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Pelosi Snaps Again – This Time Over AOC

With the Democratic Party now seemingly in full control of our government, if only by a thin margin, everyone is naturally looking toward the...

Financial Institutions Step into the Political Ring, Gloves Off

First, social media wanted to tell us what we could and couldn’t post. Then, Amazon decided that it wanted to ban a site that...

The World Is in Shock Over Abusive Censorship Against Conservatives by American Companies and Democrats

When Twitter elected to remove Donald Trump from their platform, they probably expected a ticker-tape parade. While they have received plenty of praise from...

Kim Jong Un Announces More Nukes, Dares Weak Biden to Do Something About It

For a few years now, North Korea has gotten away with little, either in action or in thinly veiled threats when it comes to...

(Video) Biden Promises to Help Small Businesses to Survive His COVID Lockdowns – But Only if They Are Owned by Minorities

Democrat governors and Republicans In Name Only (aka RINOs) were responsible for the draconian lockdowns that have laid waste to the American economy. To...

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