former WH Physician On The Truth About Joe Biden’s “Cognitive Tests”

(Tea Party 247) – Earlier this week, former Vice President and current Democratic Party presumed presidential nominee, Joe Biden, declared that he was undergoing frequent tests for his cognitive abilities as if the fact that a presidential candidate needs to undergo regular cognitive testing isn’t in itself rather disconcerting. He said this, of course, in […]

Former NYC Police Commissioner Completely Destroys Vandals; Says What We’ve All Been Thinking

(Tea Party 247) – Over the last several months, we’ve witnessed individuals who have been brainwashed by the liberal narrative that systemic racism still exists in America, come out of the shadows and attempt to burn their cities to the ground, loot local businesses, and destroying monuments all while claiming to be crusaders against racism. […]

Watch: Protesters Block Highway Ahead Of Trump’s Visit To Mount Rushmore

(Tea Party 247) – On Friday, protesters could be seen blocking a highway in South Dakota ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore for a 4th of July celebration that was heavy with meaning amid divisive, anti-American protests and political sentiment across the nation. The Hill reported that demonstrators could be seen gathering […]

Gavin Newsom Orders Beaches And Restaurants Closed Over July 4th Weekend; Look What The Hypocrite Is Keeping Open

(Tea Party 247) – California Governor Gavin Newsom, a man who has demonstrated clearly that he is not a friend of liberty in any way, shape, or form, has decided to go ahead and ruin July 4th celebrations for his poor, unfortunate citizens by rolling back some of the state’s reopening due to a surge […]

Accuser Drops Bombshell About How Long FBI Knew About Allegations Against Ghislaine Maxwell; If This Is True, It’s Totally Appalling

(Tea Party 247) – Earlier this week, Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking involving minor children, and other disgusting deeds, but a new report is revealing that this arrest is actually long overdue. Like over two decades kind of long overdue. An accuser has come out and […]

Joe Biden Claims He’s Had Cognitive Tests; But Is His Campaign Hiding The Results?

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since former Vice President Joe Biden announced that he would be running for president, many folks on the right called into question his mental fitness for such a campaign. And his pages upon pages of gaffes on the campaign trail, all the up to now, have not done much to […]

New Report Reveals Massive CDC Fraud Involving The Overcounting Of Active COVID-19 Cases; Here’s What We Know So Far

(Tea Party 247) – As of right now, we’re beginning to see a lot of new cases of coronavirus conveniently popping up in states across the country, especially in states that are trying to reopen their economies and get back to normal before a massive collapse happens that sends our nation into a death spiral […]

Woke Harvard Grad Who Said She Would Stab Someone For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ Gets What She So Richly Deserves

(Tea Party 247) – Every once in a great while, someone on the left says something incredibly stupid and actually pays the price for it. It’s a rare occurrence, sort of like spotting Bigfoot in the woods, but it does actually happen, and when it does, it’s totally and utterly glorious in every conceivable way. […]

Ben Carson Drops Massive Truth Bomb About Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Streets; Liberals Are Going To Hate Him For This

(Tea Party 247) – It seems the radical left in this country has been on a steady diet of crazy the last month or so, a fact compounded by the mass hysteria that’s occurred in the wake of George Floyd’s death and the violent race riots that exploded all across the country as a result. […]

Check Out What This Seattle Resident Has To Say About City’s Do-Nothing Mayor And CHAZ/CHOP

(Tea Party 247) – Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has finally seemed to come to her senses and ordered CHOP/CHAZ to come to an end. This decision has come after a total of five people have lost their lives in the zone. Had the Mayor acted decisively and quickly when the area was initially taken over […]

Breaking: California’s Newsom, After Allowing Protests And Riots, Reverses Course On Lockdown

(Tea Party 247) – On Tuesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he will be reversing course on previously loosened coronavirus lockdown measures after briefly taking a break to allow people to protest en masse and destroy public property. Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and Orange County were all ordered to close indoor operations […]

Yes. The CHOP Is Still In Operation. Here’s What The Democrat Mayor Is Trying To Do About It….

(Tea Party 247) – Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) has issued an executive order vacating the notorious “autonomous” protest zone in her city in the wake of ongoing gun violence, rapes, robberies, assaults, property damage in the area, and increased gang activity. This is not the first time she’s signaled that the zone has to […]

Chris Cuomo Gets Slammed By St. Louis Man Who Defended His Home From Violent Protesters

(Tea Party 247) – CNN’s Chris Cuomo, aka “Guido,” made an absolute fool of himself on Tuesday night when he invited on the St. Louis man who went viral after he and his wife defended their property from a group of Black Lives Matter activists who threatened his home and family. After giving the predictable […]

Is Harvard Going To Do Anything About This Crazed Ex-Student Who Threatened To Stab Students Who Said This

(Tea Party 247) – If someone went online and declared they would stab anyone who said “black lives matter,” they would get a visit from federal agents after their careers and lives were completely ruined forever. But threatening to say you’ll stab anyone who says “all lives matter” in a viral TikTok video will apparently […]

Here’s What The Father Of Black Teenager Killed In CHOP Thinks Should Happen To The Autonomous Zone

(Tea Party 247) – The father of a black teenager shot and killed in Seattle’s CHOP last week is calling out the lawless “no-cop” zone where his son was killed. This week, two more teenagers were shot, ages 14 and 16. The older boy died of his injuries. Calls to shut down the twisted social […]

Huge: General Flynn’s Lawyer Explains Exactly Why Her Client Was Targeted

(Tea Party 247) – It may seem like the General Michael Flynn case was all about Trump. Just part of a crooked plot to remove him from the presidency because they couldn’t stand that he beat Hillary in 2016. This is easy to believe, as obviously this was part of it. But what was it […]

Joe Biden Drops Bombshell: Do You Know If He’s Been Tested For Coronavirus?

(Tea Party 247) – They’ve been keeping Joe Biden in his basement. But have they even bothered to see if their careful treatment of him has kept him Covid-negative? Ha! Nope. During a Tuesday press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden told reporters that he has not, in fact, been tested for the novel coronavirus. “No […]

John Wayne’s Son Defends His Father As Leftists Make This Demand

(Tea Party 247) – The son of legendary Western actor John Wayne is speaking out in defense of his father as leftists are calling for the Orange County airport named in his honor based on “racist” comments he made decades ago. Newsmax reports: Leaders of Orange County’s Democratic Party are pushing to drop the film […]

What NWSL Players Do During The National Anthem Will Give You Another Reason You Didn’t Already Need To Hate Soccer

(Tea Party 247) – One of the most unpopular and made fun of sports in the United States is that of professional soccer. With such an awful reputation, you’d think the teams in these leagues would want to do anything they can to make the sport more appealing to an American audience, avoiding stuff like […]

GOP Rep Stefanik Slams Governor Cuomo For His Role In Thousands Of Nursing Home Deaths

(Tea Party 247) – While the mainstream media is determined to convince you that President Donald Trump is solely responsible for every single coronavirus death on American soil since the start of the virus, there’s no denying the very stark reality that there are some leaders who do have blood on their hands. And it’s […]

Ron Paul Says The Media Is Lying About The “Second Wave.” Here’s Why.

(Tea Party 247) – The mainstream media has been warning, as they clutch their pearls, about a second wave of the novel coronavirus. Naturally, the ongoing anti-racism protests have nothing to do with this, the way they see it. It’s amazing how quickly, and without shame, the narratives shift. Nonetheless, while seeming to believe protesting […]

America’s Future: Liberal Stronghold NYC’s “New Normal” Leaves 11 People Shot Over The Weekend

(Tea Party 247) – New York City is becoming the next St. Louis, one of the most violent cities in the country. While the city has always had it’s fair share of crime, as any major urban area would, it is now seeing violent crime rates akin to gun crimes hotbed St. Louis. Gun violence […]

Must Watch: Journalist Goes Off On California County Officials In Epic Speech Over Coronavirus Scamdemic Lockdowns

(Tea Party 247) – A journalist in Ventura County, California absolutely scorched the County Board of Supervisors earlier this week over the ongoing coronavirus scamdemic measures. His sentiments can be echoed in the majority of counties across the US who are still being plagued with tyrannical mandates and executive orders. The people have had enough. […]

Here’s The Story Behind Woke Oregon Official Who Created Mask Exemption For POC

(Tea Party 247) – Oregon is a hot mess and as PJ Media put it “has given us perhaps the most 2020 thing of 2020” and how true that is. You have likely heard about the most absurd facemask exemption in the country coming out of Lincoln County, Oregon. If not, Governor Kate Brown ordered […]

Super Woke John Jay College Prof Posts This Helpful, Instructional Pro-Tip To Twitter For Leftist Anarchists

(Tea Party 247) – Since America is apparently a wicked society characterized by racism and hate, it’s only natural that the totally sane and reasonable radical left would want to destroy our heritage, erase our history, and completely revolutionize our culture. No matter the fact that America’s heritage is, in fact, one of equality and […]

California Legislature Votes To Allow Discrimination Based On Gender, Race, Nationality…This Is Regression

(Tea Party 247) – This week, California’s legislature voted to remove their constitutional ban on “discriminating against or granting preferential treatment to persons on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in public employment, public education, and public contracting.” Yes, let that sink in for a moment. They just voted to be […]

Watch: BLM Protester Has Spectacular Meltdown…You’ve Got To See This

(Tea Party 247) – It’s very tricky of this movement known as Black Lives Matter to brand themselves using the phrase “black lives matter.” While virtually every decent American agree that “black lives matter,” the group itself has many, many issues. Case in point? Trying to destroy the Emancipation monument: “Why are you protecting it?!” […]

As Statues, Churches Targeted By Radical Left, Christian Pastors Make This Vow

(Tea Party 247) – A group of pastors is stepping up to the plate as Christian statues, churches, and religious art are targeted by the angry mob of radical leftists that has taken our national dialogue into stranglehold in recent weeks. The most recent assault on our most sacred values has been a claim that […]

David Marcus Explains What Comes After They “Topple The Statues”…Are You Ready?

(Tea Party 247) – On Friday night, David Marcus appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show, hosted by Brian Kilmeade. He gave a chilling warning for what we can expect next now that violent mobs have been allowed to tear down statues in a fit of radical, far-left rage. “This is not new in history. […]

London “Street Party” Rages For Third Night, You Won’t Believe What Went Down This Time

(Tea Party 247) – On the third consecutive night of London “street parties,” aka “violent riots,” police seized firearms (so much for all their glorious gun control) and were attacked with glass bottles. This comes as notably leftist and viruently anti-Trump Mayor Sadiq Khan announced budget cuts to the Metropolitian Police, as part the western […]

Watch: Pelosi Tries To Invoke George Floyd’s Name During Presser. There’s Only One Problem…

(Tea Party 247) – George Floyd was a man with a lengthy criminal history who was killed by police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis over Memorial Day weekend. Now, what Chauvin did was completely illegal. Police officers cannot be allowed to kneel on a suspect’s neck for nine minutes and expect to get away with […]

Trump Administration Takes Massive Swing To Obliterate Obamacare; Here’s What We Know

(Tea Party 247) – One of the many reasons the Democratic Party and the head honchos in the progressive movement hate President Donald Trump so much is because he promised to destroy the infrastructure that former President Barack Obama put in place that would lay the foundationfor the transformation of America from a republic into […]

Live Stream Freezes After Joe Biden Says Something Mortifyingly Stupid About COVID-19 Deaths And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

(Tea Party 247) – Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to provide plenty of evidence that he is mentally unfit for the job of President of the United States, and yet, like good little puppets, the mainstream media is refusing to ask the tough questions about whether or not something might be wrong with their […]

Must-Watch Video Of A$AP Rocky And Other Top Rappers Speaking Out Against BLM Goes Viral

(Tea Party 247) – While the leftist media outlets want us to believe that all white people are racists they also want us to believe that all black people are on board with the radical agenda of Black Lives Matter but the truth is neither is true. In a video that is going viral, several […]

Disgusting ‘Protester’ Assaults Senior Citizen Protecting Columbus Statue; It Doesn’t Take Long Before The Tables Turn…

(Tea Party 247) – Some people involved in the recent race riots and statue vandalism are utterly disgusting in their behavior and antics. Like a Latino “protester” who actually physically assaulted a senior citizen who was attempting to protect a Christopher Columbus statue in Wooster Square Park in New Haven, Connecticut. The police were forced […]

Media Executive Indicts Big Tech On Charges That They Have Been Seizing “All The Power”

(Tea Party 247) – Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 4 years or just learned that the internet exists, you have most definitely seen how Big Tech has gradually been taking control over the flow of information. We live in the Information Age and with 24/7 access to near live, up […]

Chuck Schumer Weighs In On Pelosi’s Egregious Comments About GOP Trying To Get Away With Floyd’s Murder; Birds Of A Feather Really Do Flock Together

(Tea Party 247) – A press conference was held on Wednesday featuring Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer where he was asked a question about the egregious comments made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which she stated that Republicans are “trying to get away with murder, actually. The murder of George Floyd.” The comment was […]

Grand Jury In Death Of Ahmaud Arbery Indicts Three Men; Here’s What We Know So Far

(Tea Party 247) – A Georgia Grand Jury has reached a decision to indict three individuals in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. The deliberation was fairly quick, only taking about an hour-and-a-half. In case you don’t remember the details of this particular incident — who could blame you for forgetting amid the craziness seeming […]

Video: Crazed Mob Threatens To Tear Down Emancipation Memorial Of Abraham Lincoln; That’s When This Black Female Pastor Sets The Record Straight

(Tea Party 247) – So it seems the “hip” and “cool” new way to protest is to find statues that supposedly represent people or ideas from our nation’s history that you don’t like or agree and either vandalize them beyond recognition or tear them down completely. Because history, apparently, doesn’t matter anymore. Why learn from […]

NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Continues To Make A Fool Of Himself Over Fake Noose; Check Out What He’s Saying Now

(Tea Party 247) – Black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace seems determined to become some sort of victimized hero of the radical left, which is understandable because that’s probably the only way anyone is going to give him the attention he apparently craves but is not getting from his current profession. If you remember from a […]

Eye Roll: Jimmy Kimmel Gets Flack For Past Blackface Sketches; His Response Is To Take Cheap Shots At Conservatives

(Tea Party 247) – You know, most children used to be taught that when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they should expect to be disciplined and the response to that discipline better be a contrite heart. It seems, however, that modern generations get busted doing what they ought not do […]

This Venezuelan Activist’s Warning Is Something All Americans Need To See Before It’s Too Late For Our Democracy

(Tea Party 247) – Over the course of the last three weeks, over 100 statues have been destroyed, taken down, or vandalized in the US. Some are arguing that it’s OK because they’re just Confederate statues but that is simply not true. Catholic saints, Christopher Columbus, Union figures, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses S. […]

Breaking Bombshell: Brand New Strzok Notes In Flynn Case…This Is Huge

(Tea Party 247) – In the latest plot twist in the never-ending quest to bring Deep State coup plotters to justice, the Department of Justice has disclosed that they’ve located brand new notes from notorious former FBI agent, Peter Strzok, in the shame investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Strzok, one part of […]

Trump Makes This Vow To Protect What Democrat Leaders Across The Country Refuse To

(Tea Party 247) – The mobs that have risen since the police killing of George Floyd have had very little to do with “justice” and “racism.” While Antifa and other radical leftist organizations hide themselves under the umbrella of the “no justice no peace” movement, the truth is they are leftist anarchists who are hell-bent […]

Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell Explains Why “Sham” Black Lives Matter Needs To Stop Getting Funding

(Tea Party 247) – In a recent appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” civil rights attorney Leo Turrell had some very decisive words about the organization Black Lives Matter and the corporations who continue to pour money into the notoriously far-left organization. Dismissing the movement as a “joke,” Turrell slammed the organization, declaring they lack any […]

Leftist Man Livestreams Himself Praising CHOP Mural When This Happens. Try Not To Laugh.

(Tea Party 247) – Where there is anarchy there can only be chaos and the good folks of the autonomous nation “CHOP” within American city Seattle, have found this out firsthand over the last couple of weeks. Upon settling their independent nation the founders of CHOP (then called CHAZ) promptly established physical borders and then […]

Former NFL Player On Kaepernick: League Looking To Apply “Affirmative Action For A Marxist”

(Tea Party 247) – Burgess Owens, the former safety for the New York Jets, is slamming the NFL for reconsidering hiring Colin Kaepernick. The way Owens sees it, doing so would be tantamount to “affirmative action for a Marxist.” When he was on the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick made a name for himself, not with […]

Watch: Black Celebrities Destroy The Left’s Narrative On Race

(Tea Party 247) – It’s funny how the left acts like everything celebrities say is gospel truth…until it conflicts with their own narrative. In a 12-minute YouTube video, the mainstream narrative on race is painfully refuted by a series of black celebrities who say all the wrong things. It begins with CNN’s Don Lemon discussing […]

UK Labour Party Tweets This Bizarre Father’s Day Ad And Twitter Users Didn’t Hold Back

(Tea Party 247) – Liberals have no respect for or desire to preserve the traditional family unit which is essential to maintaining a properly functioning and health society. Without a mom and a dad in the home children suffer. It isn’t some radical right-wing, conservative opinion. It’s a fact. Nearly 1 in 4 American children […]

Yet Another Mail-In Ballot “Mistake” Affects Hundreds Of Republican Voters In New Jersey

(Tea Party 247) – Anxieties and concerns over primary elections and the election in November continue to grow nationwide thanks to Democrats’ calls for 100% mail-in voting and the potential for fraud, tampering, and corruption. These worries have been repeatedly proven to be justified as “mistakes” continue to happen in which Republicans always seem to […]

Angela Merkel’s Pursuit to Make Germany More “Diverse” Means Funding For This Terrorist Group

(Tea Party 247) – When Donald Trump announced his intention to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization, which they are, there have been efforts made to trace the international funding and support for the organization. When you follow the money trail it seems that many prominent political figures are behind them, not the least of […]

Conservatives Aren’t Alone In Noticing Joe Biden’s Mental Decline. Here’s What Joe Rogan Had To Say…

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden, as we all know, is running for President. The presumptive Democratic Nominee knocked out 29 other mostly unqualified Democratic candidates to secure the nomination while riding on Obama’s “legacy” the entire time. Now, it’s impossible to ignore the cognitive decline of the former Obama Vice President yet that’s exactly […]

Look What Anti-Law Organization Has Thrown Their Support Behind Black Lives Matter

(Tea Party 247) – Leftist demands to “defund” the police and abolish prisons are nothing new. They’ve been circulating for several years now but with the death of George Floyd these radical ideas have been thrust into the mainstream and have gained a shocking amount of support. We should, of course, not be surprised by […]

The Mob Is Taking Over Police Precincts and Police Weapons But Where Are The Republican Lawmakers?

(Tea Party 247) – The United States is being overrun by the mob of leftist radicals who are rioting and taking over police stations and now even taking possession of police-issued firearms. It seems lawlessness has taken over but it’s all for “justice” so don’t worry. The worst part is that it seems as though […]

What Chick-fil-A’s CEO Just Said Whites Should Do To Show “Shame” For Racism Is Absolutely Ridiculous

(Tea Party 247) – Chick-fil-A is a business that has long become a favorite among Christians and conservatives due to their willingness to shut down on Sundays so people can attend church services, and also for bravely standing up for their pro-marriage stance despite all of the hatred they received for doing so. Well, that […]

Uprising? How Chief Federal Prosecutor In New York Has Reacted To Barr’s Move To Replace Him

(Tea Party 247) – Scandal in the Deep State as Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey Berman refused to step down on Friday night. This came in reaction to Attorney General Bill Barr announcing that President Donald Trump manages to nominate Jay Clayton, the current Securities and Exchange Commission chairman, to succeed him. Late Friday evening, Barr […]

Black Trump Supporter Destroys Angry Activists Ahead Of Tulsa Rally

(Tea Party 247) – The left would like to have you believe, like the racists that they are, that all black people just fall at their feet and thank the Democrats for rescuing their people from the oppression that is the Republican Party’s longtime stranglehold on their rights and liberty. Of course, they’re really hoping […]

Guess What Happened To This Vermont Principal Who Had The Audacity To Politely Explain How She Feels About Far-Left Black Lives Matter?

(Tea Party 247) – A principal in Vermont described by school board members has having had a “meaningful and positive impact” has been placed on administrative leave by the same board members for issuing a mild criticism of Black Lives Matter on Facebook. Welcome to 2020, folks. Buckle up. BizPac Review explains: In a letter […]

It’s Time For Conservatives To Face This Unsettling Truth About The US Supreme Court

(Tea Party 247) – The latest Supreme Court rulings on DACA and the Civil Rights have been catastrophic for conservatives and really highlights one of the biggest reasons why our country is in the state that it’s currently in. For decades, Republicans have utterly failed to nominate actual conservatives to the Supreme Court and it […]

Police Officers Across The Nation Protesting Anti-Cop Rhetoric In Major Way

(Tea Party 247) – Police officers in Atlanta have begun calling in sick and refusing to answer calls, unless they’re for back-up in response to the decision to file charges against their fellow officer, Garrett Rolfe, who shot Rayshard Brooks, a black man, who grabbed his Taser and fired it at him. As the George […]

Medical Tyrant Dr. Fauci Had Some Scornful Words For Everyday Americans Who He Thinks Are In “Denial”

(Tea Party 247) – The now famous Dr. Fauci, the little wanna-be dictator of America and the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, took a major shot at everyday Americans for refusing to sacrifice their freedoms and liberties to go along with his authoritarian demands and accused people of “amazing denial” […]

Hysteria Whipped Up Over “Nooses” Found In Oakland Park, Till This Black Hippie Comes Forward And Explains What They Really Are…

(Tea Party 247) – This is a story almost too unbelievable for words. Several “nooses” found in an Oakland, California park caused quite an uproar recently, that is, until a man came forward and explained that he’d put them there as an exercise aid for people who visited the park. Oh, no, actually, that didn’t […]

Man Savagely Beaten By Gang, You’ll Never Guess What One Of Them Yelled…

(Tea Party 247) – The biggest problem with the progressive, political movement Black Lives Matter is that it has convinced many black people that they are victims and it forces upon them a victimhood mentality which, inevitably, comes with a sense of entitlement and a whole lot of resentment towards white people. Disclaimer: Of course, […]

You Won’t Believe The Astonishing Rap Sheet Of Thug Who Shoved Elderly Woman Down In NYC

(Tea Party 247) – You’ve likely heard about or seen the video of a young man randomly pushing an elderly woman to the ground in broad daylight in Manhattan last week. If not, the 92-year old victim was walking with her pushcart on Third Avenue near East 16th Street in the Gramercy Park Neighborhood around […]

Yet Another Study Released That Says Blood Type Plays Huge Role In How Severe COVID-19 Cases Can Be; Here’s What It Revealed

(Tea Party 247) – While all of the chaos with Black Lives Matter is front and center when it comes to news coverage right now, the coronavirus all but forgotten it seems, there’s still new information coming out that is revealing more and more about COVID-19 and how the illness works. Not long ago a […]

Trump Campaign Takes Shot At America’s Technocracy: “They’re Terrified Of Intellectual Diversity”

(Tea Party 247) – Big Tech has made no secret of targeting conservatives for censorship. While those on the left seem at liberty to say and post literally whatever they want, conservatives find themselves and their posts silenced, shadow banned, or otherwise censored on all major social media platforms while Google suppresses right-wing websites and […]

Must Watch: Black Street Preacher Goes Into CHAZ/CHOP And Calls Out Joe Biden For Exactly What He Is

(Tea Party 247) – A black female street preacher is going viral after dropping some serious truth bombs on the “revolutionaries” of Seattle’s autonomous zone, CHAZ, or as it is now being called “CHOP.” In one video she is seen explaining that the Democrats have always been the party of racism and bigotry towards blacks […]

Historic Brand Name Aunt Jemima The Latest Victim Of BLM Outrage

(Tea Party 247) – Well, folks, it’s official. There’s truly nothing sacred in this world thanks to the Herculean efforts of the radical left in America, hell bent on destroying everything in our society for the sake of political correctness. It’s mind-blowing to think there are actually people in this world who think they can […]

Report Reveals DOJ Set To Propose Plan To Undermine Big Tech Censorship

(Tea Party 247) – The Department of Justice is reportedly gearing up for a series of proposals that would roll back Big Tech legal immunities under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA). Sources told the Wall Street Journal that the measures will be announced as early as Wednesday. From the WSJ: The Justice […]

Tim Scott Slams The Senator Who Just Called His Reform Plan A “Token” Measure

(Tea Party 247) – Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), the only black Republican senator, has been derided as a “token” by the leftist powers that be in Washington and in the media complex, for stepping to the plate to work with the GOP to put forth a bipartisan police reform bill in the wake of widespread […]

When A Man Pulled A Gun To Defend Himself Amid Raging Mob Of Protesters…Guess Who Got Arrested?

(Tea Party 247) – For some insane reason, a New Mexico civilian group was recently forced to protect a statue themselves when the police seem to have abandoned the situation. Will all the news outlets & blue check marks condemning the armed counterprotester make sure to report that Antifa screamed "We're going to f**king kill […]

Boston’s Democrat Mayor Not Only Supports Removing Lincoln Statue…He Opposes Changing The Name Of This Historic Site Linked To Slavery

(Tea Party 247) – Democrats sure have their priorities twisted. And that’s putting in lightly. Democrat Mayor Marty Walsh (D) not only supports removing the statue of Abraham Lincon that has stood in his city for over a century…but he opposes renaming Faneuil Hall, which is named for a slave owner and on the site […]

Watch: Black Man Renders “Woke” BLM Health Care Workers Silent With These Five Words

(Tea Party 247) – Black Lives Matter is a politically toxic movement that seeks to amplify their own cause by holding the words “black lives matter” hostage to their far-left, radical ideology. In reality, however, they promote policies that hurt, rather than help black people. Particularly black babies in the womb. Abortion hurts not just […]

Newly Released Bodycam Footage Reveals The Truth About How Police Treated Rayshard Brooks; This Explodes The Liberal Narrative

(Tea Party 247) – New body cam footage, released in its entirety, reveals the truth about how police officers treated Rayshard Brooks, and it is not at all the way the radical left and their buddies in the mainstream media said it was. The footage reveals that Officer Garrett Rolfe and Officer Devin Brosan, who […]

Elementary Social Studies Teacher Arrested For Doing This To A Christopher Columbus Statue

(Tea Party 247) – Just in case you aren’t fully convinced the public education system in the US has officially gone to hell in a hand basket, here’s a story just for you. The very core of the public school system has been infected with progressive liberalism which dictates that historical facts themselves are evil […]

United Nations Brazenly Moves To Transform This Massive US Police Department Under Guise Of “Reform”

(Tea Party 247) – The globalist agenda is unfolding right before our eyes in so many more ways than one. The coronavirus has been the most brazen stunt to usher in the New World Order but other, more subtle efforts are being made that most people wouldn’t even bat an eye at. Take, for example, […]

Dumpster Fire Strikes Near CHAZ. Guess Who They Called For Help Putting It Out?

(Tea Party 247) – Since the George Floyd protests turned to riots in Seattle, a six-block part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood has been taken over and occupied by anti-police, radical leftist protesters. This merry band of misfits have declared the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, also known as CHAZ, as independent from the United States, […]

Watch: CHAZ Thugs Attack, Sexually Assault Christian Street Preacher

(Tea Party 247) – The Lord of the Flies continues in Seattle, where city and state officials are so weak-spined and pathetic they actually let a bunch of Antifa and BLM activists take over a section of Seattle where they’re conducting their own bizarre, lawless, and smelly social experiment. Of course, unlike the civilized republic […]

Tanzanian President Makes This Coronavirus Declaration After Nation Observes “Three Days Of Prayer”

(Tea Party 247) – There’s at least one country who is not playing the global pandemic game and that’s Tanzania. Several weeks ago, Tanzania claimed to have sent samples in to the World Health Organization for coronavirus testing. When all three samples came back with positive results, the Tanzania President John Magufuli reportedly revealed that […]

Have You Had Enough Democrat Hypocrisy? They Haven’t. Here’s Their Latest Gripe With The President.

(Tea Party 247) – The well of leftist hypocrisy will never run dry. If it ever does, this writer may be out of a job. Luckily, it won’t. While the hypocrisy of Democrat governors keeping millions of citizens under draconian lockdown orders while supporting protests and riots has not been lost on anyone, it is […]

You Won’t Believe What Leftists Are Using To Protect Their Autonomous Zone In Seattle

(Tea Party 247) – Let’s do a brief recap on some of the reasons why the left hates Donald Trump and thinks he is the worst human on planet earth. First, President Trump believes that the President of the United States should be focused on the best interests of the United States first and foremost. […]

Look How Easy The Internet Made It To Find This Woman Who Set Five Police Cars On Fire In Seattle

(Tea Party 247) – Those who partook in causing mass chaos and destruction in the recent riots maybe didn’t consider the fact that we live in the technology age and someone is always watching. Those that have set fire to buildings and vehicles have, in some cases, been easily found and apprehended thanks to social […]

Despite Violent Crimes Rising In “CHAZ” Seattle Mayor Had This To Say About The Liberal Dystopia Test Pilot

(Tea Party 247) – The Mayor of Seattle is about as delusional of a leftist as there is. It’s hard to say if she actually believes the load of garbage that comes out of her mouth or if she is just pandering. Either way, she appears to be living in a fantasy land totally removed […]

Cops Canceled, Paw Patrol Demonized, Now One Rolling Stone Writer Has Taken Aim At This Iconic Police Character

(Tea Party 247) – There will never come a time when the left is satisfied. If Joe Biden picks a woman of color as his running mate and wins the election and transforms the US into a socialist liberal dystopia, they will still find reasons to be outraged. This is evidenced by the ongoing litany […]

“Never Again” North Korea Foreign Minister Issues Ominous Statement Over Trump-Kim Relations

(Tea Party 247) – North Korea has long been an unstable and unpredictable world presence. Their aspirations to develop nuclear weapons has not been a secret nor have their desires to dominate surrounding countries. In recent years President Trump has made historic contact with North Korean Dictator Kim Jung-Un and several summits have been held […]

Wait Til You Hear What This VA State Senator Told Police Just Hours Before Toppled Statue Put Man In A Coma

(Tea Party 247) – On Wednesday, protestors in Portsmouth, Virginia tore down a bronze Confederate statue which promptly fell on a man leaving him in a coma. The man has been identified as Black Lives Matter protestor Chris Greene and thanks to the protestors riotous and criminal activity he is now critically ill in the […]

Despite Losses On Thursday, Dow Bounces Back In A Huge Way; Here Are The Details

(Tea Party 247) – The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which has been on a roller coaster ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic started and the lockdowns began, took a rather hard hit on Thursday, but managed to bounce back on Friday with a gain of 700 points. Economic woes have been the top […]

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