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Hunter Biden Sobered Long Enough to Author a Book Liberals are Falling in Love With

Hunter Biden has been a drug addict for decades. Cocaine, heroin, he’s done it all. Yet, he sobered up long enough to write a book....

Democratic Fear Grows as Trump is Proven Correct Again After New COVID Report Comes Out

President Trump has been under the gun for his entire presidential term and now because of his president’s successes. The Democrats made it a...

Democrats Caught in Lie Over DeSantis Interview

Ron DeSantis is the next most extraordinary person to make his way into the realm of politics. His presence is enough to shake up...

Toddler Gets Booted From Plane While Steward Gets Booted for Doing the Booting

Mask mandates have driven a wedge of hatred between people of all ages. There is no person who can walk in a liberal-run state...

Democrats Tell AOC to Keep Her Cash Because They’re Not That Desperate

It’s become clear that you’re either with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or you’re against her. There is no in-between. There have been some vulnerable Democrats who need...

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