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Second Attack on White House Grounds Perpetrated by Figure Close to Biden Causes Official to Be Transported to the Hospital

News of a second attack by the same individual on the White House grounds has Americans pushing for resignation as the victim sought medical...

Trump’s COVID Comments on Sunlight Found to be True

If the political left is to be believed, every little thing that former President Donald Trump says is a complete bald-faced lie. Thusly, everything...

High Profile Republican Pushes Back Against Rape Allegations Claiming Corruption of DOJ

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is pushing back against a serious allegation that he has had an inappropriate and illegal relationship with a 17-year-old and...

Universal Basic Income Test Will Highlight Everything Wrong with the Concept

Universal basic income (UBI) is a concept where everyone is given a specific amount of money to help with living expenses. It can be...

Biden Has a ‘Major’ Problem with White House Visitors

All it takes is one vicious attack and a dog is put down. However, Joe Biden has always made sure that family is above...

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