Cuomo Puts ICE on Ice in Haneous Attempt to Protect Illegals…Puts Law Enforcement Lives in Danger

As of late, New York appears to be drawing up defection plans as they decide what to call their newly formed country. They can’t attract enough cri ...Read More

Omar’s Daughter Supports ‘Comrades’ Rioting in Minneapolis

If you have been paying any attention to recent news stories throughout the country, you will likely have heard about the wrongful death of George ...Read More

Fauci Confirms Wearing Mask Is Only Symbolic

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a great deal of confusion as to what we can do on a personal level to mitigate the spread. Sinc ...Read More

Global News

Video: Looney Liberal ‘Karen’ Loses Job Over Sickening Park Behavior

There are a lot of things that Democrats do to people that are racist. They are also notorious for blaming people for racist actions when they are ...Read More

New Mexico Governor Secretly Deceives People

The witch of a governor Michelle Lujan is living up to her Democratic roots. She purposely made a purchase of jewelry at a retail store after she h ...Read More

Democrats in Panic Economy Might Recover Before They Can Seize Power

The Democrats have already approached the pandemic from a very selfish angle. They want to know how it is going to benefit them and it’s ghoulish t ...Read More

Hypocrisy of CNN: Reporter Blasts Beach-goers for Doing the Same Thing he’s Doing at That Moment

CNN continues to lie and cheat their way through the headlines that they post every day. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, which is why they have fo ...Read More

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