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Taliban Grows Stronger in Afghanistan – Here’s Why

It’s been almost twenty years since we began our long-standing war on terrorism in the Middle East. That’s twenty years of spending some $2 trillion,...

Locals Call Out Kamala After she Embarrassed America in Guatemala

The first female vice president is turning out to be about as underwhelming as the first Black president; which is to say that they’re...

Breaking: Associated Press Stirs the Pot of Racism With New One-Sided Writing Guidelines Demeaning White People

It’s difficult to be a white person in America these days without being accused of being racially prejudiced. There, it’s been said. If you’re...

Putin Is Silencing His Opposition in Preparation of Russia’s Sept Elections…There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Mink

There is no denying that Vladimir Putin controls Russia. On August 9, 1999, then-president Boris Yeltsin appointed Putin as acting Prime Minister and he’s...

Harris Fumbles Like Biden When Asked About Border Crisis

There is nothing better in life than watching a high-profile Democrat make a mess of things when asked a simple question regarding the border...

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