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Maricopa County Sabotaging the AZ Audit?

It’s been pretty clear from the get-go that Maricopa County officials and Democrats aren’t exactly thrilled with the knowledge that their election is being...

Arrogance Marks Gavin Newsom as He Blames Legal Transactions for Illegal Behavior

Californians continue to live under the tyrannical leader Gavin Newsom. His lustful attempts to grab power have only infuriated the movement seeking to unseat...

Fed-Up Farmers Demand Biden Pay for Property Damage Done by Illegals

As the Washington Post has recently reported, illegal immigration at our nation’s southern border with Mexico isn’t getting any better. In March, border agents apprehended and...

Russian Mercenaries Kill and Torture Civilian Man in Syria…Putin Endorsed it…Lawsuits Have Been Filed

There is nothing more gruesome than purposely inflicting excruciating pain on a person, but the Russians appear to revel in it, and desperate pleas...

Mask Mandates… Prepare for the Preposterous

We’ve done everything that the U.S. government has told us to do. In March of last year, we were told that no masks were...

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