New Jersey Ruins Kanye’s Birthday Party

There’s nothing worse than balloons popping at a birthday party. Kanye West promised the country that if he wins, it’s a party for everyone. It’s w ...Read More

Fake News: Trump’s Tweet on Postponing the Election is Grounds for ‘Immediate Impeachment’

The drastic move of trying to impeach President Trump over made-up charges was embarrassing to the Democratic Party. Their beloved Adam Schiff earn ...Read More

Biden is Too Scared to Debate President Trump – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

When a Democrat loses an argument, they will turn to any form of violence to try and shame or discredit the opposing person. This kind of childish ...Read More

Global News

Massive Support to Fund Police and Democrats are Stunned

Defunding of the police in Seattle is not sitting well with the millions of people that actually support the police. The minority of police haters ...Read More

Citizens Prepare to Take it all Back from Crime Bosses

Democrats published and pushed to defund the police and now that some of the liberal cities have done the rotten deed, crime is rising. Minneapolis ...Read More

Why the Ellen DeGeneres Show is Coming to an Apocalyptic Ending

As a born and raised conservative Christian, I have to admit Ellen DeGeneres has always been something of a contradiction for me. Beyond what some ...Read More

The New BLM: Are You White or Black on the INSIDE?

Black Lives Matter. Not all lives. Just black ones. But what if you’re black on the inside? Racism is based on the premise that you’re being discri ...Read More

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