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Democrat Takes a Dive After Using Racial Slurs Against Another Politician

The Democrats are the first group to act as they care about racial issues that they themselves continue to create. But in reality, they...

‘Woke’ School Board Winner Speaks Out

As the political left promotes the need for equity over equality in the United States, one of the major topics being discussed is how...

Meghan Mccain’s Take On Liz Cheney Leaves Conservatives With More Questions Than Answers

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and current host of ABC’s The View has once again thrust herself into the...

The NY Time’s 1619 Project Is Gaining Support to Change Our History…This Author Says Not So Fast…They’ve Been Exposed

Facts are facts. What has transpired throughout the history of this great nation cannot be undone, nor can it be re-invented. We are tasked...

A Major Scandal Brewing in the Biden Administration

There have been a lot of “scandals” over the past several years. Many of the scandals were fake creations of the media. Russian “bounties” on...

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